brake problem

i recently put on the cr style front brake line and replaced the fluid with high temp motul brake fluid(dont remeber the specific name of the fluid) now t seems here and there for no reason the brakes will fade, some days there great, last weekend on the starting line of a desert race, they felt like junk, and were fading in and out for the first 20 miles or so, i have bleed them and cleaned the rotors but not checked the pads yet, doing that tomorow, any ideas what might be the culprit?, thanks


Matt, when you replaced the brake line did you also replace the washers? If not, replace them with new ones. Other than that all I can think of would be air in the system. I usually drain the fluid and put a clear hose on the bleeder and suck the fluid through while pouring fluid in the reservoir. Use a hose long enough that you can see the air bubbles clear out, that should solve the problem. I use Motul 600 and have never had brake fade.

Norman K.

describe fade????

If you don't have a firm lever, you have air in the system.

If you have a firm lever, but don't have any braking power, your pads are most likely gone.

Oil, engine cleaner, over spray from things like WD40 or silicon, and wash down from other greasy sources can destroy a good set of pads.

And yes...describe fade and include any other details.

Make sure you have no air in the line. I routed my cable the same way and run motul 600 and never had fade. Check your rotor it might be time for a new one. also i hate to say this but I run stock honda pads on my front brake and they work great. maybe your master cylinder could be going bad check that.

thanks for the replys guys, the best i can describe the "fade" is when the bike is on the stand with the wheel spinning it stops it fine, but some days it seems like every other pull of the lever, when riding the bike it will start to stop but then not lock up the wheel but just drag the pads on the rotor, then other times it locks the wheel up completly which is what i want, if that made any sense to anybody, the thing i was thinking was i recently bought a can of brake disc cleaner from a auto zone, would u need a specific type of brake cleaner maybe for these bikes?

sounds like you have a bent caliper or your pucks are sticking. something down there is hanging up and resisting the compression of the pads when you squeeze the lever. probably need to take the thing apart and see.

good luck.


Your problem sounds a lot like the problems I had when I got anything petroleum based on my pads.

Perhaps the Auto Zone cleaner is not as pure as it should be, and/or perhaps you go some brake fluid on them during the install of the hose.

By the way, I have had great success with the CRC green label brake clean on both dirt and road bike pads and rotors.

Clean up the rotor and get yourself a new set of pads.

Also, once a set of pads are contaminated, you can't clean them. It doesn't seem possible, but it is.

Hope this helps and let us know how things work out.


My front brake was like grabbing a hand full of warm cheese. What I did:

Fastline brake line, honda route.

Wetordry sanded the rotor 320 grit and got it good and clean. New pads, Yamaha pads, sanded those with 120 grit to break any kind of glaze.

Now it stops, it stops right friggin now!

The lever is firm, very honda-esque.

My back brake, still warm cheese. Need new pads. What Ive learned here is the Yamaha brakes are very very sensitive to contamination. I think my front got gooey with fork oil, the back I think has chain lube on it somehow. (no, I lube the chain at the counter shaft.)

No one mentioned this, but it is important to lube the carrier pins that the caliper floats on. Also, check for notches in the pad pin.

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