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After many months of research, ive done it! Thanks to TT and all who post on it ive come up with a pretty sweet (what i think) conversion. Back in June i purchased a 98 YZ400F for $500.00. I was super stoked and eager to get back in the mx/riding game.  The guy i bought it from claimed it was sitting for 11 years in his shed. He posted a quick picture of it online and the next day i was there. I see no reason why i shouldnt believe him, the bike was under a dusty old canvas tarp and was extremely muddy. After looking at it i felt it was still easily worth the money. I got the bike home and went through everything, tore it all apart ,replaced all the fluids, cleaned it and put it back together. After lots of time on the gummy carb i was able to fire it up and ride around. Then one day, my buddy said "Why don't you plate it"? It got me thinking and researching and eventually i started piecing it together. This build is a little different than most of the others iv'e seen. The struggle i fought was not being able to find a WR stator for this year/bike. I looked everywhere and when i did find one it was $500 witch put me way over budget. The goal of this conversion was to get some on road use to get me to some trails. What i came up with is (2) 12volt 2000mah rechargeable batteries. One battery just for the headlight and one battery for horn,blinkers, and tail light. Inspection to happen later this month, still waiting on the reflectors and DOT tires I figured i would post anyways. Here it is. 


IMG_1081.JPG This is it after a good cleaning.


IMG_1032.JPG Before the work begun.


IMG_0068.JPG Mounted the Fender (DRC Anato) 






IMG_0069.JPG Ran the tail light wire to the air box


Then came the bar extentions followed by Pro Taper Fatbars.








Ran all the wires along the frame to the airbox making sure there weren't any places that the wire would get pinched from suspension and so forth.




Mounted the Horn and flasher together. I found that there was plenty of room behind the headlight for the wire harness and components to mount up.




IMG_0096.JPG Craming all the components on the bars was by far one of the most challenging aspects. I went with the (Tusk Dual Sport Wire Harness) which made it pretty slick for connecting up everything.










I decided to go with the Tusk Dflex hand gaurds with the blinkers to save on any extra mounting and possible snapping off of a traditional blinker.


IMG_0075.JPG Headlight Installed (Polisport MX)




IMG_0213.JPG Flush Mount Blinkers (Tusk Flush Mount)




After the blinkers were bolted up i ran the wires from both alongside the tail light wiring into the airbox. The battery was next. One of my side hobbies is making gun holsters for people. I make these holsters with a product called Kydex.  Its a flat pvc product that when heated molds to whatever you press around it. My thought was to do a battery holder out of this that would mount directly on top of the airbox but would not restrict the airflow. I also needed it not to protrude too high and so my seat would still fit. I attached it with some stainless screws into the airbox top. The batteries are easily removable if i need to replace them someday. At the terminals i put a 7.5 fuse on each battery and wired up a battery tender connection for each. The idea is that when the battery runs low i wont have to remove the battery or even the seat to charge them up. The connections are tucked up between my airbox and the airbox boot for easy access. 














I also installed (not pictured) the (Tusk Nissin Brake Cable) for the tail light to brake action.


After i tested everything and all was working, i decided to use some more of my Kydex and heat a section that would protect the tail light/brinkers from rocks and debri. I heated a piece up and pressed it firmly up molding to my fender and over the wires, then bolted it up. 




Project mostly complete, and may end up changing a few things later. 


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Nice build... I just recently(3 weeks ago) got my California license plate for my 99 Yz400 and I used the same tusk kit.

I still need to change my tires....

I ditch the tusk fold away mirrors and got a mirror that went into end of handle bar...

Where are you located?



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Hey nick_400 I'm in Washington state. Thanks for the words, what did you do for the electrical source?

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Hey nick_400 I'm in Washington state. Thanks for the words, what did you do for the electrical source?

I just put a 12v 4ah battery in the airbox and bought a battery thender with quick disconnects... All my lights are LEDs so they don't draw much power. I like the battery pack and holder you have, real clean.

What kind of bulb are you using for your head light?

I have 2 MR16 Leds that just run constant no high beam

I want to switch it or to a 6" dual row led bar


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That's a sweet build.   I DS'd my XR250R with just the bare minimum and absolutely love it.  Question: How does it work in Washington with the titles?  Here in Missouri it cannot say "offroad use only" on the title.  On my XR since it is a "enduro" bike I don't have that, but I was curious what it says on a YZ400F title.  Maybe the laws are different up there.


 I still take my XR to the track with my YZ just to mess with people.  The added benefit is that you have a horn to inform slower riders that you're about to get passed by a street bike.  




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In Washington state, we are required to take it to a licensed dealer who does the safety inspections. I live a ferry ride away and 2 hours from the closest spot, so i figure i need to do everything right to pass the first time. As far as the title goes, mostly any bike here will qualify for highway use. 

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