Jealous Wives

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  • Mitch_from_Oz

Posted August 06, 2000 - 05:05 PM


Hey all,

Yes, jealous wife... Not jealous from other women as I am certainly not worthy of that.. :) But jealous of the bike. Let me paint a picture....

I love my wife, VERY much. But, we spent a weekend down in Lorne, a magnificent coastal town. A town where many motorcyclists ride as it is along the Great Ocean Rode which is a motorcyclists Mecha. Well, as you can imagine, the conversation gets onto bikes every so often. Well, my wife says that I beam when I talk about bikes, so much so that she feels a little threatened. She feels as though the bikes me happier than her....

So, tell me all you "old" married guys, how do you deal with that?


  • Guest_Guest_*

Posted August 06, 2000 - 05:24 PM


This site is like free therapy isnt it?

Sorry Mitch, Im not married, I just wanted to say that.

Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

  • Henry

Posted August 06, 2000 - 06:32 PM


Mitch,give her more milk(of course from milkman!) :)

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  • Brian_in_Long_Beach

Posted August 06, 2000 - 06:45 PM


After seeing Mitch in action at a bar I can attest that his wife has nothing to worry about from other women.....

Get the wife a bike so she can partake in your favorite hobby and the two of you can spend quality time TOGETHER doing something you enjoy. At least, that's the story that's working for me - of course, it also means you have a second bike to ride.... and maintain.


  • Gil

Posted August 06, 2000 - 07:39 PM


Mitch, my wife and I have gone through a long process (21 years and counting) where she eventually has gotten used to, and accepted the fact that I get obsessive about my various activities from time to time.

The reason my current hobby is dirt bikes, also has to do with your other post tonight about "kids".

I have an addictive personality, and my pursuits have always been too physical for her and the kids. For years I spent evenings and weekends training for one thing or another, by myself or with other nuts like me.

One year, friends talked me into taking the family to the desert to camp with them, and they introduced us to dirt biking. I had no idea it was that much fun, and I saw that my 9 year old son really liked it too. I bought him a bike right after that trip, and then one for me.

Now my son is 17, and we ride together every weekend. His two sisters each have bikes, and we still camp in the desert with the same people. There are 5 dirt bikes in the garage, and they take up more of my spare time than anything else. But I'm home, and when I'm not I'm with Casey, riding. He's my youngest, and he'll never forget the adventures he's had with me on motorcycles, one of which may be meeting you and this WR gang, in Moab.

My point is Mitch, that you've chosen a good obsession, one that can be sublimated to include a wife, and future members of your family.

Good luck, Gil

  • Mitch_from_Oz

Posted August 06, 2000 - 09:26 PM


Hi Gil,

Thanks.... I look forward to meeting you and your son in Moab. It should be a complete blast. AS far as the wife situation, I guess I will have to see what happens over time.


  • Grum_from_Oz

Posted August 06, 2000 - 11:00 PM


Hey Mitch,
did you get a chance to have a "play" in the back hills behind Lorne? I regularly ride through the Otway State Forest and there are some awsome tracks as well as some pretty decent hill climbs in that region. The trails extend from the Barongarook forest, through to Lorne and Apollo Bay and then all around to Lavers Hill. I can't wait to cruise down the main st of Lorne, covered in mud and roost and then pull up at a one of those chic cafes next to the assortment of Harley's and 916's. It should be interesting ordering a coffee in my armour!! :)
Keep up the Thumper Talk.
Grum from Oz.

  • Guest_Guest_*

Posted August 07, 2000 - 03:57 AM


Why doesn't Bryan start a site for week-end widows? ;;

  • Bryan Bosch

Posted August 07, 2000 - 12:42 PM


If you buy a bike for your wife, consider the following:

1. It is going to take you forever just to get to the riding area. Hair and make-up still apply.

2. She's not going to understand why you find it so necessary to ride so fast. Can't you just ride slowly and enjoy the countryside?

3. It is so necessary to ride all day? She'll be happy with 1/2 hour or so.

4. It's too cold outside (even if you buy her full Moose Off-road gear.

Personally, I love my wife VERY, VERY much however; I'd rather spend lots of time with her during the week so I can ride with the boys on the weekends.

For those who have wives that rip, forgive me! :)

  • Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

Posted August 07, 2000 - 01:56 PM


While riding yesterday, I ran into a couple(?) at the parking area. I unloaded my bike and suited up. The chick walks up to me and asked about any obsticles in the trails, i.e. rocks, logs etc. I told her it had been awhile since I rode here but had never heard of any problems. I took off down the trail and decided to do her a favor and check it out. All clear and I headed back. I arrived at her truck and this chick is all decked out in MX gear and her KX125. Sorry to all the lady riders out there, but I was quite impressed. I watched her cruise around the tiny MX track and talked with her a little bit. She was absolutely lacking nothing in the knowledge dept. on MX tracks, and riding. It does make me sad that my wife does not have the desire to join me. I do plan on buying that quad, but they're so darned expensive.

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  • Mike_in_Silicon_valley

Posted August 07, 2000 - 04:10 PM


Mitch, Kevin, Milky & everybody else,
The #1 thing is loyalty. Mitchy, when you wrecked your bike, who was there nursing your sorry ass? Even though her hate for motorcycles is great, her love for you is even greater!!! Kevvie, I don't know anything about your wife (except for what Mitch told me :) ) but I'm sure she's a keeper. My wife has stood by me at both my peaks and my valleys. That is why I will be with her to the end.

p.s. I'm sure she's not crazy about me riding, but accepts it because it's important to me.

  • Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

Posted August 07, 2000 - 05:15 PM


My wife, Alisa, has informed me no one has ever loved her the way I do, and that would be in a good way! I actually do worship the ground she walks on.
Yesterday, I was looking at her through different eyes. She was working one of her jobs, selling furniture and antiques at a consignment job, Sundays only (she dearly loves it). As I was watching her out of her normal routine, i.e. house stuff, yard stuff, I was just amazed at how beautiful she really is, her mannerisms, her movements. She is also doing some medical assistant/Dr's Assistant at another job. Everybody just loves her. She has a charm and beauty that is just fabulous. We all get so accustomed to someone/something, we kind of take it for granted. It is when you see her all decked out, that the beauty just unfolds in front of your eyes! Yeah, I am a softy and quite sentimental. Under all this dirt and my mx gear, I am like can I say this and not sound like an idiot?...a chick! Hey but don't take me wrong! I'll be sleeping by myself in Moab, I don't care how much money you have!

  • SingleTrackMind707

Posted September 11, 2008 - 11:03 AM


This is a great thread. I got my wife and kids into the sport and it has its pros and cons. I have friends that will tell you it's a mistake and others just chose not to talk about it.. hehe. What I think is that there are two different ride trips you have to take. Which for me just means more riding. Guy trips and family trips. Both are great for me. It's true, I can't push the limits with a 9 year old step son and 15 yr old stepdaughter and 20 something wife (wink wink) trailing behind me. Picking up the kids from tip overs in the sand and dealing with the occasional emotional flare ups from the girls makes it less than pleasant. But the truth is, we are out living life and not sitting on the couch! The best part about riding is the trip home listening to the family talking. "Man that one place with the hill was a lot of fun." or "Did you see how high I jumped?" (when they really didn't jump at all!). Family riding truly is great, but it's not for everyone and it takes time to get everyone up to a level that makes it fun.

Now in your circumstance, the envious wife may not want to ride or have the patience to put in the seat time to learn. I wouldn't put too much into it. Constant reassurance works best. I know how I am, I want to share the stuff I am passionate about with my wife and am pretty consumed by dirt biking (and woodworking). like others here have said, my way of dealing with it is to make them a part of it. This may not be actually riding though. It may be going and hanging out under tree reading a book, etc. while you ride? Be creative and you will find something. Just my 2 cents from an old married guy.


Posted September 11, 2008 - 11:42 AM


Been riding for 37 years.. rode with my mom and sister... my x wife said "she grew up riding"... my 17 year old is the 4th generation of off road riders in my family so it was something I really looked for in creating a strong family bond and experiences:prof: Bought my ex a bike and the coolest "girl gear"... she never enjoyed it and basically felt the people we would camp and ride with were "white trash"... so my son and I would go without her and she continued to bitch about the time and money spent on the bikes especially when we got into racing. She would never come to the races, even to watch her own son... apparently she had "more important things" to do... well it wasn't long before I found out what "more imortant things" or more appropriately "who" to do was and needless to say the bitch is gone, I have more bikes and time than I ever thought I could actually enjoy doing what I love. Got a cool girlfriend that admits she is not skilled enough or interested enough in doing gnarly single track but she loves dual sporting and hanging out with my white trash friends and she does like to ride:thumbsup:

It all depends on the girl but women and vaginas are over rated guys, dirtbikes however are under rated :thumbsup:

  • Charles De Mar

Posted September 11, 2008 - 01:17 PM


If you buy a bike for your wife, consider the following:

1. It is going to take you forever just to get to the riding area. Hair and make-up still apply.

2. She's not going to understand why you find it so necessary to ride so fast. Can't you just ride slowly and enjoy the countryside?

3. It is so necessary to ride all day? She'll be happy with 1/2 hour or so.

4. It's too cold outside (even if you buy her full Moose Off-road gear.

Personally, I love my wife VERY, VERY much however; I'd rather spend lots of time with her during the week so I can ride with the boys on the weekends.

For those who have wives that rip, forgive me! :thumbsup:

I row the same boat!

  • Mtn-Track

Posted September 11, 2008 - 01:43 PM


I'm IN the same boat, but SHE rows!:thumbsup:

  • byggd

Posted September 11, 2008 - 02:12 PM


I've been married 25 years (and yes to the same woman) Get her a bike and take her along!! :thumbsup: I did and it turns out she doesn't like to ride. Problem solved!

  • Fullbore4

Posted September 11, 2008 - 03:38 PM


I'm wife was coaxing the doc to make my owy (torn off fingernail) hurt bad when I went to the emergency room after wrecking my bike. Thats how bad she hates motorcycles. She works at a local hospital so she sees the worst cases only. Otherwise she's a great mom and person.

I did buy my sons a bike when they were 12 and 15 but my middle son broke his ankle on a big jump and that kinda fouled things up. But hey, my sons loved doing it when they could and thats all that counts.

  • drtbk4ever

Posted September 12, 2008 - 11:50 AM


Wow, an 8 year old thread resurrected. Cool.

It reminds me of my cheating wife. See post below.

http://www.thumperta...t=cheating wife

  • brad the best

Posted September 12, 2008 - 01:53 PM


had a girl friend who thought i loved the bike more then her . still have the bike , girl is long gone .

it was a easy one .


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