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  • Moose Racing XCR Jacket
    > Dual layer stretch nylon chassis is durable, waterproof breathable and performs well in all conditions> Seven zippered intake and exhaust vents regulate body temperature> Durable high denier nylon panels in high wear areas> Ergon...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Nov 21, 2014
  • Why Spark Plugs Can Make or Break Your Bike
    When thinking about your motorcycle and what are the most important components, would you say spark plugs is one of them? Most people wouldn’t…but they should. Because spark plugs can make or break your bike! Let’s take some time to see why...

    Posted by MXEditor on Nov 20, 2014
  • Too Cold to Ride?
    Well, that depends on how bad you want to ride. When I was in my early teens I rode year round in Ohio. In the winter months I usually rode once or twice a week and raced most weekends in harescramble events. I remember many times when there was snow and the ground was frozen solid. The AMA didn't allow studded tires in Ohio but we still raced. Harescramb...

    Posted by Gary Semics on Nov 19, 2014
  • Improve your Speed & Endurance by Dropping Some Body Fat
    One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to improve speed and endurance on the bike and my answer is always "drop some body fat". When you carry around unwanted body fat, your muscles have to work harder to complete the same amount of work. Fat insulates your body which makes you over-heat, another energy robbing component to your riding and...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Nov 19, 2014
  • New KTM EXC Factory Editions Now Available!
    November 14, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire ) – In order to celebrate KTḾs successful enduro racing season, the ultra-cool 2015 KTM EXC FACTORY EDITION range, with various upgrades over the standard models, are now available to purchase in KTM de...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Nov 17, 2014
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Rider Discussion

Cyclone toy hauler owners

I am looking at buying a Cyclone 3100 toy hauler. I was hoping to get some feed back from Cyclone owners as to whether or not you are happy with your toy hauler. Thanks.

Arthroscopic surgery friday

I'm having my knee operated on for a meniscus tear on Friday. Anyone had this recently, and can tell me what to expect realistically after I go home that afternoon and the days after? I might add that I live alone in a 2 story house with the shower upstairs, and am hoping to get around decent. I'...

Guess I'm done for the season

 Got surgery Tuesday to remove this protruding "Nail" as the orthopedic surgeon called it out of my wrist. He said I'd be out of commission for a while, not sure of how long that means. Just put new tires on the bike last week, didnt even get a ride on them ! Nice cool weather and I'm screwe...

Hot rods vs wiseco

Ok so A lot of you know That there are now a few brands of cranks about now And my question is Other than oem What is better Hotrods cranks or wiseco cranks I'm rebuilding a 06 yz450f And I'm a little stuck between brands

make a smaller motor work in a bigger frame

I have a 2001 yz 250 given to me with the motor and exhaust removed I am trying to make a 2002 Yz 125 motor work I had to make brackets to make it fit will the motor work with yz250 electrical

Kailub's 150 race footage......and without music!

Was on RacerX; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtGq1dn8cCo#t=72

What should I get serious people only!

Ive been contemplating on a dirt bike vs ATV. but in the winter I dont want to be limited to riding with a bike. So im looking for some advice on a good quad. Im 5 11 and 165. I want something that is good on the trails and and can also rip it up in the sand. Sport atv I think would be best. I w...

Jolly Rogers M/C

Mickey Fay on a Triumph 500cc single passing two YZ465's in a full lock power slide in hair pin turn one, and doing a cross-up down the back straightaway  as he once again rode to victory!

Lost and Found at Tahuya

I posted this in the Dirt bike side, just realized there is an atv side.....   I found an item that I'm absolutely positive the owner would want back....If you lost something at Tahuya, message me with what you lost so I can return it to you!

first street bike ride :)


Battery filling?

I filled (and may have overfilled) my street bike battery on a couple of cells. It's a PITA to remove, so I filled it in place and without being able to look at the acid level. Will the fluid level equilibrate (flow from high to low) between the cells of the battery? swap

European and Japanese question

Are the drive ratios compatible? I have a really nice Veglia tach I would like use on my SRX. Also there is a really nice speedo tach combo from a 60's Yamaha that would look great on my Guzzi V65C. Would I need an adapter?   

Top end break in hours

Just recently rebuilt my 2000 mxz 700 I've started the break in process I even made the gas a little richer by putting some oil in with it now I'm just wondering how long until I can stop babying this thing? I've put about 3hrs of riding time on it since the rebuild and down to almost a 1/4 tank...

2002 polaris edge 600

Might be going to look at this sled this weekend. Anyone have opinions on it?   http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/snw/4762140950.html

ZRT 600 very weak spark.

Hey I just bought a 1999 ZRT 600 and it did run pretty good and all of a sudden I have very week spark. I don't really know what happened. I have tried bypassing the kill switch and key switch but it makes no difference. Any advise would be great thanks!

I cant ride my bikes anymore, it runes them

When I was married I had a wife that keep our house so clean and organised that it looked like no one really lived there I had chairs and couches I was not aloud to sit in less we had company and they where sitting in my seat. She was the most anal clean freak you can imagine and it drove me nuts...

Old School Jet Ski

Aloha everyone, I was happy to see there some people out there who still appreciate the fun of stand-ups over couches!! I'm contemplating resurrecting my skis, got two js550's with numerous mods. They haven't been registered for 9 years and they're in storage in SoCal (I've been stationed out...

nx650 engine on a xr?

Hi, newbie here but life long backyard wrench turner,  I just bout a basket ex650 just for some transmission parts.  Turns out its got a nice clean downer engine on it I am thinking about taring it down build up rebuild it this winter and put it in my xr, rather than rebuild the XR moto...

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  • How to Regrease Your Linkage in 10 Easy Steps...
    Oct 07, 2013 07:59 AM
    Originally written for the Yamaha 250F (or 400F/426F/450F) linkage, but the process is pretty much the same for most bikes with rear linkage suspensions. tools req'd: none (once you get the linkage off)lubes req'd: a high quality, water resistant moly-fortified (or high Timken-ball-test-r...
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