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  2. I've had a few really good days there lately. The prep and watering has been nice. The new IV track is a lot of fun and the mains got a couple sailers on it. Not a bad local track and we need all we can get. The best part of riding is variety.
  3. my drz is 2009 with a slant body fcr from a wr400. as stated you must change the main jet first, when tuning a bike you start from the main jet and work backwards,this is where i went wrong for years,trying to tune the midrange without setting up the main jet first is impossible. the other important thing is the fuel you use. pure gasoline 95 octane runs the richest, shell v power 95 e10 runs leaner and 91 e10 runs the leanest. i would recommend switching to 91 e10 if you are not already using it. a dyno with an AFR sensor was not existent in thailand but if you have one in malaysia it would be worth spending the money to give you a baseline AFR
  4. Being a trials rider I can attest to the positive benefits of standing up.
  5. Very nice needle when are you coming to the Piutes so you can do some of these.
  6. I hate to give up so I will put a few more hours on it then decide. I'll do some more tinkering with the suspension without throwing more money at it.
  7. so you adjusted airscrew for the highest idle as per spanky's jetting guide or is it at 1.5 turns out as stated in the manual ?
  8. Looking like seat concepts is the way to go. I'll likely be going with the tall version at my height, 6'1. A step price for a full seat, but it's sounding like it's worth it.
  9. you don't need to tip it that far. resting on the kick stand will do. try it. no need to dump gas everywhere.
  10. Lol,mine is all apart...the reason I bought it was because it was my first mx bike,raced it like 27 yrs ago,man time sure is going by fast
  11. I'm starting to believe it does indeed go there. The thing had to come from that side of the engine and options are limited. Unfortunately the manual does not show enough detail to show for sure.
  12. I prefer "Morning Edition" myself.
  13. So the clutch is always "pulled in", meaning the crank is delivering power to the clutch, but not through the clutch to the primary tranny shaft (which is meshed with secondary/output tranny shaft). I would pull the clutch off, and see if you can see any scraping/rubbing behind the clutch basket. Something putting pressure on it, "opening" the clutch pack. I forgot to install a washer behind the center basket once, and it caused some funny issues. Not saying that's what has happened, but you need to get in there to see. Possibly broken teeth between crank gear and clutch basket? I'm really curious what your bikes solution is. Let us know.
  14. I'll pass, watching guys on loadrd down ditbikes in the jungle is more fun.
  15. Don't know if this has been asked or not, but what kind of throttle does your bike have? Twist? Thumb? I've found that the type of throttle you've got on it makes a significant difference and can help with whiskey throttle.
  16. What was the question ?
  17. Good day guys, just looking for anyones input: I have being storing my premium fuel for race bikes/HP sleds, RZR in a aviation coated barrel with a pump in it and a particle/water filter on outlet. And I store it inside a storage tent (out of sun but gets hot inside tent). My friend said its fore sure getting lots water in bbl due to it breathing and condensing as the barrel pump stinger is not perfectly sealed (threaded fitting into bung but slides thr). I have used it for 2 years now without issues YET and always add 10% / 5gals of av 100 fuel to keep octane up and longer shelf life. I don't think I can seal the pump, maybe welding or sealant stinger to bung fitting and install a breather when pumping? I'm also not sure how to tell if theres moisture getting in barrel (test)?? Thanks for your time guys, Jason
  18. Yea, I just have the "Wild" plug plugged in.
  19. You agree then. Good, nothing to see here.
  20. Blais stopped. Call Munn Racing.
  21. I don't think the question is if a TM carb is better than FCR. I think the interesting question is if the TM carb is better than the stock carb for only $100 vs several times that for an FCR. Side note, Lectron is making a comeback for 2-strokes.
  22. I believe they flash yours and send it back
  23. Your vagina stinks
  24. Well a bit of a sad update, First piece of bad news, I can't make it to the race on the fourth. The transmission is out on my truck, and recently the bike has felt a little flat, so I'm thinking top end but I have to check a few things. Second, I feel like this thread has reached the end of its time. I have enjoyed updating it and getting to meet everyone, but I think it's getting stale and hard to come up with new things. I can't thank all of you enough for the help, guidance, and friendship. This isn't goodbye forever, I will be here on the forums regularly, as well as do my best to stay in contact with my Iowa boys. Thanks, Nick Zaugg.
  25. Did you check your needle valve already? Is it perfectly clean? If it's partially blocked it may be you'd be fine normally but if pin the throttle long enough the bowl will empty and the bike will fall on it face like you described. I'd replace it personally, better safe than sorry.
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