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Over 230 Bikes in 19 categories, over 30 tracks in 7 categories, 11 game play modes! Enter to win a copy of Ride2!
CLICK HERE to enter for your chance to win one of 50 digital copies of Ride2 for your PS4 or Xbox One Each bike model boasts an unrivaled level of precision, the vast roster of bikes includes models for major manufacturers such as Yamaha , Kawasaki , Ducati , Aprilia, BMW, Suzuki , Triumph and much more. Ride2 is featuring more than 190 bikes, new models and categories, like the legendary Two-Strokes for real fans, the Supermoto with their ad hoc physics and the Café Racers with their retro style. Travel around the world in an unforgettable and extraordinary sequence of events: GP circuits, country tracks and city tracks. Over 30 tracks, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. Set up your bike by customizing the aesthetics, motor, brakes, suspension and transmission and enjoy more than 20 brands in Ride 2 to bring your rider to life, choosing gear and riding style!16 game modes: speed down the queen of tracks, Nürburgring, ride in typical motard style and slalom race through street cones for the most enjoyable riding experience ever!   Choose from nakeds, superbikes, supersports, electric bikes and, let loose on one of the numerous two-stroke bikes, café racers and supermotos!   > Over 230 Bikes in 19 categories, over 30 tracks in 7 categories, 11 game play modes, more than 300 career events and than 30 different customizable parts for a tailored bike and rider > Collect bikes to create your personal and stylish garage, choosing between the most important manufacturers, different bike models and categories of vehicles (Naked, Supersport, etc) > Brand new tracks: Travel around the world in an amazing sequence of unique events: GP Circuits, Country Tracks and City Tracks. More than 30 tracks, including the legendary tracks and events like the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Macau, the Ulster GP and the Northwest 200 > Structure: The structure of the game gives the player a deeper progression and always a new reason to play, thanks to the World Tour, the World Ranking and more exclusive Invitational Trophies > Rewards: The skill points reached will be spent in a Reward Tree that grants the player prizes and bonuses (bikes, discounts, credits, etc) > Social Features: Import the avatar of your friends inside your game, use them in team races, check their profile to see their bikes and loan them > Realistic simulations: The game includes an accurate physics model that allows players to ride a bike as a real rider. Every bike has a specific set up of the engine and of the mechanics and supports specific animations of the rider > Customization: The connection between the rider & his Bike is deeper than RIDE. RIDE 2 offers a wider customization section, 1200 parts focused on turning the stock version of the bikes in real Racing Replica Over 200 bike models New categories like the legendary 2 Strokes, the Supermotos and the Café Racers 30 different tracks with different topographic features each 18 of the world’s most important motorcycle manufacturers Over 1,200 customisable parts and over 600 different liveries that you can use to transform a motorcycle for everyone into YOUR own custom bike CLICK HERE to enter for your chance to win one of 50 digital copies of Ride2 for your PS4 or Xbox One  
Posted by Bryan Bosch on Feb 15, 2017

EVS R4K Race Collar
The R4K is a completely new race collar for 2016. It features a revolutionary Koroyd™ core with superior impact absorption and a reinforced nylon upper shell. The chassis has been completely redesigned to be lighter and more aerodynamic. In an impact, the head is pushed down on the race collar. The R4K effectively fills the gap between your helmet and shoulder with Koroyd, which absorbs impact energy better than standard race collar materials.   - Koroyd® engineered core for superior impact absorption - Reinforced nylon upper shell - Lightweight, aerodynamic chassis design - Rapid lock closure system for easy front entry - Integrated X-Strap cleats - Polyurethane foam base - Sizes: Youth, Adult
Posted by Russhole on Jan 27, 2017

WORX GLOVES Worx Performance Gloves
WORX PERFORMANCE GLOVES Now has a complete line of the  Best disposable work gloves in the Power sports industry. Our Gloves have been tested and used by all AMA professional race teams for several Years. Our Gloves range in thickness from 5mil-14mil for maximum protection from harsh solvents and chemical found in the professional workplace.  http://www.worxgloves.com/default.asp
Posted by King Louie on Apr 14, 2014

