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  • clark4131

Posted December 05, 2007 - 07:58 PM


Okay kids, here we go again. Since a lot of folks want to know what others have screwed, glued, and tattoed to there bikes to make it more comfortable, personable or unique, I've decided to put together a Modification Database. I'm going to run it just like the Jetting Database. Please list your modifications using the following template:

Engine: (Cams, plugs, Filters, AIS kit, etc.)
Carb: (Quickshot, Fuel Screw, Jetting Kit, Modifications, Replacement, etc.)
Exhaust: (Can, Header, Mid-pipe, Modifications, etc.)
Fluids: (Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid)
Suspension: (Springs, Fluids, Modifications, Replacements, etc.)
Chassis: (Bars, Grips, Triple Clamps, Levers, Pegs, Brakes, Lines, Modifications, etc.)
Protection: (Skid Plate, Bark Busters, Pipe Guard, Caliper/Rotor Guards, etc.)
Tires/Wheels: (Rims, Spokes, Hubs, Tubes, Axles, etc.)
Driveline: (Sprockets, Chain)
Electrical: (GPS, Computers, Dual-Sport Kits, etc.)
Cosmetic: (Graphics, Plastic, Seat Covers, etc.)

In an effort to keep the database streamlined and uncluttered, conversational posts will be deleted. If you post your settings, please try to remember to keep them updated as you change your bike's setup so the information stays current. I'll keep the thread sticky for a while so we can get a good cross section of bikes. Thanks for your help :thumbsup: ...SC

  • clark4131

Posted December 05, 2007 - 08:01 PM


Model/Year: 2005 WR450
Engine: TT AIS Kit, Twin Air Filter, Ready Racing SS Oil Filter, Rekluse Z-Start w/ Perch Adjuster
Carb: JD Kit, Quickshot, PowerNow, Zip-Ty Fuel Screw, AP Linkage w/ O-ring mod, ASV Underbar Hot Start Lever on right side
Exhaust: FMF Powerbomb SX, Dr. D can
Fluids: Amsoil, Maxima Coolanol, 7.5# Amsoil Shock Therapy
Suspension: .48 RT Fork Springs, 5.8 RT Shock Spring, EE Fork Bleeders, Shock Sox
Chassis: ProTaper Contours, ProGrip grips, Scotts Upper Triple w/ SUB Mount & Damper, Fastway F2 Pegs
Protection: Utah Sport Skidplate, Cycra ProBends, E-Line CF Pipe Guard, Works Connection Frame & Caliper Guard, Moose Sharkfin
Tires/Wheels: OEM Wheels w/ Maxxis SI Front/IT Rear, Bridgestone UHD tubes, EE Axle Blocks
Driveline: Ironman Sprockets 13/49 Ratio, OEM Chain
Electrical: Lights Removed, Neutral Switch removed/replaced w/ Dr. D. Site Glass, SenDec Tach/Hourmeter
Cosmetic: AMR Racing T-Bomb Graphics, YZ Rear Fender, YZ Front Number Plate
Miscellaneous: Acerbis 3.3 Tank, Subframe mount for sand flag, Dirt-Bike-Gear rear fender bag
Comments: This is my 3rd can and the best so far. Prior to, I had the FMF Q2 and Ti PowerCore.

  • johnnyjeep

Posted December 05, 2007 - 09:07 PM


Model/Year: 2006 WR450
Engine: stock with the mods
Carb: quickshot, jd kit (forgot what jets)
Exhaust: stock, only 1 baffle left
Fluids: motul
Suspension: stock
Chassis: scotts stabilizer, fat bars, asv's, pro moto billet rack
Protection: gtyr skid, Tripple clamp mounted bark busters
Tires/Wheels: maxxis it desert
Electrical: plated d/s
Cosmetic: battle scars
Miscellaneous: Have the 6.6 gal acerbes tank

