07 yz450f Exhaust glowing red hot

Just changed out stock exhaust for pro circuit ti-4 and the head pipe looks like some one had a torch to it after 2 mins at idle I can't I figure it out help please

Two minutes? No wonder.

Try a search on this subject using the words "exhaust glowing red" in quotes. If you don't find the answer, or if you get less than 20 hits on that, I'll explain it to you. Promise.

Everything has said it's either normal or running lean explain please gray

And what do the more credible looking posts tell you? 


It's normal.  I'm surprised, frankly, that it did not also boil over in the bargain.  Two minutes is too long to let one idle.  Between the aggressive cam timing and the retarded ignition at idle, along with the relatively high idle and the extremely thin walls of the Ti exhaust, this is what happens.


It's only about 900 degrees when it does that, BTW.  A long way from melting.

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