2010 YZ450F Jumping Timing too often

Hey there thumper buds. i have an issue that just started last couple of times i went riding. the first time was a few weeks back. changed the oil on my bike, prior to going riding. it started fine and i ride it to load it up in my buddies truck. once we got to the trails, i fired it up and it was ticking bad. i shut it down and fired it up again, with the same results. my day of riding was over early.

when i got home i tore the bike down to see that it just jumped timing on the front cam about a quarter turn .......so it was an easy....but why did it happen.

the next time i went riding it ride like a dream........rode it for about an hour and took a little break. once i started it.......the ticking returned. i quickly shut it down and checked the timing again.......at the track. once again it was off. i quickly reset it back and rode on. about an 30 mins later it did it again......i was frustrated, but i paid to ride this track, so i reset it one last time.......rode great for an hour and then we left. i am sure there is an issue.......bought a new cam chain, was going to install it, but i was wonder it anyone else has hat this issue. thanks for all your help

a little more info to help

2010 YZ450F with cylinder works 468 big bore kit and newish hot rods crank. programmed and lexx slip on pipe

How many hours are on the bike? How many hours are on the new crank. How many hours are on the chain? U must inspect the chain against the new one. See if there are any kinked links or If its extremely stretched. I'd inspect the cam sprockets for wear. The crank sprocket would be new as its machined into the new crank. Also check the tensioner and make sure it can't be pushed back.

the cam chain will fix the problem

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