Clutch hub question for Holeshot

Holeshot, been reading your posts on the clutch hub failures and I wanted to ask specifically how do you test for this free play? I had mine apart a few weeks ago for the '01 parts update and played with the clutch boss and felt some free play, but I initially attributed it to taking the slack out of the chain. Would you mind writing how you measured the true amount of free play? Or is it easier just to take the clutch boss off and inspect the splined shaft and mating surfaces if I'm going to have it open anyway? BTW, the washer on my clutch boss was in perfect shape, no distortion on any of the little tabs.



I just took my hub out because the steel spine in the casting of the inner hub was flopping around. I ordered a Hinson unit from MR. X @ 800-536-6680 for 249.00 plus shipping. The stock unit is only 140 bucks, but its already failed, so im not doing that again. To check it, pull the clutch plates and put the bike in gear and try to turn it back and fourth the rear wheel on the ground, it shouldnt move. If it does and the retaining nut doesnt move along with it, you got problems. Good luck with that. If its bad, Call mr. X, I researched it, he's the cheapest by quite a bit. Retail on the hinson unit is 285.00 :)

I think Holeshots last point is the one that requires the most consideration. Think no power off the face of a jump :D Coming up short on a big double because of that would bend me out of shape, probably literally. :)

Moose Racing is now making billet hubs for just under $ 2 cents..

I think Shawn has explained it. I was able to rotate the hub almost 1/8 of a turn (without the shaft moving) just before mine failed completely. It would also wobble back and forth a bit, causing poor disengagement of the clutch. The washer under the nut should have two prongs that face back into the hub - if these are "flattened" or gone completely, your hub has developed free play.

When it fails, it won't do any damage to any other part, unless it fails when you're launching off the face of a jump, at which time you may have to consider your own body parts. :)

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