Help! - Bike Only Starts When Pushed
Today I want to talk about a situation I hear all too often. Someone’s bike, whether it be a two-stroke or four-stroke, only starts when it is pushed. Before I discuss potential causes for this scenario, take a moment to think through the situation yourself. What mechanical factors would result in either a two-stroke or four-stroke only starting when it is bump started? In either case, the reason the engine is able to start when it is push started is because it is able to build more compression than it otherwise could when it is kicked or the electric starter is engaged. More compression is achievable because the cranking RPM is higher than what’s possible with the aforementioned starting methods. With a higher cranking RPM for a four-stroke, more air will fill the cylinder on the intake stroke, and for a two-stroke the scavenging process will be improved. With this being the case we must look at reasons why the engine is struggling to build compression in the first place. Starting problems specific to four-strokes: 1. Valve seat recession - When a valve seat wears out and recedes, the valve moves up towards the camshaft. This leads to diminished valve clearances and if left to run its course, the valve and shim will bottom on the camshaft’s base circle. The next time the valve clearances are checked the problematic valve will be re-shimmed so the clearances are correct. Once this is done, the valve will have a gap between it and its corresponding seat. 2. The valve is bent - A valve with a serious bow to it may get jammed up inside the guide and not return all the way back to its seat. Bent valves typically result from an over-revved engine where the valves contact the piston. Valves can also bend to a lesser extent if they were mated to valve seats that were not cut concentrically to the guides, or they were paired with worn seats. 3. The valve stuck in the guide - This is usually due to the engine overheating. When the engine overheated the clearance between the valve and guide diminished which caused metal to transfer from one part to the other, ultimately ruining the surface finish on one or both parts. Once this happens the valve may be prone to sticking in the guide until the engine warms up. 4. The valves and seats do not seal well - Worn valves and valve seats can compromise the seal between them. Valve and seat wear is a natural part of running an engine but can also be accelerated by ingesting dirty air. Starting problems specific to two-strokes: 1. The reed valve is worn - Reed petals that don’t close all the way, are chipped, or bent will not allow sealing of the crankcase and efficient gas flow up from the crankcase into the cylinder. 2. An engine seal or gasket has failed - A two-stroke engine requires a well sealed crankcase and cylinder in order for it to scavenge gases efficiently. A worn crank seal, leaky base gasket, or problematic power valve seal can all make starting more difficult. Two and four-stroke problems: 1. The piston rings are worn - Worn piston rings will allow compressed gases to escape past them. 2. The head gasket or o-rings are leaking - Usually a leaking cylinder head will be accompanied by white smoke if coolant is being pushed into the combustion chamber, by coolant being blown out the radiator, or both. I hope you found this rundown of potential problems useful for diagnosing bikes that like bump starting over a kick or the push of a button. Can you think of any other problems that would lead to lack of compression? If so, leave a comment and share them. If you liked this post and want more technical info, check out my book, The Four Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handbook. In it you will find over 300 pages of technical knowledge to help you get off on the right foot when rebuilding! - Paul   Amazon DIYMotoFix.com  
Posted by Paul Olesen on Feb 08, 2017

Interview with Jeff Emig
The sport of motorcycling is fun and rewarding for the entire family, but done incorrectly can lead to significant and life altering consequences.  When I first heard about the formation of the USMCA I felt a sense of relief that others shared my views on education, including appropriate training.  As it stands now new riders must rely on friends and family to teach them the ropes of basic riding.  Unfortunately due to the growth of our sport if you want to ride but do not know other riders,  your education is trial by fire. The USMCA has a plan to transform the educational/safety piece of riding and help reshape the long term health of our two wheeled passion.  I took a few minutes to speak with one of the founding members, multi time Supercross and Motocross National champion Jeff Emig, to answer a few questions. CC: Regarding the upcoming Summit on February 9th and 10th in Arlington, TX, can you elaborate on what an individual who is attending can expect?  Jeff:  This being the first annual coaching summit, and the fact that we have not reached the point where we are certifying coaches with everything up and running, this  first summit is going to be about the introduction.  It will be about what the USMCA is what the goals are and how we are going to get there.  The initial summit is about the journey that got us to this point where we need to make a change in the industry and why coaching is necessary, then laying out  the plan for the next few months and year. CC: Is there a base education needed for anyone to attend?   Jeff: No.  Anyone can attend. CC: How will an established coach benefit from the USMCA? Jeff: Some of the biggest names in the industry will be there and every current coach we have spoken to has been extremely positive.  When it comes to their business the USMCA should provide a tremendous value to them and be a tool for them to run a better more successful business than what they already do.  Not to mention they can look at it from a totally different perspective of the responsibility and opportunity to give back to the sport that we have all been involved with.  We feel like we are on to something really good, we have had great feedback up to this point.  The summit is a big event, there is a lot riding on it for everyone that's been involved.  I feel confident that we have some really smart passionate people that have helped build the USMCA  to this point.  Beyond the summit is when we start to get all of the coaches in the industry involved and building standards and practices for their coaching association, there's more work to be done.  This is one more step toward making it to the mountain top and reaching our goal. CC: What is the primary focus of USMCA?  (At this point Jeff referred me to the USMCA Mission Statement). Jeff: The USMCA Mission Statement: The USMCA is a nonprofit corporation founded to oversee and foster the creation of a robust, nationwide network of motorcycle-riding coaches in the sport’s major disciplines, including on-road and off-road riding.  Structured, systematic program curricula will ensure that the training if these coaches is as effective and safe as possible, and will enable them to subsequently share their own knowledge and skills with both new and exisiting motorcyclists through a highly consistent and repeatable process.  As a result, parents and individuals seeking coaching will be confident that they can choose from a wide selection of well-trained, certified coaches. CC: What are the long term goals of USMCA and how do you think these goals will shape the future of the industry? Jeff: To break down the barriers to entry helping beginner and novice level riders advance their skills so they can be lifelong enthusiasts. CC: Thanks Jeff for taking the time to explain USMCA.  I look forward to helping grow the Motorsports community as we are in need of a structured curriculum to educate riders on techniques that not only make them faster but keep them safe.  Is there anything else you want to add? Jeff: At this point we are getting close to maximum capacity and the support from the industry as a whole that we have received has been a bit overwhelming.  The USMCA is not about the founding members, advisory board, or team.  It is about the industry and it's about the coaches, and more importantly our customers in the sport of motorcycling.  It's not the only answer to producing a great future for our industry but we certainly feel that with all of the data and information that we have collected and the hundreds of hours of meetings and time that  we have all put together, establishing the USMCA is one of the things that will build a better future for the sport as a whole.
Posted by Chris Cooksey on Feb 07, 2017


