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Bryan Bosch

Popular DR-Z00 Parts & Accessories

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We've created sub-section of the ThumperTalk parts & accessories store, where we're showcasing the most common & popular parts for the DR-Z400 platform. You can access it via: https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/Popular/Suzuki-DR-Z-400-c2447/


When the page first opens, below the category filters, it will show you ALL products for this section, so you can page through as you like. However, you can filter the results down in two ways:


1. use the categories above the products.

2. input your year/make/model and until your remove your bike, everything you see will be filtered for your bike.


Note: we show universal parts by default, but you can turn them off by simply checking the box "hide universal parts".


We add to the popular DZ-Z400 parts list fairly often, so sure to check back periodically. Also, if you create a free store account, you can add anything you like to a "wishlist" to access at a later date.


All the best!


Bryan Bosch



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    • By Help me
      Okay so i have had this ds80 for awhile i bought it about 3 months ago and its a 1986 suzuki ds 80 shes in pretty rough shape when i got her dirt and grime wise not to mention she wont start. I began taking the engine apart looking at the fuel thats coming in and noticed on the spark plug that it was fouled up with uncompressed two stroke fuel and that their was barely any transmission oil in the low end so i set out and bought some good top of the line gear oil and regular pil tried to start it like that but it wouldnt work i checked for spark against the cylinder head and it checked out and i was getting fuel so my next thought my seasoned rider friends told me i didnt have enough compression because it was easy to crank over i put my finger over the spark plug hole and cranked it over and their was a decent amount. May i also mention that when i got it the ds8p was flooded and i had to undue that. So after taking apart the engine and the carb the bowl and lower end of the carb were the float resides is super ate up and riddled with white metal oxidation which is from water obviously so i cleaned that up and my next idea is that their is a compression issue so when taking the head off both the piston and cylinder walls looked perfect without almost any scratches whatsoever and their was slight carbon build up inside but that was it eveeything looked great. Was wondering what it could be now my friend just suggested it is most likely the crank bearings or something of that sort but i dont know what it could be. 
    • By Chris Robertson
      Hi guys, i'm looking for some help on rejetting my bike.
      Basically every guide I see is about the DJ and JD jetting kits which are obscenely overpriced to get shipped to the UK, we're talking around $150 for something that should be less than half of that cost given the parts in the kits.
      So, I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere in the UK these can be purchased at a sensible price or a workaround of buying the parts individually?
      I've got a DRZ400s (2001) and I've yet to take the carb off, although the bike came with an FMF downpipe and exhaust , it seems to be running lean so for peace of mind I want to rejet the carb and open up the airbox (3x3).
      According to service manual documentation the bike has the following on the carb:
      Main Jet  -  142.5
      Pilot Air Jet  -  135
      Pilot Jet  -  #22.5
      Am I correct in assuming it's the Main Jet and Pilot Jets that are what need changing?  I've watched a few videos and read up a load about this and everyone seems to refer to the Main Jet, which in my case would need to be a 160 as I'm basically at sea level, however i'm having difficulty in finding what part I need to order, there's a UK website I can order from http://www.motocarb.com/ and this has a range of Mikuni jets but i'm unsure which ones I need and don't really want to pull the carb apart to identify these parts.
      Another post on these forums from almost ten years ago suggested that link and said to order the N100.606 part, however this seems to be the Pilot Air Jet so it just makes me really unsure on what I need.
      Would anyone be kind enough to clarify?  Also I'm under the impression that the key to these kits that you can buy is the fact you can change the needle settings via the clip, is it possible to just add washers to the stock needle to have the same effect?
    • By alpha_nett
      Hey all. This is my first time posting from my phone. At work right now without computer. I can't figure it how to find the classifieds, but I figured this is probably a better spot anyway. 
      I have a 2008 SM and I want to trade straight across my wheels for your S/E wheels. I will keep my brake rotors and sprocket, you can do the same. You will get my tires too. The front has a good year or so left on it and the rear maybe a few months, depending. 
      I don't need tires in this trade. I just want DRZ dirt wheels. No money. Just trade. 
      I live in San Diego, but I will be going up to the San Francisco area next week. Let me know. Post, PM. 
      No bent or broken wheels, please. My SM wheels are in good shape. I'll post a few photos tonight. 
    • By Bryan Bosch
      BREA, CA – February 18, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – From local, grassroots racing and multiple national and world championships, to capturing the 2016 AMA 450 Pro Motocross title while dominating the series for the past decade, racing is at the core of Suzuki. It is the thread that sews together Suzuki’s heritage, the driving force that pushes product innovation, and the reason why countless motocross legends have chosen to swing their leg over an RM.

      As Suzuki continues to define racing, we are excited to announce the formation of the next generation of Suzuki racers. Those who will battle at their local race tracks, who will fight for national titles, and who, together, will carry the winning RM legacy into the future. Introducing the RM ARMY. Armed with the best handling machines in the industry and equipped with the support essential to develop champions, the RM ARMY is the future of Suzuki motocross.
      “The RM ARMY is a state of mind, a unifying force, and the umbrella under which our supercross and motocross racing programs will reside,” said Chris Wheeler, Motocross Racing Manager at Suzuki. “The RM ARMY was developed to create a sense of community for Suzuki racers. Connecting riders from around the country and projecting a larger Suzuki racing front is the goal. So whether you’re a weekend warrior, a rider on our RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team, or anywhere else in between, if you race Suzuki, you are part of the RM ARMY.”“I can’t wait to wear the RM ARMY badge,” said Richard Taylor, Suzuki ECSTAR Factory Elite Amateur Racing team rider. “Suzuki has really stepped up their game this year and I am so pumped to be a part of the launch of the RM ARMY.”