John in Vegas

  • DWS450

Posted December 06, 2007 - 01:04 PM


2006 WR450
Engine: Stock, with AIS removed.
Carb: OEM, jetted, Fuel screw.
Exhaust: OEM Headpipe, FMF Ti Powercore.
Fluids: Rotella-T 5-40, others OEM.
Suspension: Fr. Factory Connection .48 springs, +10cc oil, Aircell Sub Tanks (love 'em!), Rr. Factory Connection 5.6 spring.
Chassis: Applied Racing Tripple clamp w/Renthal Fat Bars, Spyder Grips, ASV levers.
Protection: Devol Frame guards.
Tires: Maxxis SI front, Maxxis IT rear.
Driveline: OEM
Electrical: OEM
Cosmetics: OEM graphics with Attack Graphics pre-printed backgrounds.

Comments: Best modifications... Investing the time and money to get the suspension right...

  • JSanfilippo

Posted December 06, 2007 - 11:03 PM


Model/Year: '07 WR 450f
Engine: Stock internals, twin air filter, open airbox, AIS block off
Carb: JD jetting, MSR fuel screw, o-ring mod
Exhaust: Stock header & muffler, PMB performance insert
Fluids: Motor oil: Rotella T 15w-40 (soon to be 5w-40 synth), Coolant: 25/75 prestone/distilled water w/ water wetter, stock brake fluid
Suspension: Stock
Chassis: Stock
Protection: moose skid plate, MSR handguards, unabiker rad guards
Tires/Wheels: Stock wheels, Dunlop 120/90-18 D952 rear tire
Driveline: Stock
Electrical: Aftermarket (more better) kill switch
Cosmetic: Stock
Miscellaneous: Scratches and scuffs
Comments: Its relatively stock, but even in this configuration it kicks ass! :busted: Probably going to get a Dr.D full system, IMS natural 3.1 gal tank, White plastics, Doug Henry graphics kit, black seat, and gold hubs/black wheels in the future :thumbsup:

  • kskyles

Posted December 10, 2007 - 10:06 AM


Model/Year: 2005 WR450F
Engine: (TT AIS kit)
Carb: (R&D Lightning, Tusk Fuel Screw, JD Jetting Kit)
Exhaust: (FMF Powercore4 with Quiet Insert)
Fluids: (Engine Ice Coolant)
Suspension: (5.6 Rear Spring, Shimmed .46 front springs, 7.5 Weight Oil)
Chassis: (Pro-taper Woods High Bars, Spider Grips, Tusk Big Bar Adapters/Risers)
Protection: (Devol Skid Plate, Cycra Pro-bend Triple Clamp Mounted Bark Busters)
Tires/Wheels: (Maxxis Desert Hard Terrain Rear, Maxxis IT Front)
Driveline: (14/50 Gearing Steel Primary Drive Sprockets, Moose O-ring Chain)
Electrical: (None)
Cosmetic: (Stripped off Stock graphics, Vinyl Tiki and Sea turtle)
Comments: The JD kit and the suspension mods are the best bang for your buck.

  • Asgeir

Posted December 11, 2007 - 03:06 PM


Model/Year: WR450F 2004
Engine: 24oz flywheel (20% lighter than oem)
Carb: Quickshot, Zip-Ty Fuel Screw, JD Jetting Kit,
Exhaust: Pro-Tec Muffler (slipped on oem header)
Fluids: Elf XT oil
Suspension: Race Tech Springs front (up one stiffness from oem) and rear (up two stiffness from oem), ELF Oil, Race Tech Goldvalves front and rear
Chassis: ProTaper Bar, MSR Shorty Clutch Lever
Protection: GYTR-Aluminium handguards
Tires/Wheels: Heavy Duty Tubes (14-15psi never flat)
Driveline: 50T Rear Sprocket, DID X-Ring Chain
Electrical: Magellan eXplorist 600 GPS, Trailtech Vapor Computer, Trailtech 8" Race HID Light, Trailtech Helmet light, Trailtech 100W Stator, Trailtech 24 oz Flywheel (more powerful magnets).
Cosmetic: CE-Moto Graphics,
Miscellaneous: IMS 13 Liter tank, NOMAD rear fender tank 4 liter
Comments: Racetech suspension was the best handling upgrade and the Trailtech light solution prolongs the riding season