Really bad blurred vision while riding facing the sun.
Hows it going guys, this is going to sound weird but every time I ride for about 10-15 minutes facing the sun especially when the sun's going down my vision gets all blurry and I have to pull over and close my eyes or look away from the sun and stare at something dark for about 2 minutes for my vision to come back to normal, Its especially annoying when your doing 40+ MPH through some rocky 2 track or going up some rocky hills and you can't make out the depth of a rock or even pick your line. I got my first D37 hare scramble coming up on the 26th and its gunna suck if the whole race is gunna be mostly going towards the suns direction.. ohh and I bought some mirrored lenses and that seemed to help but its still there!  Just wanted to see if anyone else has/had this problem and whats the cure? Thanks in advance
Support BRC With Your Last Minute Shopping!
Doing some last minute shopping? Support BRC by using the AmazonSmileProgram when you are shopping online. We are proud to be one of the charities you can choose for a donation from Amazon.com and their AmazonSmile program. It costs you nothing – they donate 0.5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice and it is just one click away! Just start shopping here and first fill in the box for YOUR charity and type in "BlueRibbon Coalition" to choose us! Then start shopping – it’s still the same Amazon.com that you’re used to. Directors' Pick:  0 Announcement Trail Ride:  0 read more View the full article
Mobile App, No Notifications
Anyone else not getting notifications? Is their something I don't have turned on properly? I'm getting emails saying people have posted in a topic I have followed. But they don't show up in the notifications box in the app.. any help is much appreciated