      RM ARMY amateur racers can take advantage of the various benefits offered by the Suzuki Amateur Racing Support program, which includes Contingency, Trackside Support, and Suzuki Camp Carmichael. Program details are outlined below, along with exciting information on Suzuki’s 2017 amateur racing teams.
      Suzuki MX Amateur Racing Support Program
      RM ARMY racers can take advantage of over $6 Million in available contingency for motocross, supercross, and off-road racing in 2017. The Suzuki contingency program was enhanced over the previous year to include more events and larger payouts, while also offering double contingency at key events such as RC Daytona SX and the final round of Amsoil Arenacross. Join the RM ARMY and let Suzuki support you in your race to the top of the podium. Getting started is as simple as this:
      Own an eligible Suzuki model Complete the online registration process at racesuzuki.com Race a specified event on the Suzuki Contingency Payout Schedule Place in a paying position Receive your rewards on your Suzuki Awards Card Redeem your rewards at any authorized U.S. Suzuki dealership Trackside Support
      Suzuki Trackside Support will also be on hand at key amateur racing events to support RM ARMY racers. Trackside Support carries a supply of parts available for riders in need at a discounted price, along with a qualified Suzuki technician to help answer technical questions. Suzuki will also have parts support available at each round of the Amsoil Arenacross Series. RM ARMY racers in need of parts can purchase them at the Suzuki Canopy next to the Babbitt’s pit area. Visit racesuzuki.com for the complete Trackside Support schedule.
      Suzuki Camp Carmichael
      RM ARMY racers are also provided the exclusive opportunity to attend Suzuki Camp Carmichael. This unique program allows Suzuki amateur racers to compete for the chance to train with 15-time MX/SX Champion , Ricky Carmichael, at his private training facility in Cairo, GA – The GOAT Farm. Attending Camp Carmichael is once-in-a life-time, all-expenses-paid opportunity only available to members of the RM ARMY. Details regarding Suzuki Camp Carmichael 2017, including how to qualify, will be announced on racesuzuki.com. In the meantime, check out the video to see how much fun we had at Suzuki Camp Carmichael 2016! Watch on YouTube below.
      Suzuki ECSTAR Factory Elite Amateur Racing
      The 2017 RM ARMY charge will be led by the Suzuki ECSTAR Factory Elite Amateur Racing team. Suzuki’s all-new Oil and Chemical brand, ECSTAR, will serve as an essential element in the growth of the Factory Elite Amateur program, and we are pleased to have their title support in 2017. The team is excited to announce the signing of Casey Cochran, Nikko Capps, and Crockett Myers to pilot the RM85, as well as TJ Rios, who will ride the RM-Z250, and Richard Taylor, who will ride both the RM-Z250 and the reigning AMA 450 Pro Motocross Champion, the RM-Z450.
      “We are thrilled to bring this talented group of riders back to our program for 2017,” said Wheeler. “Each rider showed a ton of potential last year and we are excited to continue growing together.” The team is proud to represent the following sponsors who support the Factory Elite program: ECSTAR, Mechanix Wear , ODI, Cometic Gasket , Hinson, ProX, Matrix, MXtire.com, N-Style , Acerbis , Wiseco , VP Racing Fuels , and Dunlop.
      Suzuki Regional Elite Amateur Racing
      Suzuki is also excited to announce the addition of the Suzuki Regional Elite Amateur Racing team with support from Suzuki dealers. “The addition of this program for 2017 is really exciting,” added Wheeler. “We received a great deal of sponsorship interest at the end of last year, and with the help of multiple racing-focused Suzuki dealers, we are pleased to announce the addition of five deserving riders to this new program.” Racing the RM85 for the Suzuki Amateur Regional Elite program is Preston Masciangelo, Dakota Aldredge, Slade Varola, and Caden Braswell. Brandon Yates will pilot the RM-Z250 and RM-Z450.
      Chaparral Suzuki Elite Amateur Racing / BarX Motorsports
      The RM ARMY front will be further strengthened with the launch of the Chaparral Suzuki Elite Amateur Racing / BarX Motorsports team. The west-coast based Suzuki support team led by Team Manager, Larry Brooks, will field three riders in 2017. With additional support from Suzuki racing-focused dealer, Chaparral Motorsports, Cole Barbieri and Brock Papi will race the RM-Z250 and the RM-Z450, while Brock Bennett will pilot the RM85.
      “I’m privileged to be part of such a first class race effort,” said Brooks. “The Amateur field is so competitive these days, and to be able to share my experience with these three fast racers is extremely rewarding. I feel that I can help them achieve their racing goals and this is what makes this venture very exciting to me.”
      Source: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.

    • By SkInM4n
      Hello everyone! As you can see, I am new here. I am having a nightmare of a time locating a Starter clutch assembly for a 1988 Suzuki LT300E Quadrunner that I am currently working on. I've tried numerous parts houses and from the best I can tell the part has been recently discontinued. I have had no luck finding a used assembly or an aftermarket replacement.
      My next option is to try and "rebuild" this assembly but I can't seem to find a part number for the one-way bearing. Does anyone happen to have the part number or a source to get this info? I am looking at other similar year Suzuki parts to try to cross reference it in hopes that one from another bike may fit.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far I see a vast group of knowledge and mechanical wizards on this site, so maybe I will get lucky.
      Thanks, Skin