2012 yz450F looking for an aggresive top end Map GYTR

I saw a 2010-2011 tread talking about all kind of maps didn't see any for the 2012?

I have full yoshiruma rs-4 pro exhaust

2012 yz450F looking for an aggresive top end Map for the GYTR Tuner, there's no top end on this bike =S and powerband is kinda slow =S anyone here have something gmore aggresive

Try the Jay Marmont map.

Marmont map or the any of the GYTR maps are worth trying. My stock 11 came to me with the "full mod list of GYTR parts" mapping. It intensified the off idle bark but the top end was pretty impressive. It didn't work for my style of off road riding. The important thing is to use these canned maps like a food recipe. It'll make a tasty dish but you'll want to modify it slightlly to suit your specific tastes.

I 2nd the Jay Marmont map, I've tried all sorts and always come back to this one. Haven't changed a map in a year.

The stock maps have changed from the 2010 to the 2012. The base line map is still all zeros in the programmer. I haven't seen any adjustments for the available maps to compensate for each model year. As has been said above though, you can start with the available maps and make adjustments for your requirements.

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