2009YZ450F Winter Project

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  • Bturner

Posted January 10, 2014 - 09:39 PM


I just bought my 09 about 5-6 weeks ago & I thought I'd share what Ive been doing to the bike since then.  Its cold & wet during the winters here, so I thought it'd be a good time to go through the bike & do some deep cleaning, replacing worn parts & adding new goodies.  The bike wasn't in bad shape when I go it.  It had a fresh top end & ready to ride.  But anytime I buy a new/used bike, I like to go though it, grease everything, change ALL the fluids, clean up wires, replace bolts,  take everything apart & give it a good toothbrush type detail.  Nothing major, just your basic tune up type stuff.


First I started with the air hose mod.  Only reason I did this is because the 1st day we hit the woods, I crossed a pretty deep river & stalled.  I tried kicking it a bunch of times & couldnt get it started.  I had to push it to shore to finally get it fired up.  I just happen to find out a few days later about this mod & why people do it, so I thought I should since I ride at that same place every weekend.






Next, I had to add some Cycra Pro Bends & triple side mounts.  I always have to run these on my bikes.  I love the feel & performance.  The bike doesnt feel right without them.



Then I started to take the bike apart.  All the plastics, wheels, axles & linkage.  I dit alot of scrubbing w/ a scothc brite & a little degreser.  Greased the sxles & bearings along w/ a good clean up.  They were pretty nasty.  Cleaned my cables, adjusted the controls & cleaned the throttle tube up nicley.  I like to use graphit in mine.







I found a used Moose case saver on Ebay for $10 to my door.



The brake pedal was bent...



So I decided to go ahead & get the HammerHead shifter & pedal set.  I picked it up for $125 for the set.  I've always wanted to get these & let me tell you, they feel great! They lived up to the hype & looked good to.  The brake pedal came with the blue clevis, so that added a little more to the finshed look.  It has an extra large pedal which is really nice.  I thought the OEM pedals where always a little small feeling for me.  I feel like I have more control now.  It came with a wire to that connects to the frame.  These are good for riding in the woods so that little branches can't reach out & grab your pedal.  It's good protection.  The gear shifter is a bit larger to & it just feels really strong.  Theres no play in it & you can just grab a toe full!!  Theres a few different offsets for both sides, but I'm not really sure which ones I have.  I think its just the OEM offset, so theres no different feel except in size & feel.  I would recommend these to anyone thinking about getting a set.  Well see how they hold up after a few races & crashes; )








Thats all the pics itll let me save on this thread, so I'll start another one. 

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  • Bturner

Posted January 10, 2014 - 10:27 PM


I bought some 2" Moose foam to go under the skid plate.  It has a little rattle & there was a bunch of mud under it when I took it off, so I'm hoping this will help some with both.



I installed a new Motion Pro clutch cable.  The bike has a Rekluse Z start/Hinson basket & I've been trying to get it dialed just right, so I wanted to make sure my cable wasn't the issue.



The front sprocket & chain were toast, so those had to be replaced.  The washer somehow got bent, so I ordered a new one.  Its still not here, so I bent the old back enough to where I am able to ride.  I went ahead & gave everything behind the counter shaft a good scrubbing!  The rear was fairly new, but I decided to go ahead & replace it to along with new bolts from SpecBolts.  I decided to stick with a steal rear sprocket this time, so I got the black 51T SuperSproxx.  For the front, I went with a 13T Primal Drive because they were onsale for $11.  I wanted to try some cheaper sprockets & steel to see if theres any difference in the $65 alum rear & $25 steel fronts I normally buy. I'll let you guys know how they wear & hold up.  I went with the Renthal R1 works chain ($70).  I always use this chain & I like it alot.  Its strong, looks good & it last.  I'll never go with a cheap chain.  










