wr 426 crank hot spot should i split the case

it was about 105 out when I was ridding home stuck at a light bike shut off with slight back fire pushed it to the side of the road let it cool down went to kick it over felt a slight metal to metal binding got it to start but shut it off because of that filling took the head off and this is what I find wondering if I should just split the case and replace the bearing don't want to put the piston and new rings back in the bike just to have it go and mess everything else up what do you guys think any advice would greatly help

wr 426 crank.jpg

wr 426 crank.jpg

Hey there John. 


This is very common as heat is use in factory to assemble the crank. Nothing to be worried about. As far as dong a rebuild and if it was my bike I would do the main bearings. Check the crank for radial clearance and run out. How many hours on the bottom end??

Man, those are really small heat spots! The ones on my yz250 crank are humongous compared to that.

You find the source of the grinding? Those wr450's get super hot if you're not constantly moving. My buddy had his wr426 blow a head gasket just from stop and go traffic.

The crank is normal.

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