essentials for tool kit?

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  • Guest_Guest_*

Posted December 27, 2000 - 02:04 PM


What do you all carry in your tool kits?
I'm putting one together and would like your input as to what goes on the trail with me.

Thanks in advance

  • Hick

Posted December 27, 2000 - 02:49 PM


Safety Wire
Motion Pro Multi-Tool thing
Small Vise Grips w/ wire cutters (very important)
Spark Plug and wrench
$20 (no premix necessary!)
Cell Phone (“Come get me, my YZ broke again.”)
Assorted spare fasteners (6 and 8 mm bolts & washers)
Pocketknife with screwdriver
Roll of First Aid tape

If I get a flat I just ride (slowly) back to the truck…

The wire cutters are a must ever since I got tangled up in some wire from discarded/burned tires (ouch). I have NEVER cut any fences with them, and you shouldn’t either (that’s the rancher in me talking)!

  • Dougie

Posted December 27, 2000 - 03:09 PM


The following is copied from a post I replied to last year. Love that Search feature.

Depends on what you feel comfortable with. Personally, I probably over do it. My fanny pack is loaded with the following: 8mm through 14mm wrenches, robo grip pliers, needle nose pliers, 2mm through 8mm hex wrenches, "cheater pipe" for hex wrenches, standard screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, sparkplug wrench, extra sparkplugs, extra brake and clutch levers, extra gear shift lever, buddy tow, zip ties, maps, compass, matches, 4" x 8" tackle box of assorted nuts, bolts, jets, master link, etc., small jet wrench, small air screw screwdriver. And that is just in my fanny pack. I carry the following in my camelback: rain gear extra gloves food and water wallet first aid And if I don't carry it, like tire irons and tube patches, my buddy will.

The rear fender bag never worked for me. I had two Moose fender bags and both of them eventually ripped off.

  • Rich_in_Orlando

Posted December 27, 2000 - 06:28 PM


They don't call me "the Toolman" for nothing. Whenever we go riding, someone always gives me crap for the size of my toolkit, but if something breaks, who do they come to first???!!!

I carry everything in a medium-sized fanny pack. The fender mounted varieties seem to throw off my balance. I use an MSR tool wrap (excellent!) to organize my stuff. If it doesn't fit in there, you don't need it! (notwithstanding a cell phone.)

-8,10,12 mm 1/4" drive sockets. I joined all the sockets together with a single piece of safety wire, bent back on itself on each end to keep the sockets on the wire. They stack up to about 4” long.
-mini-ratchet (similar to what you’d get in the Scott “all in one” tool kit): This requires a separate 2” long hex-1/4" adapter to be able to use the sockets.
-8,9,10,12,13,14 mm box wrenches
-1/4" non-ratcheting driver
-3,4,5 mm allen wrenches
-small, adjustable (crescent-type) wrench
-2” long 1/4” drive extender to help reach the tank bolts
-Leatherman tool adapter: fits on the leatherman and comes with 6 different screwdriver bits
-long flat head and phillips head screwdrivers that fit into the hex socket of the small ratchet
-mini flat head screwdriver: perfect for the pilot screw
-marine whistle
-safety wire (about 5 ft rolled up)
-small roll of duct tape. I mad a flat "roll" by folding the tape over itself. Probably about 10' worth
-small roll of electrical tape
-spark plug socket
-spare spark plug
-spare ear plugs
-spare zip ties

I’m planning to add a “Second Wind” CO2/hand pump to the list soon.

I think that’s everything.


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  • KerryT

Posted December 28, 2000 - 08:28 AM


You guys carry too much crap with you! I just bring a pair of sneakers so if my bike breaks down I can walk back to the truck. Or better yet I ride with Dougie and he brings everything except the kitchen sink.

  • Dougie

Posted December 28, 2000 - 11:39 AM


Hey, that brings up a point. We all have the same bike. We should split up the tools when we ride together.

I'll take zip ties and jets.

You carry wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tire irons, tubes, hexes, etc. :)

  • Guest_Guest_*

Posted December 28, 2000 - 02:18 PM


I bring the bare minimum.
electrical tape
zip ties
spoke wrench
spark plug wrench
wraping papers( ya never know)
electrical butt connectors & wire nuts
small variety on nuts, screws bolts and washers
spare fuel line for fuel transfers

Thinking about carying a patch kit, tire irons and a toe rope. Can,t find tire irons light enough.

Hick, I like the safety wire idea, thanks

Rich, why the whistle? You were probably waiting for that question but I gots ta know.

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  • Michael

Posted December 28, 2000 - 03:38 PM


Why would Rich carry a whistle? Well I guess I'm not sure why he does, but I occasionally carry one because if you crash hard off a trail and can't crawl back to a place where someone can find you - it is easier to blow a whistle than yell for help (that assumes you don't have cell coverage). :)

  • SealClubber

Posted February 23, 2002 - 04:33 PM


In addition to tools you should always have a whistle and small mirror (for signalling if YOU are broke.) Compass, First aid kit, small metallic survival space blanket, iodine tablets (to treat water), Large Trash bag (Great cheap rain gear) Anything else small that you like.

