Yes.. your YZ450 can make a great woods bike

I have scoured the internet looking for as much info as possible to get my YZ450 EFI to handle properly. I am finally close. I will list every modification starting with the most important first, ending with the least important


1)  Rekluse clutch... best mod, I can lock it up sliding into a corner without my hand on the clutch, no engine stalling. I can climb up anything anybody else can, without my hand on the clutch, as slow as I want. This mod alone eliminates the need for larger sprocket and electric engine start, (if there was such a mod)

2)  Remapped for woods riding, lots of low end, very important

3)  Get your suspension set up right, really really makes a huge difference.

4)  Flywheel weight, noticeable with the remapping

5)  Steering stabilizer... I once had the pin fall out and thought I had a flat tire. Really helps with the arm pump, you don't have to grip as hard

6)  Keep sharp tires on, I use michelin S12 XC. The front tire knobs are turned 45 degrees on the extreme edge so they don't fold over and break like so many others. The rear are as good as any other I suppose, its seems the knobs stay square longer and I can climb sloppy clay when they are new  

6)  Engine relocation bushings... just put them on and they are coming right back off. Maybe I need to redo my suspension after this mod, I don't know but I went down three times yesterday, once hard over the bars, I don't like them.



I'm older so its important for me to have the best I can so I can keep up with my sons. They are both faster than me but not by much. I dread the day that they won't want to ride with me cause I'll be too slow.

I've seen a lot of posts saying, "get rid of your motocrosser and get a woods bike". Well, I like my bike better than a WR. Its lighter, has more power and the only spendy modification is the rekluse clutch. I think I have less than a $1000 to make it a real woods bike, Its around $10,000 for a new KTM


 The two things I will always have on any bike in the future will be the rekluse clutch and the scotts steering stabilizer

I'm a firm believer in those products, FWW, Rekluse, Scotts, and woods suspension valving - I run all that on my YZ250 two stroke woods machine. It's a motocross convert as well and works great, except when I get to a wide open 5th gear pinned section - then it runs out of gear quick - that's one place the WR makes its money. I ran the S12 front tire for awhile and recently went to the new Starcross 5 soft front and rear - try that one next, I'm very impressed.

BTW, you're in the WR forum.

You do know you are posting about a YZ in the WR forum ?



Yeah, I messed up, wrong forum topic.....

With a duplicate post at that - well done, sir!

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