Looking for photo of WR450F



I occasionally do some custom bike concepts and I have been asked to do a design based on a steel frame WR450F (kind of old time / new time scrambler bike concept).


For that I need some photos of a steel frame WR450F in various stages of "undress"  ;)   I'd take photos of mine, but unfortunately ( :rolleyes: ), it a 2008 with the aluminum frame.


So, I am turning to the Thumpertalk WR forum with the hope that some folks here can help me by taking and sending me pictures of their bikes.


Basically I need pictures that will looks like the photo below but without the radiator shrouds / gas tank / seat / side panel.  This will help me locate some key components before I start dressing it up in photoshop to build the concept rendering.


The critical piece is that the geometry of the photo be right:  the bike needs to be vertical and the photo taken with the camera level with the center of the bike (height and length) and perpendicular to it.  This is critical to avoid any perspective problems so that I can overlay it on the photo below (or others).


Ideally the photo would be high resolution and taken with a lens of a focal length greater than 50mm (to avoid the distortion from wide angle lens).


Good even lighting would be best (outdoors but in the shade for example) and clean background would help too.  I am not looking for a studio quality photo, just something clean.


The bike can be on a stand / crate (I can photoshop it out), both sides would be great too, but priority is the right side for now.


If anyone could help me that would be fantastic.  Once the rendering is done and approved, I'll see if I can share it here of course.









ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1415815220.531879.jpg

Best I have of my 06 WR450F

Might not be of any use at all. But I didn't take any other shots with it on the naked side.

Do a search on the forum. There have been a few project builds with 06 and older. Guys have shown the strip down and complete rebuilds.

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