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Gary Semics Motocross Schools
Helping riders who are serious about mastering the motocross riding techniques necessary to ride fast, smooth, and in control.

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Is Cycling good for moto training? Video Test Results.

Posted by Gary Semics , September 22, 2014 · 3,093 views

Miscellaneous Fitness Training
Is Cycling good for moto training? Video Test Results. Is cycling really good for motocross training? After a four month training experiment, using myself as the ginny pig, the results are in. Watch this 12 minute video to understand how cycling effected my moto riding results and much more. You have to be willing to suffer on the bicycle or is it really suffering???

Don't do all that hard training unless you are sure you're doing the most effective training for motocross, training that will bring the results you're hoping for. Get all this how to training info and tons of other facts about fitness for motos like:

- How much training is too much and not enough, how to balance that fine line?
- What's a good weekly routine, for me in my situation, to be doing each week? Get many sample weekly routine examples for weekend warriors to full time pros.
- What's the best ways to eliminate arm pump?
- Should I train or rest when I'm starting to get sick?
- How important is nutrition and what is practical?
- Don't have a lot of time to train, what's the most effective exercises for fast results?

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With winter closing in this is the perfect time to start training or upgrade your current workouts.

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Get the inside lines to the methods and strategies I used to train McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Dowd and many others. All the riders I've trained have won 26 AMA Pro Titles. Now you can get all this info to use for yourself.

Gary; thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. (Jeremy McGrath)

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From my personal experience, if you have a strong enough core, riding the bike becomes less work. By that, I mean that your balance is better and you can stay centered better. Keep in mind your "center" is constantly changing, uphill, downhill, acceleration, braking and corners. Having abs, serratus, obliques and low back, all firm and able to support you through your race, you will be faster and crash less. I also feel that having your arm, shoulder, back and legs strong in a strength sort of way, when you do crash, there is less chance of injury. How many skinny football or rugby players have you seen? I think it is common sense if you do a contact sport you need to have strong muscles that are also capable of decent endurance. If you are in or near Virginia and looking for a trainer, contact me. I do individual training as well as training clinics.

Gary Semics
Sep 26, 2014 03:42 AM



Yea that's all well and good to be strong but I will put cardio before strength regarding motocross conditioning importance any day. If a rider doesn't have the cardio in order to run all those muscles he will knot up and die on the bike. Look at the build of the top riders today. They are all lean. Blake Bagget weights in at 130. He is known for being one of the best, if not THE best conditioned riders in the sport. These riders aren't preparing themselves for hitting the ground. They're preparing to last the motos at full speed. 

There's a reason racers naturally gravitate towards  a larger mix of cardio over weight work in their preparations.     Over the course of the last 3 or 4 decades, riders have likely tried everything ----  a little like shaking things up in a bag and seeing what settles at the bottom 


  There is a strength component, sure, -- but you still have to be there at the end of the 2nd moto to get results (or in my case, the 3rd hour of a hare scramble )

Cardio for sure. After switching from mountainbiking to MX I had absolutely no problems doing three 20min+2 laps motos in the sand, and when my training buddies were stopping me I was sincerely wondering if the 20 minutes have passed. On the contrary, when one of my friends who is probably twice as strong as me started riding MX he could last for 3-5 minutes before his hands pumped up completely, cause he had no cardio and smoked a lot. Muscles are good as long as you have a strong heart to feed them.

Gary Semics
Oct 06, 2014 10:08 AM

Hey Guys, thanks for backing me on the importance of cardio training. A motocrosser has to have the pumping system to run all the muscles or the muscles will pump up with lactic acid. Once this happens it doesn't matter how strong you were to begin with you will loose not only most of your strength but also coordination, reflex speed and the ability to control the clutch, throttle, and brakes.  Gout the way, lol. (Get out of the way). 

Oct 08, 2014 02:09 PM

I'm on huge cardio binge since I've been recoving (2 years) of shoulder issues.. (not sure bigger shoulder muscles would have prevented this)  How does running rank up there next to cycling for motocross training?  I ride MTB without clips (may be part of my problem), and it seems I have to ride twice as long for the same cardio work out as running.  I struggle with staying in the seated position for the amount length of the ride (hamstrings yanking on lower back facets).  I love a good trail ride but street riding just doesn't seem to have the benefit as running does.. thoughts?

Gary Semics
Oct 13, 2014 11:23 AM

doubleClutch229, Yes, running is great for cardio training. It easier to reach a high HR while running then cycling. I used to run more but lately it bothers my knees. I also like mtn biking but lately been into road cycling. I live in a very good area for it, don't have to ride on busy roads. I've found that mixing cardio training up works best for motocross. If you want all the info I know about training for motocross you might want to purchase my Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD or Stream. I'm running a 20% discount on it and you can get an additional 10% off with this TT code: TTGSMXS58. Find out more about this DVD here. 


MX Conditioning V2 COVER resized.jpg

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