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Miss my YZ WR good replacement?

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So Im currently driving an early 2000s husqvarna te510. Sold the yz250 for it. 

And im finding that im missing my YZ a lot, the husky is so front heavy and it vibrates like nothing ive ever seen! 


So my question is, would a yamaha WR make me feel like im on my YZ again but still have the awesome features of an enduro? Im about 125lbs and 5'6 and a little power crazy so im not sure about the 250. 

I can easily trade the husky for a wr and even might come out a little ahead. 

Is it worth it? Or will I be trading for basically the same thing?

Maybe go for a yz 4 stroke? I mostly trail ride and with some gravel pit ripping, maybe some woods crawling too. Any suggestions? 



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What years we talking about ? What I can say is the WR is a tall bike, im 5'8", and it's tall to me. And yes, it's a heavier woods bike. A yz is made for kickin ars, balls out. The WR will not allow you to run against your buddies with same skill level all day. Sure a 15 min. Battle,, but the WR will wear you out having to take a step back.....

I personally like my 2002 wr426, I like it being plated. I ride with motox 250s, , but know I could do much better being on a mx bike. But when no one around, I can take my wr out at my cottage, hit roads, main roads,, trails,, anything, anywhere. That's why I like my WR. Oh, and with that tank,, I fill it and can go anywhere with no worry of fuel. Dont even think about fuel.

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