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Posted May 17, 2000 - 05:52 PM


Dear Dual Sport Enthusiasts,

I apologize to those who have e-mailed me with info they requested
posting on the DualDogs.com website. I have the same love for Dual Sport
as I do for my work. Those updates are now up and I'll try to keep you
all informed as quickly as possible. Visit http://www.DualDogs.com soon
for those updates.

This is a reminder that our Volunteer Trail Clearing event is scheduled
for Memorial weekend in CA Hot Springs and our Sequoia Scenic Challenge,
June 10th & 11th, utilizes the higher elevation trails (both days!)
scheduled to be no longer available after January 1st, 2001, making it
your last chance to enjoy them on this year's ride.

But most importantly is this letter is intended to get you motivated on
several subjects concerning the Sequoia National Monument and the
proposed Roadless Initiative which plans to close even much more public
lands to multiple use.

Currently, I'm searching for a volunteer to report political and
environmental issues to our list of Dual Sport enthusiasts via e-mail.
If you are involved in such important issues and kept informed, we need
your help. We will be bombarded with threats of OHV closures throughout
Clinton and Gore's remaining term as they return political promises to
thier environmental supporters with thier aggressive agenda to close
thousands of acres of public land. Clinton does not want to be
remembered for his Lewinsky fiasco. He is now known for proclaiming more
monuments and national parks than any other president.

The Sequoia National Forest was not closed to protect Sequoia trees, as
they were already protected. The new monument is intended to stop OHV
use, plain and simple. Those who want it closed don't even visit. There
are already neighboring national parks and wilderness lands.

The meeting concerning the Sequoia National Monument mentioned earlier
in May was attended by Cycle World Magazine's Off-Road Editor Jimmy
Lewis reporting that a new organization is forming to possibly reverse
the newly proclaimed Sequoia National Monument. To subscribe to the Save
Our Sequoias (SOS) coalition and recieve e-mail information, an existing
member of thier mailing list must send new members name & e-mail address
to the moderator at:
Or you can e-mail them with your request by mentioning Team Dual Dogs.

There are many more meetings planned ahead and one of the most important
are upcoming public meetings regarding the "Roadless Initiative" where
radical environmental groups such as The Sierra Nevada Forest Protection
Campaign and the California Wild Heritage Campaign are encouraging their
followers to attend the various upcoming meetings. However the meeting
they are really pushing for support at is the June 20, 2000 meeting to
be held in Clovis, CA. THIS IS THE COMMENT MEETING. The other two
meetings on the Sierra are informational meetings only.

We urge all of you and all user groups and organizations who are
concerned about multiple-use access and the Roadless Rulemaking to
please try to attend the Clovis meeting on :

Tuesday, June 20, 6:30 p.m.

Sierra National Forest Comment Meeting
Clovis Veterans Memorial Building
5th and Hughes Ave. Avenue
Clovis, Calif.

For those of you throughout the state, and perhaps other states we
encourage you to attend the comment meeting on your particular forest.
Please assume the same radical groups will also try to pack the room at
your forest comment meetings.

If you need more information please call Maureen Barlie at:
(559) 347-0402 or fax (559) 346-0281.

Another will be a meeting about the Sequoia National Forest issue on May
16th 7pm. at 50001 E. Commerce Center Dr. It is off Calif. Ave. west of
Highway 99.

For more info, E-mail: tognot@mindspring.com Tel: 559-564-1233


Important sites to visit and respond to:

VOTE on MSNBC "Roadless" Poll http://www.msnbc.com...377104.asp#BODY

Another site to visit to prevent the monument can be found at: http://www.monumentpetition.com

American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network
PO Box 400 - Battle Ground WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973 - Email: <alra@pacifier.com> http://www.landrights.org

I also would recommend that you visit the following web site. http://www.stopfedlandgrab.org

>From Don Amador, Blue Ribbon Coalition

According to my latest information, the President’s Roadless Area
Protection Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and proposed
rulemaking is being printed and will be released on May 11. The Forest
Service is scheduling two hearings for each National Forest, starting as

early as May 17. The first hearing will be an informational meeting
about the content of the DEIS. The second meeting will “allow” citizens

to submit official public comments.

The BRC and others are trying to get advanced copies of the schedules
for these meetings. As usual, it appears the Sierra Club already has
this schedule. The BRC will get the schedule out just as soon as we
obtain it.

