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  • Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boot
    Cracked plastics and broken levers can be replaced cheaply and easily, but cracked skulls and broken ankles are expensive to fix and may hinder the way that you live for the rest of your life (or worse). Good riding gear can go a long wa...

    Posted by brendo907 on Apr 21, 2015
  • How to select the right goggle & lens
    Goggles are a crucial accessory in any off-roader’s gear bag. They can be the difference between a comfortable ride and a dirt-in-the-watering-eyessunburned-face miserable experience. It is important, however, to properly select a goggle that b...

    Posted by ThumperTalk on Apr 20, 2015
  • Radiator Coolant Basic Maintenance
    There are tons of threads on ThumperTalk about oil changes, but far fewer on radiator fluid. Because of this, I thought that this would be a good topic to cover. At a minimum, radiator fluid should be changed once per year. If you race, at least...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Apr 15, 2015
  • FMF Racing Launches KTM Factory Edition Team Exhaust
    With over 40 years of building the most dominant performing exhaust systems, FMF Racing introduces the new KTM Factory Edition 4.1 Team Series exhaust. Built 100% In-House in our Southern California State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facility using pr...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Apr 06, 2015
  • FIXT Products Pro Torque T-Handle
    If there’s one thing that every dirt bike owner needs, it’s a collection of good tools to maintain and fix their ride. My usual go-to is a collection of T-handles. They simply make working on bikes so much easier without having to manage multiple...

    Posted by k.g on Apr 02, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Improvement...what to do

So just wondering what i should or could do to practice riding, (i have a kx250f,) if we don't have a bobcat or a dozer to plow,... and cant race. I made some step up jumps by good 'ol shoveling and a circle rut for corners is there anything else i can do to get better in general to practice jump...

Rotator Cuff, how to tell if serious?

So I fell on my dirt bike last Sunday and the next day, my left should was killing me and I could not raise the arm laterally (typical rotator cuff symptoms).  What was interesting was that I did not fall on that shoulder, nor did that arm/shoulder ever hit anything.  I am sure of this....

Clearwater Settlement Approved - Recreation Groups Declar...

Image:  Contact:  Paul Turcke, Esq. BOISE, ID (April 21, 2015)--A federal court has accepted the settlement agreement that resolves a lawsuit claiming that the Clearwat...

Attention Hosers: Reputable suspension shop in Canada

Hi guys, I am wanting to get my FX suspension done, and I am wondering who my fellow Canucks use and recommend? Thanks

2012 Husky TE310 Plastics

Hello all, I am new to the forums here. I have a TE 310 and I'm having trouble finding replacement plastics for it. My question is, will 2010 or 2014 plastics fit on the 2012? I can find plastics for 2010 and 2014 no problem. Thanks.

It didn't rain, and I blame YOU.

Did you wash your car?  NO!   Did you buy something new and leave it outside? NO!   Did you paint your house?? NO!!   So how am I supposed to get any rain around here!!!

2003 Honda TRX400EX loss of power?

Hello, I got my 2003 Honda TRX400EX on December 25th, 2014 (Christmas) and when I first rode it, it a lot more power and torque than what it currently has now. I don't know what is wrong with it. I let a couple of my friends ride it over the months (They stated they knew how to ride) but they sta...

86' Suzuki LT250r kickstart stick.

I was riding today and my quad stalled. I went to kick it back over and nothing. The kickstart was stuck in the up position. Tried to bump start it and nothing. I took the spark plug out to release compression and nothing. Still stuck. I unscrewed the stater cover and checked the flywheel and no...

Suzuki LT50 2003 can't figure out whats wrong won...

03 lt50, brand new carb, has good spark, 120psi compresion and I checked the flywheel key (its also good). Can't get even a sputter out of it. I also removed exhaust, cleaned exhaust port and it won't fire with exhaust off either. Not even with starting fluid in cylinder and or in carb. I am at a...

Dobeck EJK for BMW F650

I'm looking at the Dobeck EJK to fix poor performance on the bottom end. It runs good above 4,500RPM but sluggish and not smooth on the bottom end. Anyone with experience with the Dobeck EJK? Thanks, Wayne

Oil Cooler for XL600R

Hello. I want to install an oil cooler on my 83 xl600r. Can you suggest of a manufacturer make and model that will fit my bike or make any suggestions. This is day 4 hunting for something that will fit......please help.....

Is anyone familiar with Buell steelies? Looking at X1's.

I kind of have the itch for one of these but I'm a dirt and sportbike guy. Never owned a Buell or Sporty. The closest I have come have been an RC51 and SV650. Both sporting V-Twins but not similar.    I have a friend who went through a living hell with his 1125R. It was all en...

Snow bikes in Michigan?

Anyone know where i could test out a snow bike here in northern MI or even if a snow kit would be worth it out here. Mostly wide open fields, trails, frozen lakes, or weaving through trees.

April Perfect day


Sick Day April 15th

Greetings from the upper Left Coast

New to Forum   Not new to Motorcycles, starting my 46th year of riding   Just picked up 6 dual sports that have been sitting in my friends garage since 2010.   I'll figure out how to do my signature so I just have to do this once

spark plugs for xl1200 ltd & gp1200 both 1999

I have 1 of each waverunnesr one has smaller reach plugs the other long reachplugs  why is this when both have same motor

93 750sx

I need a 93 750sx hull for a reasonable price. I'm around kingston ny area

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  • How to Port Your Engine
    Jan 20, 2005 10:03 PM
    I'm not responsible in any way if you hurt yourself or ruin/damage your motorcycle. You've been warned!Here's how to port (increase the airflow) of your cylinder head. You can do it yourself this way or spend $250+ for similar results. All you need is about $20 dollars f...
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