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Krannie McKranface


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1" lower

Fit in the stock locations and brackets

Not my first choice, but quick and easy.

Knight Designs


I just need another 12+ mm of drop....





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The price isn't too bad compared to other brands like Fastway. Have your used them much yet? If you haven't, be sure to use them on a few rides and give us some feedback. Being 6-5", I've often looked at lower pegs for my bikes but never got around to it as they're usually really pricey and I'm admittedly worried about hurting my foot. I've never hurt myself, but have come close a few times when riding sitting and doing sharp corners in tight, slightly technical terrain.

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No problems with pegs dragging? or being in the way of rocks etc?


The 2016 WR (YZ) pegs are 1" higher off the ground than the 2015 (no sag on either).


My 2008 pegs are Fastway , and are 1.25" lower than the stock 2016 pegs.


I do not have a 2016 WR yet.


I do bounce my boot tip off rocks all the time, because my feet are big.

Rarely to I hit the pegs, but I don't ride Boulder runs that often anymore.


I used these pegs on my 2013 KTM 350XCFW with adequate results.

To achieve the drop, these pegs are 15mm farther from the frame (each) at their narrowest point on the platform, which was annoying, but not as bad as being too high....


I will still work towards an actual custom made lower bracket as the ultimate solution.

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