Dirt Bike

JGR lost its last rider
Press day took out JGR's last rider. Phil Nicoletti will miss Arlington.  Press Release:  HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – Autotrader/Suzuki/Yoshimura Team rider Phillip Nicoletti was injured today at AT&T Stadium while participating in Press Day activities for the Arlington, Tex. event taking place tomorrow, Feb. 11. The injuries are to his left ankle and heel, Nicoletti will not be able to compete in Arlington. He will return home to N.C. and be evaluated by his physicians, at which time more will be known about the length of his recovery.       
Beta 250RR & 300RR known issues, setup tips & common mods
A brief summary for new Beta 2T owners I've compiled, anyone got more I can add to the list? Or any mistakes below? I know there's a pinned thread of Beta mods but thought it could be handy to have a two stroke-specific one and will a handy summary all in the first post.   KNOWN ISSUES - For most the carby is set up too rich, consult Beta's excellent jetting chart to lean it out if needed after a run in ride. - Float level is a tad too high at 6.5mm (measured from body to floats, with the tang just resting) - extend it out to 7.5-8mm. - The seat base can rub on the positive lead to the battery, zip tie a bit of rubber or plastic for protection. - Frame protectors don't extend high enough, boots can rub paint off the frame - cut some rubber or plastic & zip tie. - Bigger-sized boots tend to rub the decals off the side panels. - A few report the two engine breather hoses can come off, just zip tie them tight. - Wiring behind headlight can rub on the head stem - just zip tie out of the way. - Some report hitting false neutrals with the long gear shift, so they use a CRF250R 2004 to 2008 lever instead. - Side stand end is too small and sinks in soft ground, screw on a bit of plastic or weld an alloy plate on. - A few models had the wrong sized rubber join between the pipe and muffler - just zip tie it tight, or get the right sized one. - Check swingarm/mudflap contact points on the side for wear. Ziptie to space the flap away, epoxy small rub blocks to areas, or trim the flap.   COMMON MODS ETC  - Shorten & reroute radiator overflow tube to stop short of the skidplate (can then see if bike's overheating) - If your leg moves the fuel tap lever when riding then hacksaw the extended part off. - Fuel petcock lever can be trimmed shorter if your leg moves it when riding. - Rear suspension increased by 7mm using  wish bone from 2012 450RR Cross Country model (part no. 020-331300-000). - Like all two strokes, bolts vibrate loose - check and loctite as needed (engine mounts & rear brake pedal especially). - You can add a mapping switch for more tuning options if you didn't buy the Racing version. - Better full lock turns - remove lock nuts an screw bolts in further, trim radiator guards so they don't hit the forks. - The Beta engine is already superb but some feel modding the power valve spring can improve it even further. - Clutch is just a tad heavier than the KTMs, consider Midwest Clever Levers or the superb Clake One Light clutch if you are cashed up. - Some dislike the stock kill switch and get the KTM-style one. - Consider a radiator fan &/or bigger radiators if doing slow technical terrain in warmer climates. - The Beta is bit smaller and lower than the KTM, if you are tall consider risers and Fastway pegs which are further back and down. - For slower technical riding many find an extra tooth or three on the rear sprocket works wonders. - Into wheelies? Unlike the KTM rear fender the Beta one will snap if you flip it so consider two small cuts either side to allow flexing.   PROTECTION You can really go to town on this gear. Unlike KTM, Beta have excellent prices on most of their parts so check out all their bling and performance mods etc. This starts with the essentials and then on to stuff for more extreme riding...   - Get some handguards or barkbusters on there as soon as possible! - The pipe needs a carbon fiber guard at the very least, for gnarly riding consider a Force Accessories skid plate/pipe guard or similar. - If doing a lot of big rocks and logs consider a linkage guard (Fastway guard is cool as it allows adjusting the linkage length too). - Case saver. - Stock lower chain guard may not be strong enough for extreme riding. - Radiator guards if you anticipate dropping the bike a fair bit (and who doesn't?) - Rear disc guard - Billet rear brake pedal (check out Boano).   For an excellent set of tips for racing on the Betas visit this thread: http://www.betarider.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=797
Honda swingarms and bearing problems
Hey i have a 2006 crf450r and im doing a full engine rebuild on it. I had some issues getting the swing arm off the bike because the bearing races were seized to the pivot shaft and the inside of the swingarm/engine mount. I ended up cutting the shaft just to get the swing arm off so i could get the engine out of the frame. anyways, i got most of the shaft/bearings out and unseized but in the outside bearing races are stuck tight in the swing arm on both sides. ive spent hours heating them up red hot and trying to pound them out and theyve soaked in solvent and pb blaster for a few hours also and wont budge. not to mention that the swing arm hasnt walked away from this unharmed.. i was thinking that after buying the bearing kit for like 60 dollars and buying the new pivot shaft for like 16 dollars i would be a good portion of the way to just buying a swing arm off ebay that has new bearings in it and i could just bolt on. it would end up saving me a lot of time. i just have a hard time finding a good used swingarm for my exact year of bike. does the same 2003-2008 rule apply with the fitment of the swingarm? i heard that the linkage mounting points are different throughout the years but i have a hard time believing that they changed it every year. can i buy any 450r swing arm from this style of bike or do i need to find my exact year and stick with it. or is there some magical way to get these outer bearing races out? any help is appreciated! Prefere to keep it cheap also.. college student budget


Stock exhaust cleaning?
Was looking for a good way to clean out the stock baffle on a Yamaha blaster there is a bunch of unburned oil in there that I don't want shooting out
Left Hand Rear Brake for 2014 Honda TRX250X?
When going down a steep hill my wife slides back on the seat and can’t reach the rear brake.  So essentially she’s using the engine compression and front brake to control down hill speed which is fine unless the grade is really steep or bumpy.  She’s always had trouble using the rear brake anyways.   I have a Rekluse LHRB on my dirt bike and absolutely love it.  It’s just like going down a steep hill on a mountain bike with two hand brakes. The braking feed back is much better than with a foot brake. The Honda ATV has that hooky parking brake that is incorporated into the clutch lever so there is already a cable going from the top of the clutch lever to the rear brake.  I’m thinking of just adding a second clutch lever next to it on the bar and inserting the rear brake cable into it. Has anyone tried this before?
YFZ450R Practice (Not GoPro)
I went out yesterday and did some practice to see if I could change my technique a bit to mitigate some arm pump. We started to build a woods loop, we have four miles of track done so far. This is some footage of the more open sections.


