Yamaha yzf 426 2002

Alryt new in here need some advice not too clued up on the bikes other than driving them like wen I start this its first bit of the exhaust attached to engine heats up like instantly it's warm if bikes idle for seconds

please some feed back is this normal 


Totally normal.  In fact, if you roll the thing out into your driveway about a half hour after sunset and let it idle for about 1 minute, it will probably turn a nice dull red.  Maybe not that dull. 


It's a byproduct of very thin wall tubing in the header, a lack of any cooling air flowing over the pipe, aggressive cam timing, and the fact that the normal exhaust gas temps run at around 1200-1500 degrees, whereas a red glow visible in reduced light indicates a metal temperature of around 800.


What should you do about it?  Don't touch it.

Thanks mate also sorry to be pest but I was clearing out garage then went shopping around 2 hours the bike had fell over within this time I picked it up n left it to the next morning and tried to fire it up it woundnt start just almost I can normally start it first or second kick and backfired few times which it's never done while tryna kick has it done damage or possibe other problems would be appreciated

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