Bad rings?

Hi guys I'm new here and was wondering if I can get some!!! I bought a 2007 yz450, I runs great and sounds great, I drove around the block and oil was coming out of the breather tube. I'm concern now that it might need a new top end. it was slightly overfilled so I drained some oil and it stop for the most part but still drop a couple of drops, I want to take it out for a ride to see if it does some more and go from there!!! If rings are bad is it a bad idea to replace just the rings or should I just do the top end?? Any info helps thanks

If it was overfilled based on my past experiences it will leak out quite a bit. But im not a dirtbike go to guy by aby means. Ive been outta dirtbikes for 15yrs and just now getting back into them.

  • if it is overfllled that's a problem, hard to wear the rings out, if is not burning oil I would not worry to much, just adjust valves when needed and ride it!!

If you overfilled it, it will first blow excessive amounts of oil out the breather, as mentioned.  If it's too much overfull, it may also smoke because  there's too much oil being thrown on the cylinder walls by the crank for the rings to be able to deal with.  If it smokes enough, the muffler packing can become wet, and then it takes a while to clear out after the problem is actually corrected.


If it belches out the breather, that, too, may take a while to clear up, but the hose will drain itself as it sits.   It should be said that "some" oil out the breather is not at all unusual, even with a healthy engine, when it's been run hard.

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