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  • Yamaha YZ250F 2015
    The 2015 Yamaha yz250f is a great package out of the box. My bike is 99% stock at the moment so I can evaluate it honestly from right off the showroom floor. Keep in mind that I'm a pretty quick 150lb A rider so take my review with a grain of salt...

    Posted by motodirter on Oct 31, 2014
  • Beta 300 RR 2015
    I live in Australia and pre-ordered the BETA 300RR 2015. Ive been into 4 strokes for the past years and was looking forward to moving back to the 2 Strokes after reading about the 300 Smokers around now. I was looking for a bike which is suit...

    Posted by Jabiru on Oct 31, 2014
  • Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel
    On longer rides and when riding a variety of terrain and weather conditions, I need the ability to take extra gear and supplies along. As a long-time dirt bike rider turned newb ADV rider, when it comes to adding stuff to my bike, I tend to be a b...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Oct 31, 2014
  • THIEVES SUCK! How to secure your motorcycle against theft
    Theft. Unfortunately it’s a part of our sport and opportunistic bad guys are always on the lookout for the chance to steal our bikes. With the average price of a new motorcycle hovering over the 5 digit mark, protecting your ride has become eve...

    Posted by MXEditor on Oct 31, 2014
  • How to Determine If You have True Sciatica or Just A Pain In The Butt
    Determine the Difference Between True Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome
    If you suffer from radiating pain through your hip and down your leg, you need to determine if you have true sciatica or if you have tight muscles in your gluts (butt muscles) and hip muscles (specifically the muscles that rotate the upper leg outward). Watch this video to determine if...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Oct 31, 2014

Rider Discussion

2007 ford transit connect t230 lx reviews

Does anyone have one ? Planning on buying one to transport my rmz 250 around . It's the lwb hightop version with side access door and towbar fitted . Yeh I know they are probably the smallest van that will take a bike . Has anyone got any reviews on them ?

Ford transit connect t230 lx van reviews ?

Does anyone have one ? Planning on buying one to transport my rmz 250 around . Yeh I know they are probably the smallest van that will take a bike . And the t230 lx is the lwb hightop version . Has anyone got any reviews on them ?

Titanium plate and screws in arm. Do I get them out or l...

Question?  I got a plate and 9 screws in my arm for a Radial distal fracture of my wrist last July 3rd. Is it a good idea too just leave it in there??   I have no  problems and my wrist seems good. Back to killing the 50 class like before.I would just would like to know if or when...

WRF top clamp swap

Hey guys, I have scoured every forum & FACQ regarding triple clamp compatibility between WRF's & YZF's, what other clamps from either YZF's or YZ 2 strokes will will suit my 07 WRF, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers Andy

Old xl250 running rough

Hoping to get a few pointers on this, posted a few days ago with zero help.. I wasnt getting spark, i found it to be the points were off, this is my first bike with points, 1974 xl250..i got it running but it's not great and im hoping i can tinker a little in the morning before we hit the moun...

I can't figure out what this is

I just bought what I was told is a 1980 IT175. I know it's not stolen, I have the title. Problem is I can't figure out if that's what it really is. The vin is 3R6001094. I haven't found a match for it. The bike has yellow plastics and a yellow tank. What's weird is that the rear of the bike doesn...

4 mil stroker?

Hey all, just out of curiosity, what exactly is a 4 mil stroker banshee? Thanks.

What is WOHVA?

[b]What is WOHVA? [/b] Your right to ride on publically owned land is being attacked each and every legislative session. WOHVA is the organization fighting for your rights. Land managers throughout the State are struggling to keep riding areas open. WOHVA is the organization leading the effort t...

Raptor 700 or z400 AGAIN!

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and had a question. I know this has already been asked but I'm going to ask again. I currently own a z400 but I'm thinking of moding it or buying a raptor 700. I know i would have to drop thousands of dollars into my bike to get the same or more power of a sto...

Yamaha tw200

Wondering if anyone knows of an engine that will fit decent in the frame of a tw200, mine just doesn't have enough power, kinda wanna make it a supermoto or motard type bike can't afford a real one so trying to work with what I got, any suggestions?

Help me find what I'm looking for?

Looking for a first bike. Not new to riding as I used to dirt bike. I'm looking for a medium sized bike to commute on, mostly city, highway as last resort. Something easy to maintain and work on. I love the vintage/classic look but am learning I might have to sacrifice looks. So I first was all...

2015 fz-09

Anyone heard anything on this bike

Best sled for under $1800

Hi, I could realy use some help with sled decisions. Im kinda leaning toward a long track being that I usually have to break trails, and ride on lots of untouched areas. I ride my dads arctic cat 440 long track 2up air cooled. I really dont know much about sleds. The ones I have looked at are, mx...

2007 vs 2008

I'm looking at buying a 2008 summit XP 800 for my son, I ride a 2007 summit x 800r. I was wondering what differences they made in 2008 besides the style and guage pod etc. thanks all!

65o indy

i have a 1991 650 indy on a 85 600 frame but everything is swapped with the 91 so not worried about old parts but is there anything i should know ? i have 115-120 psi in each cylinder will that last a year ? also i need a air filter any sugestions ?

Old School Jet Ski

Aloha everyone, I was happy to see there some people out there who still appreciate the fun of stand-ups over couches!! I'm contemplating resurrecting my skis, got two js550's with numerous mods. They haven't been registered for 9 years and they're in storage in SoCal (I've been stationed out...

nx650 engine on a xr?

Hi, newbie here but life long backyard wrench turner,  I just bout a basket ex650 just for some transmission parts.  Turns out its got a nice clean downer engine on it I am thinking about taring it down build up rebuild it this winter and put it in my xr, rather than rebuild the XR moto...

1996 seadoo xp

My dad's seadoo is in perfect running condition but my dad says that if u go cruising the engine will choke and it won't start up again unless out of the water . I'm wondering why it won't start in the water with even the choke on Is this normal for all pwc's of this year ?

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  • Economical 2005-6 WR450 AIS removal
    Aug 25, 2014 09:56 PM
    Recently acquired a low-hour 2005 WR450 and was faced with having to un-do the half assed attempt at AIS removal the previous owner had done.A real horror show that leaked badly and it had to go in favor of a proper permanent solution.The GYTR AIS removal kit for the 2005-6 WR450s is a dodgy solu...
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