Looking for a Seat

I want to by a Spare Seat for my 426. Where can I get the best deals on a pre-built seat. I already have a cover on my stock seat that matches my graphics. I just purchased a larger tank and got a new set of shrouds and graphics for trail riding and they don't match my seat. So, I'm looking to buy another seat to use trail riding.

Roostn in Denver

2000 YZ426F

1996 XR400

I can sell you a stock '02 seat, or just buy an SDG seat. They are awesome!

I just installed a one-inch taller seat on my '00 426 and have the stocker just sitting around. I'd sell the stock foam and seat cover to you if interested. If so, email me at: TawmN@aol.com


I just placed an order for a complete seat from One Industries (competition for the SDG seat). Hy-Per Sports charged me 71$ and it should arrive in a week or so. I'll report on the quality when it arrives.

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