Warped disc


Somehow I managed to get my 270mm disc warped, of my 16' YZ450.

Is there someway to straighten this disc? Is it possible?

Or do I need to buy another one ? A new one will cost me 155$ :(

There are things you could mess with, like truing it up with a crescent wrench, or in a press (off the hub), but nothing really works very well.

Yeah. Bummer :( only have 6h on this bike :(

Is it a floating rotor, or solid centered like the rear? 

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1446486491.181005.jpg

Floater; made in two separate pieces so the disc is less prone to heat distortion and for tolerance of out-of-flat conditions.  The disc is held on the center by the large rivets in such a way as to allow some lateral movement.


You could try dismounting the disc and working it over with a hard rubber mallet to see how flat you can get it.  That or it's another $155.  The good thing is that with that setup, it doesn't have to be completely perfect to work. 

I think I'm gonna buy another one, I'm afraid the caliper will deteriorate because of this.

I'm gonna save this disc and I'll try to flatten it, so that if this happens again, I'll have another.


Yamaha has great customer service. Did you give them a call? Make sure to sign up with blu cru if you haven't already. Your bike qualifies for a $500 rebate from blu cru. More then enough to cover that rotor

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