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This is the heavy duty GT216DST FATTY 4-ply not the standard 2-ply tire. Tough as nails. No pinch flats with this tire.

Works GREAT with TUbliss  
Add TUbliss with your order for only $75 each.

THE CATCH ? You gotta buy TWO to get this pricing... or THREE if you live in the East.

HOW TO BUY... and watch video review !
Club Page with purchase options: http://ridersonline.org/2012/smf/index.php/topic,752.0.html

When they are gone they are gone... we won't be running a sale on this model again.

If you ride desert... or rocks... or use Tubliss... or just don't wanna pinch flat... 
or want to run lower pressures for max traction then this is YOUR TIRE.


, California

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What's the dates on the tire? 

Jeff aka Bolt


I can check Monday when I'm back in the office...  but this are not old stock.  We bought everything left in the US from the very last batch made.  You can check with GOLDENTYRE directly on this.  PM me for the GOLDENTYRE owner's phone.  He can corroborate.

If you want the latest FATTY 4-ply these are it....  and we are down to the very last stack. So don't delay.  I expect them gone in a couple days.

If you want the brand new Gen 5 Goldentyre Fatty 2-ply with the new white hot patch logo we have those too.  They have replaced the 2-ply & 4-ply FATTYs going forward. But they'll cost $10-15 more.

You want the GT216AA Razor in 80/100-21 got those too...  GT230 Rears 110/100-18 have everything left in the country...  GT232N Rears 120/100/18 in stock...  GT523X, GT523E, GT523KX, GT216X...  all here...  you get the idea.

Only thing GOLDENTYRE and I am out of stock on is the GT216AA Standard Height Fatty 90/90-21 until middle of April.

Let me know how I can help...  Jeff

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Thanks for the tires Jeff, let me know when you have more 90/90's in stock. 


Jeff aka Bolt


Nice photo...  you didn't keep all those for yourself did you ?  Your buddies might get mad at you.

We should have brand new Gen 5 90/90-21 mid April I am hoping.

Thanks again !   Jeff

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what's the difference on the gen5? I've been pretty happy with my 216aa tyres.

Jeff aka Bolt


GEN5 is just the latest version... same tread and compound...  4-ply is going away...  so new stronger carcass on the GEN5 2-ply...  but it's even lighter than previous 2-ply GT216AA.  It is easy to identify because it has the new white hot patch logo.  All around just better features.  You lose nothing except price went up $10 but my pricing is probably less than what you were paying before.



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