Picture: The Ultimate trail tool kit.

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  • David37

Posted March 29, 2006 - 08:52 PM


I carry many of the things you have in addition I carry in my bum pack a 1/4" drive T-handle, spare sparkplug, sparkplug socket, small pair of visegrips pliers, bailing wire, 6 in 1 screwdriver, matches, pocket knife and few $$.

  • rangeratlarge

Posted March 30, 2006 - 10:55 AM


I am just getting back into riding and new to desert/long trail riding and am putting a kit together. This thread is great for ideas.

I am a great advocate of multi use items. Having been in the Army/Infantry for 21+ years you learn real fast when you have to carry it on your back for days at a time how to save space and weight. :confused:

It is one of those occupations that make you learn how to improvise in bad situations but you can MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK with preparedness by carrying some multi use items. :thumbsup:

Camelbak Hydration pack (MULE version is great for riding just the right size): great to carry many things like....water, tools, food, clothing to adjust on or off for changing weather in morning or evening rides.

Leatherman knife/tool: BEST EVER fix it item (don't get any other brand you will regret it)

Cable (zip) ties

Electric tape

Duct tape: take some and put many wraps around the handle of one of your other tools (ratchet handle) then you can take pieces as you need it just like off the original roll.

Don't forget survival items for that worst case situation (remember I warned you I was in the army)

Emergency Space/reflective blanket: is about the size of a deck of card and lighter that that will be invaluable if you get stuck or injured (think warmth/shade/sheter)

10-20 feet of light but stong cord (to make the shade/shelter with the above mentioned shelter).

Cigarette lighter (fire)

signal mirror (for when the cell phone does not work)

All the above listed survival items are the bare minimum and will fit in any waist pack along with your tools AND will only add up to a few ounces at best. CHEAP AND LIGHT insurance!!! :thumbsup:

Good luck

  • Matty05

Posted March 30, 2006 - 05:00 PM


I find cigarette lighters can empty themselves pretty easily, not a good thing to carry if you really need it.

Those fire starter kits with the magnesium are far more reliable and dependable.

You can start a fire using your bike you know! You could use a rag with petrol on the exhaust, you have a battery to ark out under the seat, there is a spark plug you could use.........

  • simon@vic

Posted March 30, 2006 - 07:49 PM


you don't need fuels to start a fire with a WR. just collect some dry stuff and roast it on the had pipe till it smokes. then remove and blow on it.

  • Scott_Whitman

Posted March 31, 2006 - 11:38 AM


Here is my list:

A basic tool kit (like one of the kits from www.trailtoolz.com) plus any or all of the following:

1. Spark plug wrench that fits your bike.
2. Spare Spark Plug for the bike you are riding.
3. Chain Repair Kit (Spare master link, Spare Clip, a few spare links, Chain Breaker).
Matches or a lighter.
4. Large Zip Ties.
5. Duct Tape (You can wrap a foot of it around a wrench to save space).
6. Hi temp epoxy putty (like JB weld but, dries quick and doesn't run).
7. About 6 feet of aluminum wire equivalent (something that will bend and not break).
8. Electrical Wire (for electrical repairs or can be used to clean out a clogged jet).
9. Leatherman multi- tool or equivalent.
10. Tire repair kit (Patches, Glue, small tire Irons, small pump or CO2 filler, small bottle of dish soap (to lube the bead and to clean up afterward).
11. Axle wrench (front & rear combo).
12. Light duty front innertubes (light duty to limit weight
and space).
13. Homemade radiator bypass kit (so you can bypass one of the two if you put a hole in it).
14. Tow Strap.
15. e clip for the carb needle - awful easy to lose this baby, taped to the spare plug holder.

16. Spare thingy that inside the valve on a tire tube - same idea, wrapped in tape.
17. About 3 feet of spare fuel line (can be used for repairs or to siphon gas in a pinch).
18. Small flashlight.
19. Washcloth or shop rag.
20. Plastic Gloves.
21. Emergency contact numbers/ Name, address, D.O.B., etc.
22. 800mg Ibuprofen.
Also suggest you paint the tools bright yellow – so you can find them in the

  • Matty05

Posted March 31, 2006 - 09:55 PM


Holy crap Scott! Do you take the kitchen sink too?

  • CharlesFP

Posted March 31, 2006 - 10:36 PM


Great thread, here's what I bring:
1) 2 Heavy duty tubes
2) 2 lighters, small block of flint, 1 magnifying glass
3) Socket set--6 mm to 27 mm, every socket between
4)100 oz of extra water
5) Long tire irons
6) Ball-peen hammer
7) Leatherman tool, and 12' rambo knife
8) can of wd 40
9) can of chain lube
10) spare chain
11) 100 zip tys
12) roll of duct tape (you can't ever bring enough of this stuff. With one roll, you can build a shelter)
13) GPS
14) Chain breaker
15) 100 feet of wire
16) 5 power bars (if I get stranded, DUH!)
17) Space blanket
18) Deck of Cards (in case I get bored when I'm stranded)
19) fishing lures and 1,000 feet of mono ( in case the fish are down deep)
20) Spare levers and cable
21) Feeler guage
22) Spare jets
23) Complete set of gaskets
24) Extra Valves
25) Spare cam chain and cam chain tool
26) CO2 cartridges (to save space and weight)
27) 1 Duraflame fire log
28) 10 Gauze pads
29) 50 wt ball bearings (5)
30) chewing gum (for plugging holes)
31) complete set of allen wrenches
32) cell phone
33) hack saw
34) axe (for chopping down trees)

  • Matty05

Posted March 31, 2006 - 10:46 PM


Now Charles, thats a kit!!!!!
You forgot the oxy-acetylene torch kit and braizing rods!

