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Matthes' comment on the 2014

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A pretty good read at http://racerxonline.com/2014/01/15/observations-phoenix



Well it’s official now, I’ve become that guy. Who’s that guy? Well, on one of the numerous teams I was on as a mechanic, our team manager—who was up in the press box watching—told us that he could see our frames flexing in the whoops. So we spent the next week reinforcing said frames and having the riders test them out. Within a lap or two we were informed by the riders that this was a horrible direction to go in and the bikes were crap. There went about eighty man-hours, but hey, you never know, right?


And I’m now THAT guy because at A1 I really thought the JGR Yamaha bikes looked a bit shorter or quicker from other years. I don’t know, it seemed to me that riders Josh Grant and Brayton could actually ride the bikes as opposed to the bikes riding them. The Yamaha YZ450F is a bigger, wider bike and it always seemed the guys were trying to make it work but sometimes the bike would just be a bit much. Like I said, I’m now that guy from the press box who can see everything.


Turns out the 2014 YZ450F is ten millimeters shorter, according to the JGR guys. While I’m sure that’s not what I’m seeing from up high, I’m just going to run with it. I’m now THAT guy who sees all from the press box. 10 millimeters! No matter, I stand by the JGR bikes looking different this year. Maybe it’s the switch to KYB suspension, maybe it’s Brayton stepping up his game this year. Whatever it is I saw it first and I saw it from the press box, bro.

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