  • Alternative

Posted December 13, 2007 - 01:44 AM


2002 WR426F:
Engine: Auto-decompression exhaust cam, NGK Iridium spark plug
Carb: JD Jetting kit, BK mod
Exhaust: Staintune can
Fluids: 10W40 API SG rated semi-synthetic motorcycle oil
Suspension: Stock
Chassis: Renthal bars, EBC 320 mm contour front rotor, SS braided front brake line
Protection: Bark Buster hand guards
Tires/Wheels: 17" wheels off Suzuki GSF250 Bandit powdercoated blue, Michelin Pilot Activ tyres 110/70 front, 150/70 rear
Driveline: RK XW-ring chain, 16/44 gearing
Electrical: Trail Tech Vapor, stock dual-sport kit
Cosmetic: Black plastics, Factory Effex Evo 5 graphics kit
Miscellaneous: NZ:nz: Plated

  • ncampion

Posted December 21, 2007 - 04:57 PM


Model/Year: 1998 WR400
Engine: 03 auto decompress cam, 05 coil on plug, TI headpipe, Rekluse Z-Start w/ Perch Adjuster
Carb: Edelbrock Carb, #7 needle
Exhaust: TI headpipe, stock WR muffler with PMB end cap
Fluids: Rotella T 10-30
Suspension: Stock springs front and rear, clickers set to liking
Chassis: ProTaper bars, BRP Upper Triple w/ SUB Mount & Scotts Damper, aluminun sub frame, TM Designworks chain guide and swingarm slider,
Protection: Cycra ProBends, Works Connection Frame & Caliper Guard, BRP Sharkfin
Tires/Wheels: OEM Wheels w/ Maxxis SI Front/IT Rear, UHD tubes,
Driveline: Renthal Twinring rear Sprocket 14/49 Ratio, OEM Chain
Electrical: Home built dual sport kit with HID headlight, LED tail and turn signals. Sealed lead/acid battery. Garmin GPS V, Endurance odo/spedo.
Cosmetic: e-line graphics kit. Guts tall seat foam and cover
Miscellaneous: Calif. Street Legal WR, Stock 3.2 tank, Rear fender bag with complete tool kit.
Comments: This bike has a zilliion miles of trail riding, racing and dual sport rides on it with no motor work (except for removing head to remove carb slide parts that came undone). Up and down Baja, Copper Canyon and everywhere in between.

  • WR_Dave

Posted December 28, 2007 - 07:42 AM


Model/Year:2007 WR 450
Engine: AIS remove ,Uni Filter, Snorkel removed, Crancase breather rerouted and "T"d
Carb: TPS adjusted, Throttle stop cut, Quickshot, Fuel Screw, Jetting Kit, ACV flipped Vent lines "T'd, AP linkage O-ringed, Power Nows (both)
Exhaust: Modified Stock muffler, Peashooter replace by homebuilt 40 mm tailpipe http://www.thumperta....d.php?t=349760
Fluids: Opti-4 oil, Water Wetter coolant mix
Suspension:Pro-Action revalve with springs to match my heavy butt, Fork gaitors and seal savers on forks, shock sock, grease zerks installed on swingarm pivots and U-linkage, chain adjuster bolts coated with never seize compound
Chassis: IMS 3.1 gal tank, '06 WR fuel petcock,YZ shrouds, Renthal kevlar grips, Bike Bonz bar clamps, Hammerhead shifter (+5) Brake snake, Ride Eng. hot start
Protection: Cycra Pro bark busters w/sheilds, Cycra front diask guard, Devol Rear disk guard, Utah sport cycle skid plate modified,Works Connection rear caliper guard, Flatland racing rad guards
Tires/Wheels: Bridgestone UHD tubes, Pirelli Scorpion Pro front , Maxxis IT rear
Driveline: Renthal front sprocket 14, sunstar rear 51 DID X-ring chain
Electrical: Blue wire mod, Grey wire mod, Neutral switch removed, Garmin 60cs, Vortex X-10 CDI
Cosmetic: Seitzco Motosports graphics
Miscellaneous:Forks slid up 10mm in clamps
Comments: I went up one tooth on the rear sprocket to cover up what I thought was a weak spot in the 450's low end over my old 426's tractor like power off the bottom.

