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  • Fastway Evolution 3 Foot Pegs
    Recently I noticed that the stock  footpegs on my 2004 Gas Gas MC 250 were starting to look pretty haggard. They weren't even really a recognizable shape anymore! My primary objective was to find a footpeg that would take the trail...

    Posted by Russhole on May 05, 2015
  • Contest Round 2 Winner Announced! - MotoFXGraphics.com "Graphics for Life"
    Congrats to ThumperTalk Member xxcody2gunsxx ! The custom MX graphics that he designed using the MotoFXGraphics.com "MotoWrapR" won round 2, gathering the most community "Likes". We can't want to see the installed pictures on his bike! As soon as...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on May 02, 2015
  • Have You Ever Hurled at the Starting Gate?
    I have never hurled at the starting gate of a race, but that moment before the gate falls is abut as electrifying as anything. I am thrilled to be at the starting line of a sweet new adventure...a new ride, so to speak. I would like to invite you along. By joining me in the coming posts, you are going to experience enduro like you have never seen or heard...

    Posted by scottiedawg on May 02, 2015
  • SEASON OPENER: Prepping Your Bike for the Highest Performance
    For many of our readers who don’t live in a temperate climate, spring means it’s time to get your treasured machine out of its hiding place and get ready for the riding season ahead. High performance off-road machinery hates to sit…and when it doe...

    Posted by MXEditor on May 02, 2015
  • Eliminate Arm Pump – Part 3 (Establish Optimum Range of Motion & Strength: Shoulders, Chest and Neck
    Here is part three of a six part series of videos to help you eliminate arm pump during riding and racing.

    If you watched my Arm Pump video (Click here if you haven't seen it yet), you understand that my experience with arm pump is associated with bad body position. Specifically, if your center point (i.e. belly button) falls behind the pegs, the only...

    Posted by Coach Robb on May 02, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Redo My Bike trailer

I have an all metal Bike trailer. I want to sand it down and repaint it with a very durable Paint.   I need help on the paint to use and, if to undercoat the underside or prime and paint the underside.  I want a good product that will last. I will post picture of finished project John

Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

My front tire hit some soft deep mud so over the bars my ass went. Went to ER and Dr there said you have a sever break its gonna have to be plated or such and sent me to an ortho Dr  today. He comes in and says he doesnt think surgery will be needed, come back in a week after swelling goes d...

Haulmark elete

I haven't been around for some time. I see some nice changes to the site, looks good.   Some of you may remember me some probably not but just for a refresher I had a son that was having problems staying on the right trail and I thought getting him into bike racing would help him sort things...

Welded shifter

Bought an old bike, the shifter was welded on badly, it snapped off, dont think it can be re welded any options, dont want to much work, just a cheap little mess about bike, dont want to put any big mny into it, or much work tbh? Any ideas? Thanks.

Xr 400 kick start Jammed after install hotcam

Hi, just finished putting me new cam ect in and bolt the engine all up argot to the kick starter and wanted turn the engine round a few times just as a final check to make sure action is smooth, when I move the kicksrart it will move about 25 degrees then will stop rock solid with no give, I can...

DR350 engine interchangeability

My son works abroad on a plantation and uses a DR350 to get around. It is an old one, probably about 1990 and the engine now needs work. The easiest thing would be to change the head and some other parts from another DR350 (as these parts can be taken back when he is next home) and I wondered how...

Is my motor going to be okay? Ltr 450

It was ran for about 30 minutes like this recently, and possibly a couple hours like this a few years ago. Is it going to be okay...?

Honda ATC help!

I bought my first ATC a few weeks ago. Its a 1979 Honda 110. The seller said it had no spark. The guy before me put new plug, wire, coil, condenser, and points on it. I checked the killswitch and its good. I bought a used stator on ebay but when I got it no spark still. Tested the black wire to s...

Where is a big cliff?

So I have been battling a no spark issue for nearly a month now. I was getting a small arc at the points and was getting voltage at the spark plug wire. Cleaned my carb, new gas, cleaned my points, now I have nothing. I put a test light to the headlight wire and it lights up, but nothing on the i...

Need help identifying!

What kind of motorcycle was in the music video for the song My Sweet Summer by dirty heads?

registering a homebuilt motorcycle

Hi , I just joined, I have a question for anyone living in New Jersey,who has knowledge of registering a  bike that was built from different parts or a salvaged bike. I used to live in New york and built a custom ride almost forty years ago, It was no big deal then to get a new vin.  Th...

registering a homebuilt motorcycle

Hi , I just joined, I have a question for anyone living in New Jersey,who has knowledge of registering a  bike that was built from different parts or a salvaged bike. I used to live in New york and built a custom ride almost forty years ago, It was no big deal then to get a new vin.  Th...

Should I trade for a 91 polaris indy?

I have my dirtbike for sale on craigslist for $1800 and a guy is offering me a 1991 polaris indy 500 and cash. The sled looks pretty decent other than the front bumper. My bike is a 98 cr125 with kayaba shocks, v force reeds, a pro circuit pipe and a few other things. Would it be a fair enough tr...

Snow bikes in Michigan?

Anyone know where i could test out a snow bike here in northern MI or even if a snow kit would be worth it out here. Mostly wide open fields, trails, frozen lakes, or weaving through trees.

April Perfect day


Yahama Pw80 piston

Hey guys I just got a new wiseco kit and got it bored to 51mm but the piston goes in but the rings won't let it go inside the jug?? Help do I need to hone it out

Greetings from the upper Left Coast

New to Forum   Not new to Motorcycles, starting my 46th year of riding   Just picked up 6 dual sports that have been sitting in my friends garage since 2010.   I'll figure out how to do my signature so I just have to do this once

spark plugs for xl1200 ltd & gp1200 both 1999

I have 1 of each waverunnesr one has smaller reach plugs the other long reachplugs  why is this when both have same motor

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