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Can you mix coolant?

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Guys I've just put a blue coolant hose on my 14 450f and tried my hardest to catch it all to put back in, now my question is can I top it up with a different colour and brand of coolant? ? ?

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Many times during 100 mile rides or races I've mixed coolant. Beggers can't be choosers, and results were good, but if you're in a garage and have the time and doing a good maintenance session why not put in the same color/brand.

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There are 3 basic types of coolant; ethylene glycol (typically green), propylene glycol, and oxalic acid ("Dex Cool").  You should just straight up never use Dex Cool for any reason.  EG and PG coolants will mix, but it's a whole lot better not to, especially when the whole system holds less than two quarts, and isn't any more difficult to drain and refill that it is.

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I've drained and flushed all the factory stuff out and put new in which was pink in colour "Motul"

Cheers guys. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408996976.355773.jpg

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    • By TomTopDog12
      I've been using EVENS water-less Coolant since i started riding and loved them. I just bought a new bottle of the same stuff and i'm comparing what both the old stuff looks like and the new stuff.
      the dirty bottle and yellow coolant has been through two years of use. the clear stuff and clean bottle are brand new and never used. 
      It's pretty crazy to see how much dirt and abuse the old coolant has gone through. 
      At this point i'm wondering if it is still as strong as brand new coolant? or if it's damaged. EVENS says they will outlast your bike.
      At the end of the day i'd rather that clear stuff going in my 450 rather then the yellow stuff  :/ 
      What do you guys think? Do you think it still stands up to brand new EVENS coolant or do you think it's lost some of it's touch? 

      Some people say gas, kerosene, water...what is the best way to clean an air filter? Procedures?
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      Hello all !
      I've just bought a yr 2000 drz400e, really pleased with it.
      What oil do you recommend for a low mileage model (<1000 miles)?
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    • By tennessee thumper
      After looking over a number of posts on the entire TT site, I decided to follow some advise regarding cheap m/c cleaners and try a bottle of SHOUT spray stain remover on the 06 TE 450. (This was after two pretty muddy rides).
      I sprayed the bike off with a garden hose, getting the big dirt/mud chunks off...then soaked the entire bike with SHOUT. I let the cleaner soak for about 20 minutes and the results were spectacular. A simple light spray with the garden hose and it was clean as a whistle. Hubs, engine, plastics etc...it worked wonderfully and at 2 bucks a bottle I really recommend it. Plus it smells good. If you have not used it try it, you'll like it.
      Also, here is a link to a pic and short video of the TE in action somewhere in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
    • By wagener
      Fast question.
      How and where do I check if I have the right coolant level?