New brake pads are draging

I just put new front brake pads on my 400f today , and when I spin the front wheel there is quite a bit of drag. Installation seems pretty straight forward. Is there something I am missing??? the pads are EBC MX sport series. THANKS

Not cleaning the pistons before you push them back in to compensate for the thicker pads can cause brake drag.

To go alone with what Taylor said. If you are having a draging problem I would check the calipers. They are a peice of cake to rebuild.

Try putting your old pads back in, and spin the wheel again. You can isolate the problem.

BTW: I've had EBC greens hang up, so I changed brands and no problem

I've had a new set of EBCs come with the back plate warped which caused a hell of a squeal whenever I touched the brakes. Take the pads off and lay them on something flat i.e. a piece of glass to see if they lay flat or not.

I'm assuming you pushed the caliper in when you put the new pads in and that you know the disc is not bent.

sa dah tay

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