2015 WR450F already uncorked?

Hi All,

First post on Thumpertalk so hope I'm following the guidelines.......have read the forums on the site for years.

I'm a desert rider who lives in Dubai and have just made the change from riding MX bikes to an Enduro and I have gone for a 2015 Yamaha WR450F.

Having done my research I went ahead and ordered the GYTR Competition kit which includes the tunable ECU and replacement shorter throttle stop screw before the bike arrived so I could install it straight away.

However after taking out the stock ECU I noticed the two units seemed to be the same. The one installed on the bike is the GYTR one and the one on kitchen counter is stock one I took out. The reason they seem to be same is they both have the 1DX7 marking on them......slight difference in serial number though. Will find out for sure when I plug them into my friends GYTR Power Tuner later.

The other things that threw me off is I could not located the throttle stop screw......see the attached pictures where it appears there is only a blank hole. I even took off the header to get a clear view.

On top of this there is no snorkel in the air box and the bike rode great on first ride....contrary to what I was expecting.

The Yamaha dealer in Dubai has told me it is a US spec bike but I don't know what to make of it considering all these irregularities.

Any help would be much appreciated as perhaps I'm missing something here.

Thanks a lot image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

Was the bike brand new when you picked it up or was it a used bike?

From the research i done thinking your bike is used... it looks like the throttle stop has been removed...i can see were the bolt head made contact with the carb surface...


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Bike is brand new 2015. I had it delivered crated to my house and assembled it myself :)

So I was correct that was the right hole on the throttle body then?


Forgot to add that I attempted to screw in the shorter screw I got with the GYTR pack and it didn't seem to catch a thread.....as in it seems to be a blank hole. Could have been me not trying hard enough though too

Screw is on bottom of carb on kick start side

Screw is on bottom of carb on kick start side


These bikes don't have a carb.

EU models don't have the throttle stop or EPA locked ECU

Only USA

These bikes don't have a carb.

my bad. Throttle body.

EU models don't have the throttle stop or EPA locked ECU

Only USA

This would explain it......there was also an Italian service manual in the box with the bike.

You think the hole at the bottom of the throttle body is a blank in this case? i.e. Already filled.......seemed like it when I tried to put the short screw in.

The dealer in Dubai assured me it was a US spec bike because I guess not!!

Thanks for all the input everyone.

Now need to sell the ECU I no longer need :(

I had the same "problem" not finding the throttle stop on my 2014, but it only has it in the USA market.

The GYTR ECU looks exactly the same, but makes BIG difference to the bike, and you have the ability to tune it the way you want, which is very easy with the power tuner.

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