what kind of trailer (if any) do you use?

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  • thumper_dad

Posted March 01, 2005 - 01:47 PM


I was thinking of picking up a little enclosed trailer 6x10 made by a company called Pace, anyway the trailer new is $2,700, keep in mind this is bare bones.

Is this a good price to pay? is it large enough to haul 4 big bikes? I will have to drive 120 miles round trip to go look at it and pick it up if I like it so I would like to know if it can even carry what I have.

any price comparisons would be cool too, like I said, if someone has loaded 4 bikes in a trailer of this size before it would be good to know.


  • GasAHolic

Posted March 01, 2005 - 02:42 PM


I recently sold my 3 rail and bought a new 6 x 12 Carson Racer cargo trailer. I've heard good things about Pace trailers, but have never owned one myself. You should be able to fit 4 bikes in one by stagering them I believe. I've got the following that I fit into my trailer : 05 WR450, 03 XR100, 04 250EX Quad, 05 KM50 Quad and possibly another XR100. Here are some pics if you want to look it over:

  • MortgageRider

Posted March 01, 2005 - 03:01 PM


We have a 28' Tahoe Transport that all the quads fit in and the bikes go in the truck.

  • elton

Posted March 01, 2005 - 03:04 PM


I was thinking of picking up a little enclosed trailer 6x10 made by a company called Pace, anyway the trailer new is $2,700, keep in mind this is bare bones.

Is this a good price to pay? is it large enough to haul 4 big bikes? I will have to drive 120 miles round trip to go look at it and pick it up if I like it so I would like to know if it can even carry what I have.

any price comparisons would be cool too, like I said, if someone has loaded 4 bikes in a trailer of this size before it would be good to know.


I have been loading all (5) of the bikes listed below on 6x10; its very tight -- the (2) tall bikes on front sides (CRF in middle, its lower so it fits under the WR and KTM), the TTR125 has to facing across w/wheel turned, the DRZ on the end facing across.

However, I can't take it anymore, thus I ordered a 6x14 that is a ATV trailer, with extra floor tie-downs where I don't have to run any across.

The bottom-line is you can only get (2) tall bikes facing forward, so you'll need at least a 6X14 to have all (4) facing forward -- only small bikes can go across.

The trailers that I use are not enclosed; the 6x14 is $900. I priced a enclosed 6x12 "all aluminum" for $4,900 so your price is not bad, but the all aluminum is higher.


  • pjriss

Posted March 01, 2005 - 03:37 PM


I'd bet money you can't fit 4 adult sized bikes in a 6x10 enclosed trailer. 3 three maybe. It's a good price though. I use a 3 place Zeeman with a cargo box.

  • thumper_dad

Posted March 01, 2005 - 03:41 PM


I only have 3 bikes but when I want to take a friend I want to have the extra room for there bike and equipment.

BTW for an extra 295 dollars I can have a 6x12 trailer.


  • PumpkinHumper

Posted March 01, 2005 - 04:34 PM


I have a 5x8 continental Cargo enclosed trailer and love it. I can fit 2 fullsize bikes in and my kids ttr90.

With a 6x10 you should be able to get 3 fullsize bikes in there easy, but 4 may be a stretch. Get a 6x10 V-nose enclosed. That will pull much better and get you about another 20" up front to shove a bike.

My enclosed trailer was by far the best dirtbike related thing I ever bought. I absolutely love it. Get home from a long day ridding pull in the drive way, shut off the truck and go in the house for a bath and beer. No more unloading a truck/trailer beeing exhausted from a ride.




  • elton

Posted March 01, 2005 - 04:47 PM


I thought about a covered trailer, but I don't trailer very far.

I considered one recently for long multi-day trips; but then I thought -- what's to stop someone from un-hooking it while I'm at the Motel-6 and running off with all the bikes and $$ trailer.

Also, since I need a 6x14 for (5) bikes, it'll cost $6k; could get another WR or KTM for that :)


  • cgrlvr35

Posted March 01, 2005 - 04:57 PM


I bought a open trailer 14'. since I have been riding it would be so nice to have an enclosed trailer. hang out in, change, get out of th eweather. Its more secure beig enclosed. You cann come home an dif you dont feel like unloading its locked up and secure. get an enclosed trailer. im looking at them now. Im looking at a 8 1/2 x 14-16 I have quads and we can use it as a camper. Put cabinets in and tools and you are all set. easy.