Extra Plate clutch kits
I am going to be doing a clutch kit in the near future on my 2012 Harley Road Glide.   Has stage 2 cams and air intake, adjustable pushrods, V&H two into one, and been dyno tuned.  Only 20K miles.  Clutch is starting to slip when leaned on hard.  I have found numerous clutch kits.  What is the actual benefit of going with the "extra plate" clutch kits?  I am considering going with the Barnett Performance Extra Plate kit.  Any pro's and con's would be appreciated.     Thanks, Bob
Help! Is this worth buying?
Hello there. I am thinking of getting this bike but have no idea what Im looking at. This would be my first bike but iv had my license and spent the last few summers riding my buddys DRZ. Owner says he has had it since 2010 and it was last inspected in 2013. All it needs is a blinker to pass he claims. What do yall think? Says he only rides it 5x a year so hes selling. What are some red flags to look for when I check it out? Any advice Id really appreciate. Thanks! https://allentown.craigslist.org/mcy/5975420248.html
Please suggest a TINY street legal motorcycle.
Hi all.   I'm looking hard for a tiny / lightweight street legal bike that can seat 2 people.  Needs to fit INSIDE a small private plane.   Something < 40" and < 200lbs is ideal and I don't care about slow.  30mph is good enough.    Maybe an old Yamaha DT 50cc with rear foot pegs or a hypothetical CRF 80 L  ? The closest thing I can find is a Honda CT 70 - but those are VERY old.   The Honda Grom can fit if 3" shorter. .  I can just get a CRF250 and remove the wheels or I CAN just bring 2 folding bicycles, but I'll rather not.   After searching, I found very little. Weird is OK.  But must be really street legal in Wisconsin / Idaho / Wyoming / etc,  - Just having a horn / turn signals, etc.  isn't' enough to get registration & tags. Any ideas?   thanks!


2011 m800 162
Could someone help me, my m800 isn't working in deep powder as well as I want it to it is bone stock with a 2.25 inch powder claw track and I can't get it to climb in deep snow unless it's to the handle all the time. I am stuck most of the time. Could someone help asap!!!
7 or 8 tooth drivers
Planning on extending my 02 zr 800 to a 144 and I want to be able to clear more than 1.25" lugs. The goal is to be able to clear 2" with out any major mods to the cooling system. Thanks for any help


2017 SX-R Jet Ski
Kawasaki had the new 2017 SX-R Jet Ski at the Toronto Motorcycle Cycle show this weekend. It has a1500cc 4 cylinder in-line 4 stroke engine. It looks awesome!
I have a 2004 YAMAHA FX160, 1100 cc PWC that I'm wanting to sell. 5 years ago I bought this PWC from the Indianapolis Colts Organization as you can tell on the title. Some of the areas were not repainted with the proper paint and there is a small amount of paint chipping. It was repainted using the Colts paint scheme which draws a huge amount of attention especially when you see the name of the former owner on the back. This PWC has a total of 60 hours of usage. It is one of the bigger PWC as it can hold 3 adults and has towed water skiers behind it with ease. The Yamaha FX has a reverse that you put it into when parking in tight spots. You can also adjust the tilt in 3 different gradients determined by water conditions. The PWC has been under cover in storage for 2 years. Eric at J.E.T. PROFORMANCE in Vero Beach completely went through it and can speak to how sound this PWC is. The trailer it sits on could use help. The axle does have rust on it even though it was covered. I'm asking $2600 for this FX160 which is a steal. I purchased it in Cincy and brought it to Ft. Pierce, Florida 6 years ago and it has seen minimal use. I didn't have the numbers of visitors that I thought we'd be seeing. Please call me or PM me with any questions you may have. BTW, it is a 160 not a 140. The Colts put the wrong stickers on it. Thanks, Todd
bringing back a 1991 and 1993 yamaha superjet's from the dead
hey guys just picked up 2 yamaha superjets one a 1991 and the other a 1993. both are the same 650cc engine. They both sat on a trailer outside for about 15 years. the 93's whole bottom half of the engine was under water from rain. the 91 was covered but had mice living in it. But ant ideas what both will need to run again?  

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