WR Dave.

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  • Birdy426

Posted December 28, 2007 - 10:30 AM


Model/Year:2001 WR426
Engine: Luke's Racing 444 kit w/13.5:1 piston, Hot Cams Intake and Exhaust (autodecomp), Porting by Eric Gorr,
Carb: Quickshot, Zip Ty Fuel Screw, JD Jet Kit, Power Now, ACV blocked, Twin Air filter and that sexy billet cage, added some holes with Uni breathers
Exhaust: Stock head pipe, YZF mid pipe and can, Pro Moto Billet End Cap and Quiet Insert
Fluids: Rotella T, Coolanol with waterwhetter
Suspension: ESP on both ends
Chassis: Renthal FatBars, Spider Grips, Applied Top Clamp, MSR Levers, Moose Racing wide pegs, Ride Engineering SS Brake lines (both ends), Billett brake clevis (rear lever), EBC "MX-S" brake pads stock rotors
Protection: Utah Sport Cycle Skid Plate, Cycra Bark Busters with Triple Clamp Mounts, DeVol Radiator Guards, PMB Shark Fin
Tires/Wheels: Stock wheels, Anderson Automatics wheel spacers (YZF on the front to eliminate the odo drive), Maxxis Desert IT rear and ST front
Driveline: AFAM sprockets, RK O-Ring chain, Fredette Chain Guide, front sprocket is 15T
Electrical: Acerbis DHH heatlight w/55w spot and flood bulbs, Baja Designs LED tail/brake light, K&S Flushmount V turn signals, 1200mAh battery (in the airbox...Li-Ion coming soon), Trail Tech Regulator/rectumfinder, Garmin 60c hardwires on RAM mount, Trail Tech Endurance computer, gray wire disconnected, lighting coil floated
Cosmetic: White plastics w/blue strobe graphics, Complete Seat YZF seat
Miscellaneous: IMS 3.4 gal tank, Moose Racing fender bag and rear fender tool bag, Folding rear view mirror...oh, and I almost forgot...a California Plate hanging on the back fender.

  • dazzabb

Posted December 28, 2007 - 07:07 PM


Model/Year:2005 WR450F
Engine: AIS Removed. GYTR clutch casing
Carb: Zip Ty Fuel Screw, Twin Air filter
Exhaust: Stock head pipe, GYTR Oval end pipe
Fluids: Motul 300V
Suspension: 5kg rear, 0.42kg front + ATF grade fluid, Ballards seal savers.
Chassis: "Braking" front wave disc 270mm, stock pads, Renthal FatBars, Scott Grips, GYTR flexi front brake lever.
Protection: WC Skid Plate, Acerbis Handguards, WC Radiator Guards, WC Frame protectors
Tires/Wheels: Stock wheels, Ballards speedo eliminator, Bridgestone M601 / M602
Driveline: Supersprox 13/50, RK Gold O-Ring chain,GYTR Carbon Fibre Chain Guide.
Electrical: Trailtech Endurance, Perspex headlight protector
Cosmetic: Standard
Comments: Had some drama with the jetting and still not fully sorted in that department, but getting there. Suspension is very dissapointing, even after changing front and rear spring rates to best suit. I hear what you you guy's are saying about a suspension rebuild being the best bang for the buck..........

