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Uncorking WR price?

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Hey lads, I'm about to buy a dead stock 2008 WR. I was curious of the price (in Australia) that a mechanic would charge (ballpark figure will do) to totally derestrict it and tune the carb once I put the full gytr exhaust system on it?


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I never touched a bike before and I bought a JD jetting kit, some tools and tried doing everything myself with the help of the forum and YouTube. It's really easy, just be patient.

Doing it yourself gives you better knowledge of you own bike and why it behaves a certain way.

I would not pay for more then 3 hours of work, and that's being generous. A mechanic should be able to do it much faster.

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A JD jetting kit will get you 50% of the way there

You can't change just the main and pilot and needle and not get bog and slugging off throttle response.

You need to change over to YZ specs and upgrade the apump.



Main jet

Needle jet

Jet needle

Apump upgrade

ACV block off

Pilot air jet

R&D fuel screw

YZ header

YZ exhaust


About 6 hours x your local going rate + $150materials + exhuast price

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This better be worth it. I'll just tell the Mrs the only cost is the exhaust haha. Thanks lads


No way to tell if you think it's worth it.


I can't ride one without being properly set up any more.....but then I ride quite often.

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