The seat that came on the bike was shot.  It had a rip & it was just worn out.  It was real slick to, there was just no grip.  It was the OEM seat with a One Industries cover on it.  It looked cool, but just didn't perform. So, I ordered an SDG step seat.  This is my 3rd one & I have to say that they really work well.  They fit tight & are stiff at first, but once you get some hours on them, they break in nice.  The gripper is awesome to.  You really stick to it.  I like having the step because theres alot of hills in Georgia & theres been plenty of times in hare scrambles going up the one huge hill they have on the course that I'm sliding off the back when its all chopped out hanging on for dear life.  So these really help keep you on the bike, especially a 450.




On to a llittle more protection for the bike.  I've noticed alot of guys in SX & GNCC's are running these, so I wanted to try it.  The Acerbis front disk guard.  It looks like its floating because of the way it mounts.  Its super light to & has a cool look to it.  It comes in 2 pieces, the plastic guard & the alum mount.  The mount is a small bracket with the left side wheel spacer built into it, so thats the only thing holding it on.  Thats what gives it its floating apperance.  I like how it looked once it was on.  It seems to have enough holes in it to allow air to flow through it.  I'll let yall know if it effects the front brake performance any, but I saw it on RVs bike at A1 & Charlie Mullians KTM for GNCC 2014, so I'm thinking it should perform just fine.





Well, I'm about to pass out.  I'll post more this weekend.  I've still got alot of goodies to put on & i'm still waiting for stuff in the mail.  I'll post the before & after pics so yall can see what it started as & then how it ended up.  Theres still alot to go!







  • Bturner

Posted January 13, 2014 - 10:21 AM


I'm not big into bling on the bike, but while browsing Ebay a few weeks ago I ran across these blue wheel spacers by Zeta.  I thought they looked pretty cool & I've seen them before, but never thought much about them.  Since I dont have black rims & blue hubs, I thought this might be a nice little touch.  They claim their lighter & stronger than stock, so why not give them a try.  For around $17 shipped to my door a set, I couldnt pass them up.  I got them in & they feel a bit lighter than stock, the quality seemed good & the blue anodized finished looked really nice.  They fit perfect & looked cool once on. 







The bike had alot of rusty, rounded & just old looking bolts.  Rusty bolts just really bug me, so I ordered a 120 piece Specbolt kit for YZFs.  $30 to my door was well worth it to me.  I also purchased a bolt kit for the rear sprocket & both rotors to freshen those up. I have a Cycra plastic kit & custom graphics coming in, so I always like to put new bolts on with new plastic.  And its good to have extras around because you never know when you or a buddy is going to need some random bolt.  The only complaint with their bolts are a bit heavier than OEM.  They are made of medium carbon alloy steel, which is grade 10.9. That means the higher the first number, the stronger the bolt in terms of tensile strength. The higher the second number, the longer it will take to enter the yield point.  It meets OEM standards in strength.

IMG_5502 - Copy.JPG


I wanted the bike to have the 2013 front fender on it, so Cycra has a fender for 06-09 that bolts right up without any drilling.  Its the 2013 style, but made for the 06-09.  http://store.cycrara...yzf125250c.html  Its alot thicker than OEM & Acerbis.  It looks really good & fits perfect!  It was $25 directly from Cycra.  I also ordered a new Cycra mud flap because the chain had chewed my stock one up.  Its thick & should hold up well.  $13.  I also ordered the staduim that attaches to the forks.  I like that style a little better than the OEM one.  That one has yet to come in because the 1st one was the wrong one. The plastic kit I ordered was the Cycra body kit.  Such a good deal to!! $126.07 from Powersport Superstore on Amazon.  I like this deal because You get all the normal fenders you would in a UFO or Acerbis, but they include the fork gurads & number plate to. You get the powerflo rad fenders, stadium plate, front & rear fenders.  So Ill have a few extra fenders for when I crash my brains out.  But I think this is a great deal for what your getting from Cycra.







