07 WR which crank?

It's time for a rebuild, just after some feed back on cranks available out there, the 3 I'm looking at are new OEM, Wiseco, & Hot Rods, or rebuilding existing, thoughts? Info, pro's & cons, blah blah, cheers Andy.

If you stick with stock it should last as long as it did the first time.

How many Ks/miles u get out of the stock crank ?

I've heard bad things about Wiseco as they are made in China.

I would go with the stock and buy an assembly rather than rebuild yours. It worked out cheaper on mine.






600+ hours no problems

How many Ks/miles u get out of the stock crank ?

cheers for the feedback guys, got nearly 9000 km on it, starts & runs fine, uses no oil, only shimmed when necessary, just don't wanna push my luck too far & have a expensive catastrophic engine failure, but the bike gives me the impression she'll go forever, in regards to the Wiseco, didn't know that about them being Chinese, but had heard of several premature lock ups, & I know Bills ethos of OEM, & Hot Rods are seem to be on the down low at the moment, been amassing rebuild parts for a while now, got new plated cylinder, stage 1 ported head new std OEM piston, cam chain, all gaskets, seals, new Rekluse clutch basket, & will also get, new TC tensioner, & TC guides, &'clutch plates, can't wait really, cheers Andy

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