Need Help!

I have a 05' WR450 that I have put way too much time and money into, that recently has been giving me nothing but issues. I blew up the top end again, and after putting it all back together, It would only run with the choke on. As soon as I turn off the choke, the bike stops running.


Okay, so i brought it to the shop I purchased it from- a respectable service shop- after numerous times of making tweaks to the carb. They fixed that issue, but now theres something else wrong, a deeper issue. 


The shop rebuilt the carb, cleaned the old gad out, and told me the bike works great. I get there tonight, take it for a quick spin, and the core issue is still there.


When you first start the bike, it runs fine. Once you ride it for 1-3 minutes, decelerate, the bike dies. It runs great, like a bat out of hell for the acceleration, then you decelerate, and the bike feels like it just loses its spark, gas, or something else. It get's worse after getting hotter, and starts popping once i try kicking it over. I cant put my finger on it, and neither can the mechanics. 


Could this be valves, the stator, something else electrical, or am I way off?



Bad stator, or vapor lock (bad gas cap)


If you ran the bike with stock jetting for years, you have overheated the stator, and not it has a 'open' circuit when hot.


If you mechanic can't figure it out, stop taking it there, not matter what you think of him, he is clueless.

Thanks Krannie. I havent had stock jetting on the bike ever since the first ride, but I think your right about the stator. 

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