Accessories and parts help please!,, Newbie


Stock plus fmf pipe

Trail ridding feels good now, but I will need:


Chain and sprockets getting worn a little

New helmet

Just changed seals in my front forks, much better

Would like to try some of the "free" mods that I read about on here, but not sure of which ones.

Any and all help/suggestions/ criticism/feedback will be greatly appreciated. I'm so happy or be on here with all you clowns. Thank you.

Welcome aboard,

Do yourself a favor and do ALL the free mods. You will thank yourself later. This site has all info needed to walk you through them with ease, ie stickies a top of page.

Good sale on Fox closeout helmets on RM. Just picked up one for $99.

I went to a 12 primary stock rear and O-ring chain and I love it, but I'm a tracktor kind of guy. Lol

Good luck


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