Big Island Ride from Hell w/Pics

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Posted January 30, 2005 - 10:29 AM


Every now and then you have a ride that will always be remembered. On Wednesday of this past week Duane and I left on what would become the most memorable ride of our lives. With Puinsai_5 we tried to do this ride before but got cut short due to darkness. This time we headed straight there and figured our timing was right. Some maps showed a road and some maps there was none. We figured the whole adventure of it all was finding the way...

The rest of the story in pictures and captions. It's long so it will be in 2 parts.

Part 1

We headed straight for the coast as this ride was in our estimation, approx a 10 mile connection of one coastal area to another. It was sure to be scenic all the way. Duane and I couldn't believe our incredible luck with the sunny, beautiful conditions...
Posted Image

Just like a similar arch I've posted before. Duane takes it all in...
Posted Image

Our destination was around an inch and a half back from the farthest point...
Posted Image

Duane found this incredible arch. This is a really cool picture...
Posted Image

My turn. Rarely do I need a picture of myself. I wanted this one and its now my screen saver.
Posted Image

Just fantastic, surreal beauty. The water here is crystal clear and plenty ocean life.
Posted Image

The old trail/road dipped into the forest along the way. Really nice stuff.
Posted Image

Duane gets ready to pop out of the forest and onto the open coast again...
Posted Image

The waves in areas were just impacting the cliff and exploding!
Posted Image

This is where things started to change terrain wise. Just about every step of the way was some form of rock. It was still beautiful but we were soon to find out that this beauty came with a price. The taxes waiting to be paid were high.
Posted Image

After a series of gnarly rock sections we decided to dip back into the forest. Duane found a pig trail and we plowed that for quite a way but it came to a dead end. This would be the last time we rode in the jungle. From this point on it was all open coastline.
Posted Image

The first long section of rocks. You can see the farthest tree is where it started and this was the easiest way. Roughly 300+ yards of paying taxes. This was the easiest way. The forest has just as much rocks but you can't see them. We always hunted for the easiest way in every section. Here Duane takes a break.
Posted Image

Continuing on towards the end of the section it came close to the water...
Posted Image

Posted Image

This was an interesting change in terrain. This lava hill was the first sign of things to come. It was a hill that dropped into a walk down on the other side which of course was nothing but another looong field of rocks...
Posted Image

Posted Image

More rocks. The bikes were just slamming thru. Our skid plates were doing their jobs for sure!
Posted Image

You can see Duane resting in the shade. It seemed to get hotter as we went along. This was one of 2 sections the whole way I saw white rocks. This was just another long brutal crossing.
Posted Image

This section was just brutal. There was a ledge that forced us into the forest. The rocks in there were all hidden but just as big. This is where I died like a rat. When I took this pic I was ready to puke. Here Duane comes out of the hidden rock Hell where he was pinned under his bike.
Posted Image

After the pounding we took and noticing the distance we traveled I knew we couldn't make it to our destination with the light we had. We both drank almost all our water and we were cramping all over. I cried uncle here. After the hidden rock Hell I was toast. This was the top of a lava mound which we dubbed "No Mas Hill" About a mile and a half short of our destination.

We took inventory of supplies. About a cup of water each to be saved for the journey out, 3 power bars, cell phones light jackets and that's it. We nibbled on one bar each around 9:00pm. We didn't want it to make us thirsty. We were dying of thirst to be honest. Other than being all cramped up and miserable it was a beautiful night. Waves were crashing against a nearby cliff and the stars were out. Around 3:00am it started raining so we caught whatever water we could off my jacket. We were shivering cold. And for all you sick b*stards, NO we did not become butt buddys!!

Duane tries to catch some zzzzz's
Posted Image

Believe it or not, this was comfortable for me. At least for 10 minutes anyway... sleeping.jpg

End of Part 1 Will post Part 2 soon....

  • RingKingPin

Posted January 30, 2005 - 10:36 AM


DAMN TC! :cry: The ride starts off with some awesome photos but turned to a nightmare! Get back to work and post part II! HOLY COW!:cry:

  • kawidual

Posted January 30, 2005 - 10:39 AM


Great pics man, glad you guys made it out unharmed...!!

That arch was very cool, great shot. Love the last one too. When the wife
isnt around, your bike is the next best thing to sleep with I guess...!!!

  • pdx_drz400

Posted January 30, 2005 - 11:04 AM


Damn! You cats are hardcore! What kind of skid plate is Duane running on his DRZ? I need a different one and if his can live through that it must be OK. Great pics as usual. Looking forward to Part Deux.

