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2006 YZ450 building a reliable desert/trail & sand duning engine info

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Well my 06 yz450 engine is getting old and the replacement wisco piston thats in it is starting to get blow by and its way past over due to get replaced . I want to start saving up for the $1000+ engine parts im going to need. I know ill need a new cylinder/piston kit , the crank dint feel bad 2 years or 60+ hours ago when overhauled the transmission gear stack .

Iv been dreaming of a 500cc stroker kit for the 450 but iv heard it last about 30 hours befor piston is smoked and id like to think the 470cc big bore is the way to go but I dune this bike behind our long travel buggy group in glamis and do Barstow/lacuern valley rides and mabe a few single track rides and sometimes I overthink how much horsepower I really need in a desert dirt bike.

what parts or kits does the dirt bike comuity recommend going with?

*hot cams kit with stock (cylinder works)450 bore?

*factory Yamaha 450 cylinder and piston replacement with mods?

*470 big bore kits with mods ?

*500cc stroker monster engine build

let me know what a novice desert racer/rider should save up for.

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Don't buy cams. Your 06 came with the most desirable cams for the most part. I know nothing of the 500 kits although I have seen a few threads on here talking about them but just that talk only. I had a 470cc 03 yz450 that ran great, when fresh it had some more nuts down low.

If I were you I would go oem on everything except maybe a 13:1 piston and call it a day. I think the extra bit of compression and everything being fresh will give you the kick in the pants your looking for along with retain the reliability you have come to expect.

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