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Rider Discussion

Can i replace my own AC compressor?

I have a 98 grand prix with a compressor that sounds like I have a deck of cards in a bicycle wheel spoke. Kinda hard to justify a new unit on this old bat. can I do it myself or is it to dangerous with the freon ? My mechanic said I could get a compressor delete pully but it would be nice if I...

Pre riding exercices

Hello Guys.   any of you have good info on pre riding exercises? i was looking but i found mostly for riding horses and bicycles... i think our sport ( MX, Enduro, etc ) its quite different...   Thank You! Matias  

Snowmobilers - Lottery For Yellowstone Non-Commercially G...

Just a quick reminder for all you snowmobilers: the public lottery for the Non-commercially Guided Snowmobile Access Program for Yellowstone National Park ends this Friday, October 3, 2014. On September 3, 2014, the National Park Service (NPS) announced a public lottery to determine the trip date...

Forkseals Cleaning / Replacing on a Dirtbike - How often...

hi everyone,   my forkseals have been replaced under warranty @ ~2400km - both were really shot and the honda mechanic told me its a one-time-thing that they replace it because this bike is not made to ride offroad (thanks for selling me one  :mad:  ). anyway, they leak again @ ~45...

Big Differance between PE and RM forks?

Forks from either side of 1980. Is there a big differance between the 38mm forks on the PE or the RM?

Zuma pit bike

Has anyone bought a Zuma ktx 125cc pitbike and what you think of them?.It's my sons first bike and learning how to ride.

atc 110 exhaust

So I just bought an 84 atc 110 and I noticed its almost got a whistle to it when you ride, I did look down the exhaust( don't get me wrong I know its not turbocharged im not an idiot) and it looked a propeller in the pipe letting air pass through. is that just the old baffle or something else?...

TRX700xx Hot Rods +3mm crank

Just fitted a +3mm stroker crank , fitted the piston and there's a problem. The piston skirt webbing is hitting the oil jet for the base of the piston. Would it be wrong to remove some of the webbing to clear the jet ?  Thanks Lee.     Looked more into it and it's the front skirt h...

2001 TRX400EX cam replacement

My grandson bought a 2001 TRX400EX with the engine apart in three plastic buckets.  I bought the Honda service manual, but they are not clear on putting the cam gear on the cam.    I understand that the two marks on the cam gear must be parallel with the head surface, the index lin...

Kawasaki H2

Just in case you guys have been too focused on Obamas bowel movements to notice this new toy Kawi is putting out.  The photos are of the more expensive race version with lots of carbon fiber and aero stuff thats banned from racing... as well as a supercharged motor. They pretty much said......

suzuki vl800 vibration?

hi tt cruisers , i just picked up a 2001 vl800 after taking 15 years off from street riding to dirtbike with my son . i love the bike runs and rides great but it seems to have a vibration when under a load like passing  a car , dont know if this is normal with a shaft drive its fine when jus...

What is this part on my DRZ kick-only?

Hi there,   Can anyone tell me what this part is on my DRZ 400 Kick Only model (MY 2000)?     It looks like a regulator/rectifier. But because this is a Kick Only model (no battery), why should there be a rectifier? I am planning on putting in a battery for led indicators, tail- a...

99 polaris xc 700 with junk keihn flat slide carbs

So I have changed other people's xcs to mukuni round slides 40mm an changed jetting an ran better then ever but now I have one of my own an have no more carbs cause used them up on other people's junk anyone have any fixes for these pos the float pin holes get egged out so float levels are fed up...

1985/96 650 indy

well i have myself a 1996 indy 600 with almomst every part wapped with the 650 ( undercarriage suspension ,motor ect but i dont think the front suspension was swapped though and i was looking to upgrade to fox shocks so i called the dealer and they said its  impossible i say bs because teh f...

Its Coming!


1996 seadoo xp

My dad's seadoo is in perfect running condition but my dad says that if u go cruising the engine will choke and it won't start up again unless out of the water . I'm wondering why it won't start in the water with even the choke on Is this normal for all pwc's of this year ?

Premix Calculator


Sx standup

Anybody here selling a 650 sx or 750 sx for cheap that needs work in the ny area

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  • Installing an Aftermarket Clutch Basket
    Mar 09, 2005 08:25 PM
    Clutch baskets take a lot of abuse. The tabs on the clutch friction plates rub against the tangs on the clutch basket, after a while the tangs on the basket become badly notched. The notches keep the plates from sliding up and down properly when engaging/disengaging the clutch. As a result, th...
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