  • bigc

Posted January 30, 2005 - 11:17 AM


:cry: Remind me not to ever go on a ride like that with you guys,ten feet into those rocks and i would of bailed out.That arch was a awesome picture,but i believe if i were to ride across i would be fish food for sure.:cry:

  • BruceWA

Posted January 30, 2005 - 12:56 PM


Hey TC, you know the difference between a ride and an adventure? :cry:

Come on, we are waiting for the rest of the story!!

  • Over40_DRZ

Posted January 30, 2005 - 01:02 PM


TC, the last picture says it all :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • jwriott

Posted January 30, 2005 - 01:30 PM


You guys rock. Most of the rides you post look really tough but fun. This doesn't look like fun at all.:cry:

  • Surg

Posted January 30, 2005 - 01:32 PM


I've been waiting for these pics to post. Way to go! You have given me a whole nother perception on HAWAII... Looking forward to the second half of the adventure.
Thanks for Sharring it!

  • wantmorepower

Posted January 30, 2005 - 02:09 PM


Nice pictures. That looks like so much fun. I wish I could move out to Hawaii and ride everyday. Hawaii and riding, great combo.

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  • TrikeKid

Posted January 30, 2005 - 02:18 PM


TC, why is it that you havent bought a trials bike yet?


Posted January 30, 2005 - 03:11 PM


Part 2

We figured to get going right away before the heat of day hit us. The rainy morning made everything with grass or leaves very slippery. The terrain was noticeably getting worse. Now we were dealing with lava chunks, walls, and deep cracks everywhere. Just sick sh*t. This little hill was a pain and much harder than it looks.
Posted Image

We battled hard to get to this point around 200 yards from No Mas Hill. As soon as the sun popped out of the clouds around 8:00am it was cooking hot. Here our bikes just look majestic. Almost telling us, C'mon you whimps, we're ready!"
Posted Image

We took turns scouting ahead for the easiest lines. While waiting for Duane I took the time to get this morning spray...
Posted Image

Duanes face says it all. This section was just another level of gnarly. It was slippery and you came down along the wall in a lava crack full of big, square chunks. Then it dropped off here into a field of hidden. slippery chunks. I again died like a rat and must of fell over at least 6 times and I derailed my chain. By this point we both were so hot we took off our helmets and I even was riding with no shirt. I didn't care if I got sliced up. The heat and humidity was brutal. I used every drop of water I had here. Duane was feeling it too. This would become the beginning of the end.
Posted Image

After the crack we traveled thru hideous terrain. Just sick. Every line led you to a big crack or wall. No water. This is the spot where Duane said "No Mas." I had just got thru this section and was busy hiding in the shade of my bike hugging the front tire. Eventually Duane came stumbling by me and said the rescue helicopter is on the way. We were just beat down. Duane was in full dehydration mode. We talked about our options but he knew he couldn't go on even if it was just walking. He headed stright for shade and stayed there. I was one or 2 more sections from being in the same place. The bird was the only option... This was 1/2 mile as the crow flies from our destination.
Posted Image
Posted Image

The freedom bird has arrived. In the mean time I felt better and figured if I had ample water I could get at least one bike out. The plan would be to fly Puinsai_5 in the next day, hike in and I would help him get Duanes bike out.
Posted Image

After drinking water and feeling a little better Duane walked to the chopper. They left 2 rescue guys back with me till they came back. We talked about my options and they said it would be better if I flew out with them and re-grouped then came back with P_5 the next day. That way I would have energy and not have to go alone. Made sense to me so I hopped on the chopper. No worries about anybody stealing the bikes.
Posted Image

I've never ridden in a helicopter before. It was sooo cool. The coconut tree grove in this picture is the destination we were trying to reach. In Hawaii the rescue helicopter is payed for in your taxes. I enjoyed every minute of it. When we landed our friend Tony Ferreira was there with a cooler of apples water etc. Duane was inside getting checked on and was doing a lot better. The apple I ate was soooo good!! We hung out for awhile at the fire station shooting the sh*t with the fire and rescue guys as we had mutual friends. A good group no doubt.
Posted Image

The next day I was still hurting bad but we had to get the bikes. Puinsai_5 arrived early and we headed out to the coast. This is where I want to thank a man named Don Pakele who is the caretaker of a certain property that allowed us to go thru some gates which saved Puinsai_5 and I a 4+ mile walk to the start of the coast. Thanks Don! Here P_5 checks the lines. We tied ribbons on the best lines out. The best lines were still ugly as Hell.
Posted Image

P_5 gets to Duanes bike. It was so damn hot again. Even P_5 was saying it felt like we were on a grill getting cooked. Instead of riding with no helmets I picked up a couple bicycle helmets. This worked out perfect. Definetly cooler.
Posted Image

