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Mental Power, Part II

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Gary Semics


blog-0641381001403805938.jpgScience is beginning to understand that there is more space and energy (electrical energy) in our bodies that we ever imagined. The heart and brain has more energy than any other part of our body. Since radio waves can travel from Mars to Earth with massive amounts of data and here on Earth all you have to do is tune in your radio to hear music. Would it be too difficult to believe that your brain, through it's electrical current, also has a frequency. It too transmits signals. These signals work with the law of attraction. What you think and feel you will receive more of the same.

Rhonda Byrne producer of The Secret (DVD) and Author of The Power (Book and audio book) (www.thesecret.tv) says that through our thoughts and feelings we attract the same into our lives. If you have more negative thoughts and feelings you will attract more negative things into your life. If you have more positive thoughts and feelings you attract more positive people, situations, money, health and other positive things into your life. The best way to get and stay there is with gratitude and love.

So wouldn't it be safe to say that the way you think and feel about motocross will effect the outcome of your motocross experiences, your life for that matter? I'm sure of it. You have a lot of power to exceed and succeed when you find and focus on things you can be grateful about and things you can love about being a motocross racer, not only the racing itself but the practice, training, knowing the other riders, the fans and everything relating to you being a motocross racer. By always finding these things that you can be grateful for and love you are putting out the frequency to attract more good things to happen to you. Everything has a frequency and though the law of attraction you will attract the same situations and things that are on the frequency you are putting out through your thoughts and feelings. The more gratitude and love you put out about motocross the more power you will continue to acquire. Through this gratitude and love you will attract more and more of what you need to become better and better. The more you don't like about being a motocross racer and worst yet if you hate certain things about it and you think, focus and feel those things, you are putting out that frequency and you will attract things that are on that frequency into your life, into your reality. Again, this is known as the law of attraction and it is as real as gravity. You always have a choice. You can either focus on negative situations and details or you can chose to focus on positive situations and details. This starts with your thoughts, then feelings and then the situations and details in your life will manifest into negative or positive realities.

Now we're getting into the really good stuff. Check back soon for part 3. More info at www.thesecret.tv

Gary Semics

Professional Motocross Trainer

If you're serious about improving your motocross skills, checkout my website for additional tips and training resources.

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