When you get new plastic, you gotta get new graphics.  I got an awesome deal on a full kit from MotoEFX.  They had a special running at Christmas for a full custom kit for $100, including numbers!  I'm sitting at home now waiting for UPS.  I ordered them aboout 10 days ago & UPS alert sent me an email saying they would be here this afternoon.  The guy over at MotoEFX was really cool & helpful.  He sent me 5 proofs until we got the number font to where I wanted it & for free.  The graphics are 22ml thick, so they should hold up well.  I went with the YZ factory number font.  I have always liked that font since the 250 2 stroke days of Reed & Ferry.  I don't see anybody running that font these days, so I thought it would be a cool touch.  He put my name on the plates, all the my sponsors & the colors i wanted.  This kit is as custom as I could get it.  Heres the proof  & I;ll post some picks once it comes in.  http://motoefx.com/m...ross/full-kits/



 He even posted them on Instagram while they were printing.



My rear pads were almost new, but the front ones were toast.  Streamline hooks me up with parts, so I've ordered some pads from them. I think I'm going to try the oversized rotor kit in the front, so that will be my next upgrade to the brake system.  Thanks for the parts guys! http://streamlinebrakes.com/



Well thats it for today, like I said before, I will post updates on all the parts that I'm using; How they perform, hold up & fit!










  • MotoAce51

Posted January 16, 2014 - 05:17 PM


Looks sweet. I need to get that fender. Look up the 09 carb mod too. It's free and I guess it helps throttle response.

  • Bturner

Posted January 16, 2014 - 09:44 PM


Looks sweet. I need to get that fender. Look up the 09 carb mod too. It's free and I guess it helps throttle response.

Yea I will. Haven't heard about that one yet. What's that all about? Worth doing?

  • Team_Oatmeal_Pie

Posted January 17, 2014 - 12:26 AM


Yo BT.


The washer behind the front sprocket bolt is meant to have the edges bent up, so as to keep the front sprocket from loosening up/backing out.  You dont want that to happen, could cause all kinds of mayhem, throw a chain, cracked case or worse have rear wheel lock up at speed causing a crash.



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  • MotoAce51

Posted January 17, 2014 - 05:04 AM


Yea I will. Haven't heard about that one yet. What's that all about? Worth doing?


I dont know if its worth doing yet.  We are in winter in NY and I just found out about the mod a couple weeks ago.  But since its easy and wont cost anything it cant hurt to try.  Here is the best thread I found out about it:





Yo BT.


The washer behind the front sprocket bolt is meant to have the edges bent up, so as to keep the front sprocket from loosening up/backing out.  You dont want that to happen, could cause all kinds of mayhem, throw a chain, cracked case or worse have rear wheel lock up at speed causing a crash.




^ Very true!  I have seen the nut come loose but never come off.  Better safe than sorry .  

  • Bturner

Posted January 17, 2014 - 06:17 AM


Yo BT.

The washer behind the front sprocket bolt is meant to have the edges bent up, so as to keep the front sprocket from loosening up/backing out. You dont want that to happen, could cause all kinds of mayhem, throw a chain, cracked case or worse have rear wheel lock up at speed causing a crash.


Thanks man! I noticed when I took it off that it was hand loose, I was wondering what was up with that. I just put it back like it was. Thanks for the tip! Mine was bent just like that in the pic. How does that happen? When on heavy braking & the chain flops?

  • Bturner

Posted January 17, 2014 - 06:19 AM


Ok thanks Ace. Your not talking about the AP mod are you?

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  • grayracer513

Posted January 17, 2014 - 08:22 AM


Never heard of the "'09 carb mod". 


Most accelerator pump mods are done because the owner doesn't understand how to tune the carb the right way, or because he has unrealistic expectations.

  • Bturner

Posted January 17, 2014 - 09:09 AM


My jetting is already spot on. I have the FMF power up kit since It has the full system on it & it's as good as it's gonna get. No bog, hes, stuff like that. The owner before had it dialed perfect for our area.