  • Seabass

Posted March 01, 2005 - 05:42 PM


I think you'll be disappointed with the 6X10 trailer, go for the bigger one. I have a 6X10 open trailer that I'm selling because my kids toys keep getting bigger, but the trailer doesn't :)
I bought my trailer from Apache Trailer in Fontana. There not really making my style of trailer anymore but are focusing on enclosed. They are very competitive when it comes to price

I'd go enclosed if I has the $. I drove from Orange County to the Arizona in the pouring rain and even though I had most of my stuff coverd with plastic bags my stuff got hammered

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  • thumper_dad

Posted March 01, 2005 - 06:02 PM


I will be towing the trailer mostly with my 30' motorhome, or when i go for the day I will bring the RAM HEMI :) , I hate to get a 14' trailer because it will be half the size of my motorhome and I dont want to have to have something as long as a semi truck when combined just to go riding for the weekend.

I understand all the positives of having an enclosed trailer thats why I want one. :)

YZman, thats a sweet trailer, I almost bought one exactly like it earlier today

  • Gadsen

Posted March 01, 2005 - 06:52 PM


Thumperdad, consider how long the bike is. Usually 7 feet to load them sideways. Now I found a 14 footer I used ot have to be too short, not long enough to do 2 bikes deep. I couldnt even haul 2 utility quads. I have come to the conclusion anythign hauling bikes has to be in multiples of 8 feet long, ie 8, 16 24 etc. If you get an 8 foot wide one, it would work being shorter. I pull mine with a Tacoma with my 8X14, was unable to see down the sides without mirror extensions and the part sticking out caught a lot of air (drag). But the 8X14 was barely able to haul the 2 large quads. My newest trailer I bought new, its an 04 Cargomate 7X16. I have added a bunch of goodies, ie 20,000 BTU RV furnace, thermostatically controlled, a 60AMP RV converter with the smart charger, a 2000 WATT AC inverter, a 9000 BTU roof mounted Coleman Polar Cub Air Conditioner, 12 foot awning, ceiling fan, AIR MAX, door step, AC/DC/DVD 9" flat screen TV, 2 full runs of Etrack down each side, 16 flush mounter D type floor rings, AM/FM/CD stereo, fully wired for 110VAC, rear under the deck 3 ramp carrier (no ramps inside, neatly stowed underside)Why you ask did I do all this. I use if for overnight rides/campouts. But all the utilities are mounted in the forward overhead hanging cabinet. AC is roof mounted towards the rear, so its still a cargo trailer. Cabinet is the only permanent structure and its out of the way. I made a table that flips out and mounts into the etrack, so I can locate it anywhere or remove it entirely. PM me with your email addy if you'd like to see some pics for ideas.

  • ddialogue

Posted March 01, 2005 - 07:08 PM


I have a Pace 7x14 tandem axle. I really like this size trailer. You can see down both sides with regular truck mirrors. I looked at a 6x12 but it was just too small and a 8x16 was just too big. I can fit two utility quads and two WR450's in this trailer. You can also go two bikes deep (end to end) in this trailer and I regularly haul four full size bikes at a time in it. It's a little long when pulling it with my 26' class c rv but hey...it's not nearly as long as my Dad's 33 foot class c with his 26' race car trailer in tow! :) :)

  • average joe

Posted March 01, 2005 - 08:28 PM


I had a 6x10 for years, the best thing I ever did was buy a 7x14... my current trailer is all aluminum, 7x14, tandem axle with brakes on both axles. It weighs about 1400 pounds unloaded. I pull it with my 31 foot class C and it is perfect. I paid under 5k for it from www.cardinal-sales.com though this would only help you if you where in the area surrounding New Castle, Indiana If my rv would pull it I would get a 8x24 foot version so I could put a jeep in there too...

Back to the question, I fit 3 full size dirt bikes, or one e-ton 150 sideways in the front, and either 1 full size quad and dirt bike or 2 other full size dirt bikes in the 6x10. I can fit 6 full size dirt bikes or 2 full size quads and 3 full size dirt bikes in the 7x14 v nose...

