do rear wheel bearings need grease?

im doing new rear wheel bearings on a 99 yz400f. the bearings are sealed and i didnt think they needed grease. but when i pulled the old seals it was packed with grease between the old bearing and the seal. just on the outside of the bearing the wasnt much on the inside. it seemed like wheel bearing grease that you would use on a car. should i pack some grease in there? or just use a little to put the new stuff in?

Just install normally and grease the center bolt up so it doesn't rust that's all I ever do and it works fine.

thats what i thought. thanks.

Packing grease between the seal and the bearing will help prevent water from getting to the bearing

Also the seals on the bearing it self pop off pretty easily so you can grease the bearings. I do this on my dr because I put lots of miles on it. Youd be surprised how little is actually in there. Once greased just pop the seal back on the bearing.

How do you get the seals off a sealed bearing? I never knew you could.

I pop em out with a tiny screw driver or you could use a pick.

They're just plastic covers.

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