  • MotoAce51

Posted January 17, 2014 - 06:15 PM


Yes it's the AP mod, I found it originally by looking up carb mod for the 09 since it was suggested a while ago on another thread. From what I can find its due to a weak spring on the 09s. As I said I haven't tried it, my bike runs great and I found it when the season was over. Look at the link I posted it explains it better. It can't hurt to try.

  • rhinoracin

Posted January 19, 2014 - 04:01 PM


^^^    Get R&D Racing power pump AP cover, and the power spring. Fits all FCR carbs and has an adjustable leak jet, the stiffer accelerator pump spring works better than the "o-ring mod" IMO

  • Bturner

Posted January 19, 2014 - 07:12 PM


^^^ Get R&D Racing power pump AP cover, and the power spring. Fits all FCR carbs and has an adjustable leak jet, the stiffer accelerator pump spring works better than the "o-ring mod" IMO

Thanks man, I'll look it up!

  • Bturner

Posted January 19, 2014 - 07:37 PM


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390187800.669346.jpg
Got the Acerbis disk guard on today. Fits good & snug. Looks pretty good to.

Just a little update on getting some real work done, I'm taking the bike in to get the suspension redone Tuesday. It has Smart Performance parts & set up on it now, but it's time to get everything freshened up, rebuilt & get new valving for my skill set & style. Were actually going back with the stock fork springs, 4.7kg I think, but keeping the the 5.7kg rear spring. (I'm 190#) Sag is perfect in the rear as is. The bike is just to stiff & deflects to much for the rough stuff. It likes to get jiggy in the front to much & never feels stable. I'm really excited to this done. I'll post some pics, maybe a video or something afterwards. I'll let y'all know how it feels to, the difference, good or bad.

Thanks for reading!

  • Bturner

Posted January 19, 2014 - 07:41 PM


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189266.624721.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189280.844873.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189294.977824.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189310.781551.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189328.267310.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189341.200749.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189359.803997.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390189375.601035.jpg

I forgot, my graphics came in. They turned out nice. Thanks MotoEFX for tr hook up. What do y'all think?

  • Bturner

Posted February 05, 2014 - 12:42 PM


I've been real busy lately & haven't been on lately. But I've gotten a few more things done to my bike. I sent it to The Ride Shop in Woodstock, Ga (local for me) to get a complete suspension rebuild. I got springs for my weight, a revalve & rebuilt both. Fresh from the ground up. Haven't ridden it yet, but it feels worlds better just sitting on it. Super plush. These guys have a race team that does hare scrambles in the SE, so there racing the same races I do & ride the same trails I do. So I knew they knew what I was looking for. It's a great shop, I always get ally work done here. Stoked to ride it this weekend & get it dialed!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391633093.615507.jpg

  • Bturner

Posted February 05, 2014 - 12:52 PM


I finally found a 2006 CDI on eBay! Been watching it for a while now. They wanted $90 for it. So I sent them an offer for $60 & they accepted. Super stoked to put this gem on. I'll let you 09ers know how it feels & if it was worth it! With all the hype from a lot of you, I'm sure it was a good investment. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391633238.356263.jpg

I got a new rear tire put on while it was getting the suspension done to. Went with the Kenda Washougal again. I like these tires a lot for this GA clay. Hooks up & holds up well. I did try a 120 this time even though some have said they don't like it. I'm gonna see if I like it, if not, I'll go back to the 110. Sharp looking tire though. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391633390.508797.jpg

Last thing I've done lately is get the Cycra Power Flow kit in along with the graphics. I started putting them on, but haven't quit finished. Only problem is though, that graphics don't fit on these well. There's a lot of extra curves, dips & air flow exhaust outlets on them. Rear fender was a nightmare. Had to do some cutting. Sucks. Oh well, still looks good! I should have them all on by the weekend. I'll get some pics up of the finished product. I decided to post all this so I could test some of the products & share my thoughts on them. Like me, I see a lot of new guys with 09s, so I wanted to share what I think of some of the mods, gearing choices, etc. thanks for reading.
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391633727.037852.jpg
Starting to come together in the looks department..

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