As you may know, the Sierra Club, et. al., are asking their members to
turn out in large numbers to these meetings. They have asked their
members to also wear buttons, labels (it appears they did not like our
“Access for ALL” labels), and to bring posters. Just as before, I
expect the multiple-use recreation and resource community to also show
up en masse.

Since Clinton is forcing this roadless agenda down our throats, I think
that everyone who enjoys access to our forests should mail in the
following form, asking for both the CD and printed version of the full
Roadless DEIS. You must request this report in writing from the Forest
Service. I encourage all who read this to copy-and-paste the request
below, print it out and mail it ASAP.

Thanks in advance for your interest in this subject,

Don Amador, BRC


Rocky Mountain Research Station
Publications Distribution
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please send me a copy of the DEIS for the Roadless Area Conservation
Plan that will be released in early May 2000. Please send the documents
in the formats checked below.

Executive Summary:

____ Printed Copy

____ Compact Disk

Full Report -- 400 pages, including maps and summary:

____ Printed Copy

____ Compact Disk

Please send the requested information to the following mailing address:

Name: ___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ____ Zip: _________



Newspaper articles of interest

USAToday, Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Anger greets forest roads plan
The Forest Service proposed on Tuesday a ban on building roads in
a quarter of America's187 million acres of national forest, spurring
criticism from environmentalists, loggers and riders of off-road


Dispute boils down to definition of 'wild' fun National forests
filled: Some come for nature, others for excitement
VAIL PASS, Colo. -- Barely a stone's throw from the busiest highway
through the Rocky Mountains, snowboarder Jake Ingle grabs a nylon
behind a revving snowmobile.


Recreational vehicle friends, foes at loggerheads over Daniel
Boone Battle's 2 sides sue National Forest Service
DANIEL BOONE NATIONAL FOREST, Ky. -- A few years ago, this
national forest in eastern Kentucky was one of the foremost places in
USA for riding motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles through beautiful,

challenging scenery.


Woods no longer just farms for timber industry
The thud of falling trees and the buzz of chainsaws used to be among
most prominent sounds in the national forests.


Ariz.'s Tonto has big-city feel with big-city concerns
Environmentalists say protective buffers of land are necessary
to save the nation's most heavily used 'urban forests' from
being destroyed
TONTO NATIONAL FOREST, Ariz. -- Gunfire. Traffic jams. ''Rave''
parties. Murders. Suicides. Stolen cars set afire.They are everyday
occurrences in Phoenix, Arizona's largest city. But they all happen
here, too.

Sequoia Forest Industries announces closure/job terminations

Monument designation forces shutdown of Dinuba, CA employer
Sequoia Forest Industries terminating jobs for 105 employees

Dinuba, Calif. - As a result of the April 15 Giant Sequoia Monument
Designation by the Clinton/Gore Administration, Sequoia Forest
today announced closure of its Dinuba milling operation and distributed
"last day" notices to all 105 employees.

"This is one of the most painful decisions our family has ever had to
said company cofounder Glen Duysen. "At the same time this company was
preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Clinton/Gore political
machine came to town and yanked the banner of honesty and hard work out
under us."

Sequoia Forest Industries has done everything the government has told it
do. It has complied with all forest laws, paid its taxes on time and
provided health and Social Security benefits for its employees. The
has exceeded even its own standards for promoting minorities in an
economically depressed community.

Employees believe that Vice President Al Gore and his anti-forestry
are the cause for all the termination notices they received today. They
convinced that Clinton/Gore policies closed this business.

"During a year of presidential politics, Vice President Al Gore has
that rural people are expendable," said Sequoia Forest Industries
Manager Gary Rogers. "Nobody should be able to get away with advancing
their cause over the backs of hard-working Americans - not even the vice

president of the United States."

"For most of our employees, these are the only jobs they've ever had,"
Duysen said. "They started working for us right out of high school and
since then have purchased homes, raised families and put kids through
college. We've watched their kids produce grandkids.

"We know the Clinton/Gore Administration has plans for designating
additional monuments around the country. Our hearts go out to others
will also be negatively impacted because we know that their lives, like
ours, will be changed forever."

Sequoia Forest Industries employs 105 people who generate a payroll of
million annually. About 45 percent of its employees have been with the
company 20 years - 58 percent are minorities. In 1999, Sequoia Forest
Industries paid $312,000 in federal taxes, $57,000 in state taxes and
$464,000 in Social Security funding.


Damon Powell
Team Dual Dogs www.DualDogs.com
Ride Hotline: 818-701-1913


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