  • bicyclebob

Posted December 29, 2007 - 11:12 PM


Model/Year: 2003 WR450F
Engine: HotCams Intake and Exhaust, YZ Timing, Ceramic/Moly Coated Piston (Wiseco 13.5), Ceramic Coated Combustion Chamber and Head Pipe, All hoses are T'd and re-routed.
Carb: Zip Ty Fuel Screw, Uni filter.
Exhaust: Power Bomb, FMF Q2 with the Spark Arrestor.
Fluids: Bel-Ray Thumper 5w-30, Engine Ice.
Suspension: Revalved by BBRP.
Chassis: Applied Top Clamp, ProTaper Bars, White Knuckle Grips, ASV Levers.
Protection: Devol Skid Plate, Acerbis Handguards, Devol Radiator Guards, Devol Frame protectors
Tires/Wheels: Stock wheels, Maxxis IT.
Drivetrain: Turner Ultralite 12/49, DID O-Ring chain, Rekluse Clutch.
Electrical: LED Taillight.
Cosmetic: One Industries WR, UFO Plastics
Miscellaneous: All the free mods done.
Comments: Ceramic coatings are the way to go. The beast runs ALOT cooler. :banghead:

  • Looks450

Posted January 01, 2008 - 12:07 AM


Model/Year: 2007 WR450
Engine: No-AIS, Twin air filter, opened up air-box, stock engine
Carb: Fuel Screw, jetted for pipe, R and D Accelerator pump cover. YZ throttle screw
Exhaust: GYTR insert, first baffle removed.
Fluids: All replaced regulary, using various fluids.
Suspension: Stock springs, stealth valves
Chassis: Reikon Bars, magura Jack clutch system, goodrigde braided brake line, solid rear disk, pro-grip grips, sunline gear lever,
Protection: Barkbusters with tripple clamp mounts, radiator guards, bash plate. Hyde Frame guards.
Tires/Wheels: UHD tubes, bridgstone M201, M404.
Driveline: Still stock
Electrical: trailteck computer, removed all blinkers, switchblocks and all adr equipment, acerbis rear led light
Cosmetic: FX graphics
Comments: [COLOR="Blue"][COLOR="Red"]Hydraulic clutch single best mod!![/COLOR][/COLOR] Closly followed by tyres.

  • gilberje

Posted March 27, 2008 - 08:20 PM


Model/Year: 2000 WR400
Engine: '03 450 auto-decomp exhaust cam, yz timing, uni air filter, air box modified, gray wire switch to change timing
Carb: homemade power now
Exhaust: FMF powerbomb, stk exhaust with baffle removed
Fluids: all amsoil
Suspension: stk, clickers set to terrian
Chassis: Pro taper bars and grips, ASV levers
Protection: Devol radiator guards, homemade heat shield for powerbomb, moose bark busters
Tires/Wheels: stk rims and hubs, pirelli mt44 front, mt16 rear
Driveline: sunline sprockets, 14/50, DID x-ring chain
Electrical: trail-tech vapor
Cosmetic: YZ tank, seat, and fenders

Comments: runs great, reliable with plenty of power!

  • hozhead

Posted April 04, 2008 - 08:27 PM


Model/Year: 2000 WR400
Engine: '03 450 auto-decomp exhaust cam, air box modified, gray wire disconnected, throttle stop cut.
Carb: Needs To Be Jetted
Exhaust: stock exhaust with GYTR performance insert
Fluids: nothing special
Suspension: Race Tech fork springs for my weight & YZ handling. Forks dropped 10 mm for SuperMoto.
Chassis: Pro taper bars and grips, Moose levers
Protection: Acerbis Rally Pro handguards. SuperMoto Engineering Axle & Bar Sliders. UFO Peg Sliders. I Pull Out.
-SuperMoto: 17 inch Excel wheel, Talon Hubs w/ Michelin Pilot Power tires (120 ft. 150 rr.)
- Dirt: stock rims and hubs, pirelli mt44 front, MX-Xtra rear
- Supermoto: 15/44. DID X-Ring Chain
- Dirt: 13/50. DID X-Ring Chain (the same chain)
Electrical: TrailTech Vapor computer, TrailTech regulator/rectifier. TrailTech battery. Stator Floated. Acerbis Cyclops headlight. K&S light/turn/kill/horn switch. Brake light pressure switch. LED signals in back, bulb in front. Horn.
Cosmetic: Clarke 3.4 gallon YZ tank, SDG gripper YZ seat (more function than cosmetics). Acerbis SuperMoto ft. fender.