After a short rest we got going. Just super gnarly all the way. I told P_5 if he was wondering why we were so toasted he wouldn't be wondering after this...
Posted Image

You can see the various chunks of lava. Although the traction is good the pieces move around and it is a workout every step of the way
Posted Image

A lot of places had square ledges. Step ups and downs you normally wouldn't consider. After looking at all options of lines possible sometimes you were left with places like this. Between the bikes was a 4 foot vertical wall. We had to rest after this one. I was starting to get cramps again but cramping is good for your soul right?
Posted Image

More scenic lava formations. The ocean just hammers this coast daily. Many lives lost along this coast from the days of the ancient Kingdom.
Posted Image

Just another crack. Some we jumped, some we climbed and some we threaded like this one. Some were so deep you didn't even like to look in them.
Posted Image

P_5 was working hard here. Both tires wedged. He got it going again but I could tell he was feeling the heat and pain of the terrain.
Posted Image

The home stretch. On the other side of those trees was the end. We made short work of this section. This would be the kind of section Duane and I considered nice. You actually cover some ground.
Posted Image

I asked P_5 what he thought about it all and he showed me a finger. I didn't get it in this pic but you can guess which one he showed me.
Posted Image

P_5 down. Usually when one of us falls over we laugh and have fun with it. After 3 days of it you don't even notice. I just happend to have the camera out. Without a doubt I fell over at least 50 times in 3 days.
Posted Image
http://photos.imagee... down green.jpg

This is the last boulder field then you hit a nice trail. After doing it I'm glad the rescue guys talked me out of going alone. I wouldn't of made it with no sleep, food and all beat up even if they filled my water.
http://photos.imagee.../43-made it.jpg

The destination. A beautiful place. We sat down with the caretaker and he talked about the history of the place. Great guy who was glad to help us. True Hawaiian.
http://photos.imagee...4-Papai bay.jpg

This was by far the gnarliest ride I have ever been on. Even if you prepared better for it you would still suffer greatly no matter how good you are. Even a good trials rider would suffer on the rolling boulders and the heat was just intense off the lava. I'd like to thank the rescue guys from Hilo and Don Pekele for his hospitality. The biggest thanks goes to Tony Ferreira for being there from day one and always offering to help. He was like an angel coordinanting the rescue and always a cell call away. Duane actually called him first to come get us. All in all it was quite an experience. It was on all accounts, EPIC!


Posted January 30, 2005 - 03:20 PM


TC, why is it that you havent bought a trials bike yet?

Although a trials bike would be good in some sections there are places it would suck like the 30 miles of highway to get there and the deep sand and the deep mud and the deep water and the..........

  • BruceWA

Posted January 30, 2005 - 03:20 PM


WOW!!:cry: TC you guys are amazing!!:cry: :cry:

Glad you made it out and can tell the story!!:cry: :devil: :devil:

Oh yeah, count me out on any of your rides!!:cry:

  • dennisthe

Posted January 30, 2005 - 04:15 PM


Awesome pics and story! Thanks for sharing TC! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • JTred

Posted January 30, 2005 - 04:23 PM


Wow, incredible as usual TC. I have even more respect for you guys now. The places and terrain you guys see is mind boggling to me in hilly Pennsylvania. Glad you made it out ok.

  • Puinsai_5

Posted January 30, 2005 - 04:40 PM


Thought Id throw in a few pics of TC in here also.

This first pic is the 4 mile road we got a lift on to get to the start of the "hike to the bikes
Posted Image

This is what I discovered when the mile and a half hike was over ,Thanks Richard ,couldnt leave it on flat rock eh?Posted Image

Here`s a couple of TC pushing that nice and light hondaPosted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
The last one is of what Duane was striving to get to for 2 days ,all I can say is "Duane you missed it "

  • dwillhauck22

Posted January 30, 2005 - 04:43 PM


Sweet Pics TC/ Thanx for sharing!!!:cry:


  • Woods_Rider

Posted January 30, 2005 - 04:58 PM


Wow! Dang, what an adventure. Glad you guys made it out ok. Dehydration, exhaustion, bad combo. Thanks for sharing. -Ed

  • huskyrider

Posted January 30, 2005 - 05:01 PM


Unfrigginreal terrain.
I was waiting to see the pics after your buddy posted the other night that y'all were spending the night on the trail. I'm sure I'd of been whipped simply hiking 10 miles in that type of terrain, must less lifting a scooter more than I rode it!!!
I'm glad you guys made it out OK and with the bikes intact. I'm sure that sleeping the night after getting them out was no problemo. You'll have to label this phote album "10 miles of hell"
Way to go!!!

See Ya,

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