Thanks to JackAttack

My wife and I traveled from southern AZ to Phoenix for an anniversary getaway. My wife let me bring the BRP and Jack showed me the Pima/Dynamite area on New Years Day.

This is a great riding area that is being threatened by land development for expensive homes.

Jack is a great person to meet and go riding with. I only meet his wife Kathy briefly, but long enough to learn that she likes Hot Sauces so I bought her a bottle of Widow while my wife Mary and I were walking around Scottsdale looking at the shops and galleries.

I must confess that I ride in more wide open areas. Pima/Dynamite is nonstop whoops, sand washes, twisty rollercoaster trails that do not qualify as fireroads. I only saw one 4x4 truck taveling over the powerline trails and it was moving at a crawl. The technical stuff is found away from the powerlines and Jack showed me enough to make me ask for easier riding.

Jack is an excellent rider and was a great host. I know that I kept him waiting most of the time and he didn't complain. Thanks Jack.

We were out for 2.5 hours and made a few stops for water and pictures. I am really disappointed about the camera I took. The batteries came loose and the stored pictures were lost. :)

I had one embrassing lay-down (thats not a crash cause I still had at least one had on the bike :D). I went up a steep hill (successfully reaching the top) but had zero momentum at the top. I ended up laying the bike down. I couldn't see over the crest and was being overly cautious.

I had no problem with the sand washes, the teraflex tire is great in sand. While I was a little dissappointed in my abiltiy in the more techincal stuff, I am looking forward to joining a local riding club (Nomads Park) and improving in this area.

Thanks to Jack for being a great TT friend.



That's what it's all about i.m.h.o.

Nice to hear, :)


Cool! Someday we should have an AZ Thumpertalk ride :D:)

Thank you for the kind words Needsprayer. Very glad to have met you and your wife, and to have done some riding with you. :D

You have to remember, the BRP does'nt just like to ride on those open flat fire roads. She likes to hill climb and root around in the washes and rocks too. :D

Sorry to hear about your pictures not coming out, we were in some pretty cool areas. :D

Kind of wierd, to meet a guy over the internet a few hundred miles away. Just drop your bike off at a stranger's house for him to store in his garage for a few days. Takes alot of trust. I know your wife was a bit concerned, she was probably thinking I might have been some kind of wierdo. When she told me that she has seen quite a few posts on TT as well, mostly by EGO, I knew that her concerns were valid. :D

You can count on hearing from me when I attempt this stator rewind on my bike. Always good to have an Electrical Engineer in your corner when you don't know crap about electrical systems. :D

An Arizona ThumperTalk ride is a great idea. It would be sweet to do it up in Flagstaff when it gets hot down here in Phoenix during the summer. :)

Ride On! :D


"An Arizona ThumperTalk ride is a great idea. It would be sweet to do it up in Flagstaff when it gets hot down here in Phoenix during the summer."

We could do that. Unfortunately, there isn't an area with a very high concentration of trails- they are kinda scattered (except for the Cinders and a few in Schultz Pass). I do have a pretty good loop (about 120 miles) around Flagstaff (Twin Hills, Walnut Canyon, Mt Elden and the Peaks) but I have to link it together with asphalt. If you guys aren't street legal then maybe the Prescott area would be better (although I'm not too familiar with it - I gotta map though!). I'm game either way.



My wife, Mary, says that if you are like Jack (not a weirdo :D) then she would be willing to let me plan a vacation around an 'Arizona TT Ride'. Mary wants to know what she can do in Flagstaff? :)


Sounds like your wife likes shopping (I think they all do) so we have a pretty good downtown area and a po-dink mall, lots of shopping in Sedona. The scenic sky ride at the Snow Bowl is pretty cool. If she's the outdoor type we have three national monuments and lots of hiking and biking trails around. Two museums for the academic types. Lots of scenic drives. She must be pretty cool to go on a riding trip with you (that should be good for some TT brownie points :)).


You would definately like the riding in Flag. Lots of forest roads in the trees, kinda like the stuff you ride on. Lots of sights for the wife to check out.

I hear there is some single track hidden up there, somewhere besides the cinders. MtnThumper, do you have GPS points for that 120 mile loop? I would like to check that out. I like it a little tighter, don't mind a little tree bark hangin off the bars.

Ride On! :)

"MtnThumper, do you have GPS points for that 120 mile loop? I would like to check that out. I like it a little tighter, don't mind a little tree bark hangin off the bars."


Sorry no GPS log :) But you're right there is some hidden singletrack and tons of roads. The loop is a combination of both trails and roads. I'll be glad to show you guys around.



Let's set up a time (spring/summer) and leave the area open for now. Both Jack and I are dual sported. This gives Jack an excuse to get the Clarke 4.3 tank. :) I am saving up my monthly motorcycle allowance to get a GPR stabilizer.

The last week in the month works best for me, but I can work around most anytime with enough notice.


Let's see what happens with the snow. Too much snow and the higher trails will be snowed in until mid May, too little and the woods will be closed until the onset of the monsoon. Last year I rode some of the trails in mid April and got royally stuck in the snow (after getting my bike out I was toast for the day). I've also seen the forest closed because of fire danger by May 10th. :) We'll stay in touch and see what happens. Lookin forward to it! :D

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