Comments: Runs well considering I've never touched a jet in it though I'd like to change that soon to smooth it out and kill the deceleration pop. In SuperMoto trim, it will do just under 100 mph and will cruise @ 75 mph without rapping out the engine.

  • HWY H8R

Posted April 30, 2008 - 05:23 PM


Model/Year: 2000 WR 400
Engine: Hot Cams exhaust and intake cam, big bore kit, yz timing
Carb: Stock carb with fuel screw and jetting mods
Exhaust: FMF powerbomb header with a large dent, FMF Q4 muffler
Fluids: Chevron Delo 400 15w-40 or Valvoline Premium Blue 15w-40 for oil, stock brake and coolant
Suspension: front and rear shocks revalved for moto-x (done by previous owner)
Chassis: renthal bars, odi lock on grips, stock pegs suck... saving up for different set.
Protection: Carbon fiber skid plate, acerbis front disc guard, cycra aluminum hand guards, aluminum radiator guards
Tires/Wheels: Stock rims, hubs, bearings, MT 36 front and rear tires
Driveline: Parts unlimited x-ring chain and sprockets
Electrical: Garmin 60cs gps, Trailtech vapor, led taillight/stop light
Cosmetic: Guts seat cover, yz 3.2gal baja tank, yz front and rear plastics
Miscellaneous: street legal
Comments: Goes good, gets the crap beaten out of it and comes back for more

  • Ramcc4x4

Posted June 30, 2008 - 07:24 PM


Model/Year: 2006 WR450
Engine: GYTR AIS blockoff, UNI air filter, snorkel removed, holes cut in airbox, gray wire removed, Barnum side panel
Carb: JD Kit blue needle on 3rd clip, 48 pilot, 170 main, JD accelerator pump o-ring (thick), Zip-Ty fuel screw
Exhaust: Dr. D slip-on
Suspension: Stock
Chassis: CR Hi-bend bars
Protection: Utah Sport Skidplate, Works Connection Frame guards, Acerbis Multiconcept handguards
Tires/Wheels: Black anodized Excel wheels, tires vary, heavy duty tubes
Driveline: Ironman rear Sprocket 13/49 Ratio
Electrical: Acerbis Cyclops headlight
Cosmetic: A few tasteful decals
Miscellaneous: Moose rear fender bag, Moose front shroud bag for desert riding. I absolutely love this bike! Coming soon is an IMS tank, IMS footpegs, and possibly trying a YZ header and exhaust cam.

  • jbrearley

Posted August 15, 2008 - 01:29 AM


WR 400 2001 model
Stocky motor twin air filter
GYTR tail pipe stock headder
Run Thumper 20w50
Suspension std
Bar raisers and scott gripps RC high bars
B&B bash plate B&B rear disk guard
Stock wheels Michos front and rear 402's
14 52 gearing as std
MJ 170 PJ45 Just doing BK mod now as it bogs "Bugger"

Bike is other wise awsome in the bush just needs a button

  • yz-dwg

Posted August 15, 2008 - 05:50 AM


Model/Year:2006 450
Engine: GYTR AIS kit, No-Toil, snorkel & cut outs
Carb: JD jetting, Zip-TY air screw
Exhaust: stock, PMB insert
Fluids: yamalube, 50% glycol with water-wetter
Suspension: stock
Chassis: stock clamps with fat bar adapters, henry/reed bars, Tusk SS wide pegs, guts tall
Protection: pro-bends
Tires/Wheels: Maxxis IT desert rear, Dunlop 739 front
Driveline: stock
Electrical: none
Cosmetic: looks like crap
Comments: love it


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