  • ISBB

Posted March 01, 2005 - 08:34 PM


i have seen 6x12 enclosed cargo trailers at HOME DEPOT for 2700-2900 bucks... where are you guys getting these prices... they are astronomical...


Posted March 01, 2005 - 08:51 PM


There's a big difference between a quality trailer and the home depot tin cans. If your just looking to keep the rain off your bike the HD trailer will do the job. Mine is a 8' x 20' box on 10,000# GVWR frame & axles, brakes on all 4 wheels, steel cage, paneled with fold down beds/couches, work bench & cabinets, 40 gal water tank, sink, wall heater, air compressor. I get a quad and 4 bikes in it with walking room around all. Tow it behind a 32' Class A MH. On solo trips I tow it with the pickup. Had it built locally for ~$7k.

  • thumper_dad

Posted March 02, 2005 - 05:56 AM


I was finding my trailer at http://tpdtrailers.com under the hot deals section.

I purchsed a trailer from them about 11 years ago when I was racing top fuel but got rid of it when I sold my dragster, I figured they were good to me then and they sold quality stuff so I might get another.

Well now I am stumped :) like I said I can get a Pace trailer 6x12 for $3,000 but thats not a good enough deal compared to the trailer I just seen at cardnal sales.

I am going to have to keep shopping unless TPD calls me and lowers there price.

  • Gadsen

Posted March 02, 2005 - 06:08 AM


Well now I am stumped :) like I said I can get a Pace trailer 6x12 for $3,000 but thats not a good enough deal compared to the trailer I just seen at cardnal sales.

TD, I paid $3995 for my 7X16. It is a full steel frame and aluminum skinned sides. Its is a tandem axle with brakes on all 4 wheels. It came with fancy wheels, radial tires, extra vents and diamond plating. I did add more diamond plating to cover the entire front of the trailer instead of the first 2 feet. It will get beat up with rocks if you dont. It weighed 2400# unmodified. The price of steel went up quite a bit, so the prices of trailers did also. Something about China consuming a bunch of steel to build a city for the 2008 Olympic games. So the supply went down, the price went up. If you want an aluminum framed trailer, the price goes way up. But the Hemi or motorbox would pull a steel framed one with no problem. I pull mine with a Toyota Tacoma V6 MTM with no trouble. Best electric brake controller is the "Tekonsha Prodigy" IMHO. I didnt get a smoking deal, but after lots of shopping, was the best. I'd be afraid of a killer deal. Look close at the quality. Notice how the floor is sheeted, any joints going front to back? Sign of cost cutting. What sized plywood on the walls? 3/8 is good, does it go all the way to the top? Is the radiused part on the roof plasitc or aluminum (this is the curve on top where the roof meets the sides. I need think aluminum as i was mounting an awning. Couldnt do it with the platic one. I have brushed stainless fenders, another add. Side door? Its is a cam lock, or an RV type? I got the RV type side door. Rear door, I got the cargo doors with the cam lock. But the fold down ramp door is usually more. My deck is pretty low (drop axles) so I didnt need or want the ramp door.

  • thumper_dad

Posted March 02, 2005 - 06:18 AM


Thanks for all the info TMT, I own a Structural steel company, hell I could build a damn trailer if I was so inclined but it would probably weigh 8,ooo lbs and would be 40 feet long by the time i was done :p ,
Your right, the trailer I am looking at has a side door, its all aluminum and the rear door is a ramp, they do have a trailer with cargo type doors which I am sure is cheaper.

I don't exactly know what the hell I am thinking because this stupid traile ridea just popped into my head on Monday and I know I can't shake it until I but one :) :)

Thanks again.
TMT , send those pics to rich@eastbayerectors.com

  • elton

Posted March 02, 2005 - 07:31 AM


Yep, all of the trailer talk (and nice rigs) has me considering canceling my 6x14 open cycle-trailer and getting an enclosed trailer. I just don't know where to park it, as the open trailer is not obnoxious and my hood is anal with its covenants.

I assume 7x14 will do me for 5 bikes, even if they get bigger; since many with larger trailers mentioned here seem to have "Evil 4-wheelers" to load.



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