Buzzing noise right off idle - doesn't go away?

Hello everyone. Just wanted to start by saying thanks to everyone on this forum... you guys have been absolutely invaluable in helping me with my newly purchased used pig. I just scoured the archives from search, and did some extensive reading, but didn't get a totally definative answer, so I figured I'd ask; would hate to be wrong and see the shop repair bill :D. Anyway, I never noticed before today (probably because the HRC tip is very, very loud), but there is a buzzing type noise right when I apply throttle off idle in any gear, and it does not go away after warming up or when I start riding. However, it is NOT there when the bike is idling, just when gas is applied. It is the exact same grinding type noise as when you move the kick starter at all when the bike is running, but alot less severe. Unfortunately, I have not really been able to pinpoint where it comes from except that it seems to be coming from the kickstart side of the engine (I thought it was maybe from the water/oil pump, but the similarity to the kickstarter grinding is probably not a coincidence). So, does anyone have any ideas. I'm out in Ocotillo Wells as I write this, and I'm very wary of riding it until I'm sure I'm not going to blow it up keeping it pinned across the desert. Thank you so much for all of your help everyone, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! :) PS - Yeah, the kickstart is all the way up and folded away. :D

Hi. Don't worry about this, it's just the oil pump, it's noisy. It is mounted on the right side of crankcase to towards the exterior. When you change the oil filter you can see it, it will be exposed.

Older XR's have the oil pump mounted deeper in the crankcase and the noise is not as noticeable.

On some of the bikes, the noise disappears after break-in, and in others, it remains. Also, in some bikes it's more noisy than in others, for some unknown reason.

I wrestled with this noise for months before I learned what it was, and that it was not a problem.

To be on the safe side, examine the oil pump rotor (visible when the oil filter cover is removed), and check for scoring or looseness. Also if you have a Honda Shop Manual, which you should get, you can use a feeler gage to check various clearances. Mine checked out ok, and I've been riding this bike for 3 years and 5500 miles, and it still runs perfectly with no problems.

Keep in mind this is one VERY noisy engine mechanically, making not only oil pump buzz, but also various knocks, ticks and whirrings. But it's ok! This is a very good, strong engine which has proven to be totally reliable.

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