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  • No Ambulance Mule on This Ride!
    In my line of business, I come across all types of people. However, they all share a common passion... riding dirtbikes! I was afforded the opportunity to guide a father and son duo on a five day hard enduro tour through the Andes of Peru. The son, Brian, had been in the Amazon jungle working on a conservation project. He discovered a social enterprise co...

    Posted by scottiedawg on Jul 02, 2015
  • ERGONOMICS: Making Your Bike Fit You: Part One
    er·go·nom·ics : a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely: the parts or qualities of something's design that make it easy to use (Webster). The ergonomics of any motorcycle are not...

    Posted by MXEditor on Jul 02, 2015
  • MotoFXGraphics.com Custom MX Graphics
    I was looking at getting some new custom graphics made, not only compliment my new SM Pro Wheels (review coming soon), but to personalize my 2015 Yamaha YZ450F. Being new to the moto world, MotoFXGraphics put out a offer to the TT Editorial T...

    Posted by Monk on Jul 01, 2015
  • How To True A Dirt Bike Wheel Yourself
    In my last blog post I covered how to lace up a wheel assembly with new spokes . This week I’ll discuss how to properly true the rim. Truing the rim is actually not too difficult. Once you understand the interaction between the spokes and rim, you will make quick work of the job. To get started a truing stand of sorts needs to be set up. This doesn’t...

    Posted by Paul Olesen on Jun 30, 2015
  • Coach Robb's Quick Tip: 3 Simple Tips on When to take Vitamins
    There must be some big sales going on in within the supplement world - my email has been overflowing this week about vitamins! The latest theme seems to be when to take vitamins? There is no exact science to food and supplementation, but when it comes to maximizing the absorption of your vitamins, I would recommend three simple things: 1. Take w...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Jun 30, 2015
  • FunnelWeb Performance Air Filter
    After seeing the FunnelWeb Air Filter and its unique look, I just had to try one out. Those crazy Aussies are at it again!   What are all those nubs about? I was never completely happy with how the stock KTM air filter seated in the air box,...

    Posted by DR.billZ on Jun 24, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Moto Van Builder

hey guys, Ive had the idea for a long time now, to start a business building/outfitting vans for mx (we would also do campervans, work vans etc to keep the work flow) but would anyone pay for this service? i know there are guys out there doing it in america (im in australia, out bike scene is sma...

Hydrating-good article


General towing question

I have a Ford F-150 with the Coyote V8 and it tows reasonably well.  Pulling a 6x12 cargo trailer with maybe 1,500 pounds of payload works out to about a 2,750 pound trailer which is nothing for a truck like this.  Even so, towing up a steep hill requires substantial throttle input and...

First bike for petite wife?

I did a quick search and didn't find this specific topic.   Anyway, my wife is 4'10 and 110 pounds give or take (I don't ask....). A quick pull of the tape measure shows a 26" inseam.   She had a scooter as a teen, but has only ridden bicycles for the past 30 years.   She's recentl...

Moto Van Outfitter

hey guys, i also posted this in the toy hauler section, but id like to get a good feel of your ideas.   Ive had the idea for a long time now, to start a business building/outfitting vans for mx (we would also do campervans, work vans etc to keep the work flow) but would anyone pay for this s...

What's your favorite terrain?

What's your favorite terrain to ride in? Such as dry with some dust, damp dirt, muddy, sandy etc. For the record I like my mum and damp dirt. Dry dusty stuff doesnt seem to be my funnest or fastest terrain.


I believe I have a 1985 atc200m engine. I know certain it's a 200m. Not exact on the year though. But what I want to do is put a high compression piston in it. Will other 200 piston kits work or is valve clearance an issue etc??? Please fill me in on what can go in it and also camshafts. If there...

Need some power!

Okay so here is what I got... I have what I believe is a 1985 atc200m. Just wanting to get some more bottom end power. Not quite sure on the bore size yet. Haven't had the chance to take the head off. But... What I was wondering, is there any swapping on the jug that I could do? Sleeve it to a bi...

1982 ATC 110 seized axle?

So, I am new to these three wheelers and I got one cheap, it ran but he said the chain was so rusted out that it seized the rear end up. I was taking the chain off and it crumbled in my hands, but it was still frozen solid, my question is, how should I go about getting this taken care of? I've ne...

RD400 Crank seals

OK so here's the deal. I picked up a 1977 rd400. I went through the motor.Top end is good. I replaced crank seals etc. Now I'm pressure testing the engine and I'm getting a small leak at the left crank seal. It is a small leak i lost 3psi in about an hour. Here is a picture of the seal. Could I h...

2004 R6 shorty exhaust

I'm wondering what others have ran for shorty exhausts on their bikes. Tried the voodoo and it's way too loud. Just want something that sounds a little more throaty than the stock.

xl 600r oil filter cover

Well it took me forever to figure out how to post so its no wonder I have to ask is there a set position for the oil filter cover. It seems the bolts only align in one position. I noticed the was a an oil passage on the bottom and also on the side of the housing and that the cover has an oil pass...

used sled price market

Im getting my feelers out there to unload my 2003 Arctic Cat 800 EFI 151 sled. Bought as a project, added parts to it to get it running, as it runs great now. Just needs finishing touches to be rideable. Mostly cosmetic, seat recovered & hood painted. Has a few extra parts to go with it as we...

Good cheap sleds for a hard rider

Hi I have an sp500 but the problem is that it doesn't have enough power to keep me happy. I want to sell it and get a bigger machine for about 5500 or cheaper. Sounds like a plan, there are f7's, pro x 800's and rev chassis mxz's but how would they handle jumps compared to my sno pro. The key wo...

Should I trade for a 91 polaris indy?

I have my dirtbike for sale on craigslist for $1800 and a guy is offering me a 1991 polaris indy 500 and cash. The sled looks pretty decent other than the front bumper. My bike is a 98 cr125 with kayaba shocks, v force reeds, a pro circuit pipe and a few other things. Would it be a fair enough tr...

1990 kawasaki 550 won't start

Hello, I have 2 550's that I bought off of a guy super cheap and they both they both have tons of compression both have spark and with the spark plugs off, they spin freely, I've tried gas and starting fluid, every once and a while i get a back fire and every once and a while I get a it to fire o...

Jetski hull

I have a 93 750sx and I took the jet pump off and the nuts in the hull seem sorta loose. Is that normal

2002 Seadoo XP help!

Hey guys, I have a real tricky problem have a 2002 seadoo XP runs amazing on trailer and hooked to hose and soon as she's in the water it won't run and when it does won't take throttle about 1500 rpm. Carbs are rebuilt and compression on both cylinders is 135 psi. Only thing I've changed was t...

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  • How to Mount a Honda XR400R Fuel Tank on an XR250R
    Jul 13, 2011 10:01 AM
    I recently bought a 1999 Honda XR250R that had been mildly modified by the prior owner(s). It came mounted with an oversized, aftermarket tank but the seller threw in a red XR400R tank he had in the garage. I wanted to use a smaller, OEM sized tank for day to day riding so I decided to try to mou...
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