UFO Fork gaurds Speedo mount?

Hi im looking at some black ufo fork gaurds for my 2009 wr 450 .Looks like the UFO gaurds don't have a speedo mount .will I be able to attach my speedo cable with some black zip ties on the inside or would it look hokey/hack?


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I think the cable would rub the fork leg.  It might not rub while it's sitting still but fork guards flex.  I think you would have to do some trimming for the cable housing too.  I just went out and looked, I think you would have to run the cable on the outside and do some trimming on the bottom to make it fit.  Probably some stock WR guards and some krylon fusion would be the way to go if you're keeping the speedo cable.

Edited by funt

ok l'll look into the trailtech.

Thanks funt for having a look for me!I may get them and run on the outside.


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