  • *mike68*

Posted February 25, 2002 - 03:46 PM


I almost always cary a funny smelling, green smile maker. It won't tighten a screw or fix a chian, thats why I ride with friends who have tools. Oh yeah, a leatherman is essential becuase somethime the smile maker gets too short to hold. :)

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  • John_H

Posted February 25, 2002 - 03:59 PM


Originally posted by Michael:
Why would Rich carry a whistle? Well I guess I'm not sure why he does, but I occasionally carry one because if you crash hard off a trail and can't crawl back to a place where someone can find you - it is easier to blow a whistle than yell for help (that assumes you don't have cell coverage). :)

  • John_H

Posted February 25, 2002 - 04:02 PM


Originally posted by Michael:
Why would Rich carry a whistle? Well I guess I'm not sure why he does, but I occasionally carry one because if you crash hard off a trail and can't crawl back to a place where someone can find you - it is easier to blow a whistle than yell for help (that assumes you don't have cell coverage). :)

My girlfriend now carries her whistle. She recently tipped over in some sand at a desert riding area and the bike was on her leg. She really couldn't get it out. Nothing broken, just wrenched her ankle when she tried to move. I kept hearing some faint yelling but couldn't tell where it was coming from.

Finally found her. A whistle sure would have helped.

  • Rich_in_Orlando

Posted February 25, 2002 - 06:48 PM


Finally, another addition to the list of uses for the Leatherman--roach clip.

  • *mike68*

Posted February 27, 2002 - 03:25 PM


HMmmmmmm.....It's a very cool tool.

  • armourbl

Posted August 02, 2002 - 07:06 AM


Marine whistles will carry a further distance than anyone yelling would. Good idea to put one in the pack.


  • Rich_in_Orlando

Posted August 02, 2002 - 07:23 AM


We did a test once and were able to hear the whistle a half mile away, line of sight with no echoing. There was no way a voice could have carried that far. I figure it's a lot easier to blow a whistle that to try and yell-especially if you are injured.

  • Fryboy

Posted August 02, 2002 - 04:37 PM


Instead of a whistle I carry an air horn - ya know like the one's people honk at Baseball games. You can get them for about $6.00 at walmart.

Plus, the horn will be a better bear scaring device than a whistle. Trust me I know.


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  • wrooster

Posted August 03, 2002 - 02:25 PM


see pics below for my six days of michigan kit -- everything was in the rear fender pack which came from . on my back was water, garmin etrex gps, and a couple of food bars. i like to feel light in the saddle, hence no fanny pack. note that i was riding with a buddy, and we split up the weight -- he had tire irons and a spare front tube, and a couple of other things.

from left to right:
--moose CO2 reinflation kit.
--lic/reg/ins papers and at least $20 in cash, all in a waterproof zip-lock.
--homemade tow strap from nylon webbing.
--butane cigar lighter (much more effective than matches).
--matches as backup. :)
--SOG "ParaTool" multipurpose folding tool: knife/pliers/cutters/saw/drivers etc. -- the paratool is just awesome.
--CruzTools "Outback'R M14": a fold-up that includes hex wrenches, 8/10/12mm sockets, screwdriver X 2, and a flat open end wrench.
--T-handles: Motion-Pro 8/10/12mm (i really need to get a single one with three sockets on it, less weight).
--Advil bottle: includes advil, hay faver, and anti-wetpoop pills.
--35mm film cannister: holds 2 spare AA batts for GPS and some loose change.
--Poly hose, 5/16" ID x 1.5ft long for transfer of fuel, or any other McGyver-like need.
--Tie wraps, Assorted lengths.

above, someone mentioned a spare bite valve, that's a great idea and it never crossed my mind. the whistle is a good idea too.

jim aka the wrooster
ps the entire six days saga is here:

Posted Image
Posted Image

  • Dan_Lorenze

Posted August 04, 2002 - 05:24 AM


Good job guys... All these tools are great. I carry pretty much the same stuff you guys do. Other that the stuff already mentioned (I didn't read every tool in every post) but I carry food and alot of water. Also a "space blanket" which is a fold up mini blanket you can buy at any camping store. Sounds weired? I've used two of them when I had to sleep overnight on the trail. A flashlight is always in my pack. I have the pelican brand that clips to your visor (It won't be a good riding light but good for woking,gassing bikes in the dark. My little Nokia is my best friend too..... :)

  • John_Lorenz

Posted August 04, 2002 - 05:28 AM


No one mentioned Beer :D
Or Handy Wipes
Or Condms
Why is that ? :D
Ya never know when your gonna get lost or run into a hooker thats lost, you can trade a beer and some handy wipes for a ride,,,,BACK :)

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