  • bcs

Posted April 01, 2006 - 06:45 AM


Great thread, here's what I bring:
1) 2 Heavy duty tubes

OK, I have had two flats in one ride, and had to borrow a tube.

Great thread, here's what I bring:
3) Socket set--6 mm to 27 mm, every socket between

Hmmm...sounds like an opportunity for some weight savings. I remember when I got a bargain on a set of 6 metric sockets: 7-9-18-10-23-25 millimeter. They're still in the shrink wrap. :thumbsup:

Great thread, here's what I bring:
7) Leatherman tool, and 12' rambo knife

Quit looking at your riding buddies like that, you're not the Donner party. :thumbsup:

Great thread, here's what I bring:
27) 1 Duraflame fire log

I would suggest a spare, in case the first one doesn't make enough BTU's to roast a deer.

  • silverlakerider

Posted April 01, 2006 - 07:46 AM


Sounds like my backpack when I go on a long ride. I also carry toilet paper in case mother nature calls and a poncho and water proof matches in case I really break down and have to spend the night. Cheers.

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  • Ripmeister

Posted April 02, 2006 - 02:59 PM


Don't forget the headlamp - one guy mentioned a small flashlight, but how do you work if you have to hold a flashlight?

I'm glad to see this thread- we got on the wrong trail one ride and came out about 20 miles away from where we thought, and ten ridgelines over - we were off the maps and didn't know where the :thumbsup: we were. Almost had to spend the night - no big deal, but we ended up home at 2 am. We had good radios (800 MHZ - We're SAR - don't laugh) and a friend gave us GPS coordinates so we could find our way out. LOL He met us late at night with extra gas . . . see this thread and give me some help! http://www.thumperta...ad.php?t=357997

Another time I cracked the case (lazy kicked it) near dusk (I rode it home anyway - only a hairline fracture - I hope I didn't ruin anything . . . we'll see in a week or so) but in both cases we really could have needed light and supplies.

  • jaggley

Posted April 02, 2006 - 03:11 PM


I just ride with Indy450. He has the same bike as me and carries everything. Last time we rode, I mooched a spark plug & rear brake pads. If you know someone who suits up like a good little prepared boyscott, I suggest buying the same bike. It will cut down on the weight of your pack. :thumbsup:

  • rangeratlarge

Posted April 03, 2006 - 12:43 PM


I just ride with Indy450. He has the same bike as me and carries everything. Last time we rode, I mooched a spark plug & rear brake pads. If you know someone who suits up like a good little prepared boyscott, I suggest buying the same bike. It will cut down on the weight of your pack. :thumbsup:

That's soooo wrong :thumbsup:

  • bluebike1999

Posted April 03, 2006 - 02:40 PM


yes it seems wrong, but the freeloader riders may have to pay up to 5 bucks for a single zip tie when your 20k's from the ute.
screwdriver hire $2
tyre pump hire $5
this scale of charges can be adjusted depending on how far you have to go.
just tell them to carry cash...........makes a yamaha dealer seem cheap.
just joking ..right, but makes you think.

  • Indy_WR450

Posted April 03, 2006 - 03:10 PM


I just ride with Indy450. He has the same bike as me and carries everything. Last time we rode, I mooched a spark plug & rear brake pads. If you know someone who suits up like a good little prepared boyscott, I suggest buying the same bike. It will cut down on the weight of your pack. :thumbsup:

Yeah most of my riding buddies have WR450's or YZ450's so I got all the parts they need! :confused: Just got back from a week in Moab with Devo1, Bruce Black, and BlueKnight! Spare wheels and parts came in handy again on this trip! :thumbsup:

  • Fryboy

Posted April 04, 2006 - 06:55 AM


Awesome post guys :thumbsup:

All of you have very good suggestions. Some of which I use, and some I am going to use. I make a habit of bringing most of the things I think I'd need if having to spend the night in the woods. Note - I pray it never happens :thumbsup: Did you hear that? What was that? :bonk:

My short list:

Spacebag + blankets (like one of those little things is gonna be enough)
Food - Beef Jerkey, Trail Mix, Powerbars
GPS - to help find bike if I have to leave it (don't ask)
Lighters (will use gas to start fire if have to)
Assortment of tools
Camera - to take pictures like Aaron Ralston did if need be. Also bring pocket knife but doubt I could cut my arm off :confused:
First aid kit with "I be brokens" and vicodin

That's about it, give or take a few things

  • bike15

Posted November 02, 2007 - 09:10 PM


I use an old inner tube section zip tie one end stuff tools in tube chain link tape etc, cut band out of tube slip from end to end, tools wont wear out tool bag, don't forget bailing wire.some times called honda silk.

  • jpoehls

Posted November 03, 2007 - 09:39 AM


Go to Blue Ridge Racing. They have a great tool kit that comes in a bag that you can mount to your rear fender. I purchased the everything(#3) kit for $258. It's awesome and looks very professional.

  • Nostalgic

Posted November 03, 2007 - 11:06 AM


Thanks for bumping this! Enjoyed this thread a ton. I need to do some of this for shorter trips too.

Wouldn't want to ruin a day of riding...

  • Thumper_Bloke

Posted November 03, 2007 - 09:23 PM


Great topic! i am going to start a pack, since i usually just only carry a leatherman.


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