Easy way to adjust rear shock????

Is there an easier way to adjust the rear shock? The manual says remove the rear frame. There gotta be an easier way. I need to add a little more sag.


'02 WR426 -- 1.5 hours on it so far :)

Soon to be street legal

I put mine on a stand so the back wheel was completely off the ground and tapped it around with a long punch and hammer. Probably not the best way to do it, but it worked o.k. and I won't have to adjust it again as long as I own it. That is unless I should happen to drop 20 or so lbs. Which is not too likely.

I do as Rusty does, but I pull the coil first to give myself a little more room.

Having it on the stand makes all the difference, and a little lube on the spanner rings helps as well.

If not, you can remove the entire back end of the bike via the three bolts, the exhaust clamp and carb clamp. Leave everything else in tack.


I used to do the hammer and punch method until I saw my buddy just grab the spring with two hands and turn! If the threads are clean and wd-40'd this method works like a champ.

Put the bike on the stand, loosen the jam nut with a hammer and punch and then grab the whole spring and turn. Gloves seem to help grip.

Oldnbold is right - I use the "grab n' go" method as well. I found that you have to be careful with the WD-40 though. If you get any where you have to grab forget it. Try it without first.

I found that sometimes you have to push on the ring above the spring (not the lock ring) at the same time as turning the spring, especially if you are decreasing the sag. Otherwise the spring will turn but not the ring. If that is the case I use one hand on the spring and one hand pushing with a screwdriver or punch.


Steve T

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