Why 104db Is Music To My Ears

Mike, I rode with seven disk last week end with Monty and John. It really didn't do too bad on those trails. But we were just riding and I was pretty out of shape anyway so not really hitting it all that hard. Monty took us on a 62 mile loop. Very cool! I even got to ride in snow for the first time. Yeah, next time KTM. For now got to figure out how to tame the the blue beast. I am definitely planning on going to Elkins. Look forward to seeing you there.


I would gladly come out and let you whoop on me in the desert becuase I suck at riding sand anyway, but you would have to return the favor by comming to NH and letting me whoop your ass on my turf. As Bill would call the "goat paths" they are quite technical at times and tou wont need the extra HP becuase you can't use it. I do have the snorkle removed and throttle stop done. If you are racing in the desert, I doubt there are any houses around so I don't really see any harm in having a 104db pipe. Correct me if I am wrong. It is when you go trail riding is when the problem starts. All I ride is tight rocky trails and the often pass behind peoples houses. 104 db is no good for that. You also don't need wide open speed on these trails. I'll talk to ya later you noisy bastard :D There are a lot more people than me who shouldn't reproduce.

Kid free and happy :)

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Mike68, yeah, out in the middle of the desert there really isn't anything around. Guys like Dan Lorenz and the others who race and do a lot of riding in the desert are a different breed. There skill set is different from riders who spend most of their time in second or third gear on very tight technical trails. Out in the desert they typically ride A LOT FASTER offen times nearly wide open while trying to dodge plants that have harpoons for leaves and rocks hidding behind some otherwise harmless looking obsticle. Sometimes without warning there will be a 2 to 4 foot drop off where a flash flood carved a mini canyon with vertical walls on either side and a very soft sand wash in the middle. Nothing will make your butt pucker faster than to come up to something like that at 60 or 70 mph. In some places there are even long abandoned vertical mine shafts that drop straight down for a 100 ft. There is every kind of terrain and absticle you can imagine. Those guys that race that stuff have some serious kahonies. And, the last thing you want to do is have them riding all choked up. They need every poney they can sqeeze out of their mounts. I'm too old for that stuff now. My goal now is just to be able to hang with my kids and and my riding buddies and not make them have to wait up for me too much. :)

BTW - I have an equal amount of respect for the guys that ride the wooded, rooted, rocky,

loamy stuff as well. That is the kind of stuff I am learning to ride in now. I don't think there is a piece of plastic left on my bike that isn't creased, scraped, scratched, or dented. After I get the hang of it, i'll replace all my plastic and act like it never happened! :D

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I hear ya. My 2001 now looks like a 99. All the stickers have been scrapes off and it looks like I wash it with a wire brush. Thay don't stay pretty for long. I am currently learning to ride the sand. I's not too bad as long as you keep moving and stay on the throttle in the turns. What other tips do you have for the sand?

For TD's benefit I might suggest that the offence may be in the ear of the beholder. As much as we have a responsibility to minimize the offence that we give others we still need to retain rights of our own. If 90d is acceptable for one WR, what is acceptable for two or a dozen for that matter? I certainly don't ride alone.

There are sound levels that may damage a persons ears. It is reasonable that the noise level of a bike should be below that level with some margin for safety, but the noise level needs to be measured at the ear of the listener. Tuned for power a WR on song would need to pass very close to a person to risk damage. I also lobby for riding areas but I will never accept that restrictions based on some one elses value system are legitimate.

Sure we know that objectors will complain about the noise of bikes just because they can hear the sound. The real point is that this type of objection is without merit and no reasonable person would take it into account. It pains me to say this Darryl, but your attitude, towards riders who are plainly making some effort to minimise their impacts, suggests that you may have become part of an even more insidious problem. You may like to consider that as a representative of riders you may have become compromised, perhaps you could join Tread Lightly and represent their ideology!!

I was in bed last night a 8:30 pm. I was beginning to fall asleep when I started hearing a 4 stroke with a pipe tooling around in the apple orchard. It was about 3/4 of a mile from my house and I could hear it quite well. Well enough to keep me up (I'm a light sleeper) untill he was finnished. I am glad he wasnt there long, but thought to myself, That noisy F'n bastard. He must have had his insert out of his exhaust and then some. It sounded like a straight pipe. You can't hear my bike from the apple orchard and it has a 3/4 inch insert in the stock pipe. I use it depending on where I ride. What ever it was, it was way too loud. It wasn't a wr, it was just a noisy POS> Some pipes are loud, and then there is stupid loud. I am sure there were a lot of pissed off people that night. Thats why I don't ride with loud bikes. A friend of mine asked me if he could bring one of his friends up for Sundays ride. He said it was a YZ125 and it was loud. I said sorry, but no. He understood and came riding sunday without him. No loud bikes on my sacred stuff, rule #1. Not with me anyways. Sound snotty? Yes it does. Do I care, no. If someone is not willing to quiet a bike down to come ride with me, than I am not willing to take them.

What if we all e-mailed some pipe manufacturing companys to let them know we are intrested somthing more quiet? Lots of members here.


Now THAT is a very good idea!! Would you like to start a new thread to that effect so the non politicals can participate.

Marty, GREAT IDEA! Do you want to start the threat or would you rather one of us do it?

I'm really beat right now so signing off. Mike, we'll talk sand later. Harry, as usual great to hear from you. P

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