Speedo stopped working - solution found

Twice now, my speedo on my 2008 450 has stopped working, it that it comes on but doesn't display a speed value when moving

I'm always careful to align the tangs when I change the wheel so as not to damage them

I'm also a bit anal about keeping things well greased


1st time was after a wheel change - took it apart cleaned the plastic ring/magnet that the wheel drives, reassemble and it work

I was mystified as I hadn't really done anything


Its just happened again, after a wheel change

Again, took the plastic ring out and cleaned it and re-assembled and it works


The cause is grease on the OD of the magnet preventing it from generating the voltage seen by the clocks

It needs a bit of grease on the ID, as the ID sits on a boss in the speedo drive housing and hence the two would rub, but the OD needs to be grease free so as not to block the magnetic field and hence the voltage generated when it is turned by the wheel

It's nice to see you found, and posted, a solution to your problem. Now I'll know a cheaper place to start if mine ever stops working. Thanks for posting!

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