Handlebar Vibration



Does anybody know how to reduce handlebar vibration? I've never had white finger before but yesterday after 90 minutes of riding, I had 8 of them.


I read filling the bars with expanding foam works, I'm not sure about that one. Has anybody used bar end weights? The bike has standard Protaper bar setup.


Thanks for any help. 

The foam spray in bars did reduce vibs a bit. Little messy but I'd do it again on next set of bars.

Rubber mounts can help, although some move around a lot. I have RG3 triples on my WR and it's great vs my YZ (which I want something similar on).

Flex bars work the best

Fastway bar inserts are next

Expansion Foam with lead shot is next

Then Silicone

Then plain expansion foam........


....but more seat time is the only cure, and less weight on the bars and more on the pegs is the solution.

I'd just like to add to this that fitting supermoto wheels to the bike has vastly reduced the white finger effect. I guess not having a full blown MX tyre on the front, on the road helps a lot. I would never have thought that the tyres would create so much vibration. I think I need to go with a more enduro tyre for my usage. 

I've tried a lot of things over the past 10 years and Vibranators have been the most effective by far.   Tried and tossed Flexxbars, Faast inserts, barsnake, rubber mounts, BB's etc.



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