GYTR Head (2011 YZ 450) Should I get the cams too?

I picked up a GYTR ported head (without cams) a little bit ago and haven't put it in yet. Bike has Hot Cams Builder Series cams in it now. Trying to decide if I should just use the cams I have or get the GYTR cams too..

90% of my riding is on mx tracks.

Will it be enough difference with the GYTR cams to justify the cost.

Any input is appreciated...

Those cams seem to compliment a hi-comp piston more than the gytr head and adds top end power. but if you already have cams for it why not stick with those? atleast try them out and if your not happy get the GYTR stuff.. 

On my '14 i needed to replace my top end as in a new head. So i got the GYTR set up yea its expensive but when it has valves included and all you do is drop it in kind of worth it. ported head and cams.. and added Hi-comp piston. those 3 items changed the bike alot.. did them all at once so not sure how each one affects everything. crazy power too much for me but still manageable. 

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