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  • Dangers of Ice Baths and Anti-Inflammatory Medicine
    Based on research – we need to rethink Ice Baths & Anti-Inflammatory Medicine
    Each year, thanks to improvements in technology & extensive research, exercise physiologists are discovering more about how the body responds to the numerous variables that contribute to performance. This includes, but is not limited to: energy systems, muscular strengt...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Jul 18, 2016
  • Husqvarna Officially Unvails Complete 2017 Enduro Range
    Husqvarna Motorcycles Lift the Covers from their All-New 2017 Enduro Line-Up July 11, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Husqvarna Motorcycles has today officially unveiled their complete line-up of all-new enduro models at the historic brand’s...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 11, 2016
  • 7 Engine Heat Fighting Products You Need To Understand
    As summer rolls in and the temps roll up, we off-road riders seek relief from the oppressive heat while trying to stay cool. For us the task at hand may be solved with choosing from the incredible variety of vented riding gear, hydration systems,...

    Posted by MXEditor on Jul 11, 2016
  • MSR Introduces High Performance Hydro Packs
    MSR Defeats Dehydration  IRVINE, CA – July 6, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire ) – Malcolm Smith Racing’s mission is to ensure that riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse conditions, period. From Malcolm Smith’s first Baja 1000 win...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 07, 2016
  • What you really need to know about air filter maintenance
    Air Filter Maintenance - What You Need To Know
    In my last post I shared an account of what happens when dirt gets past the air filter and into an engine. This was a telling tale, however I want to go further and discuss key components of what can be done in terms of maintenance to limit the chances of sucking in dirt. Whether you ride a two-stroke or f...

    Posted by Paul Olesen on Jul 05, 2016
  • Pain vs Gain
    http://www.thumperta...-1467235671.jpg  Jamie and Scott at the beginning of the adventure...Ready to roll!  https://youtu.be/P5Uu6kfJ4UQ The official tour video...Check out the ride!  I picked up Jamie at the airport. He was unfamiliar as I had never seen a picture nor had much els...

    Posted by scottiedawg on Jun 30, 2016
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Rider Discussion

2004 dodge 2500 axel shaft

*app is not letting me post this in the truck trailer section, could a mod move please* While removing wheel joints I think I bent the axel yoke a bit. I used a c clamp style ball joint press to remove the joint. It was hard to get the joint between the two halves of the yoke. It needed a sli...

2016 Toyo Tundra

Who has one and how do you like it? Looking at getting one real soon. Thanks.

Truck Plug Question

Hello everyone, I have a quick question about what this plug is showing. I'm not very good at reading plugs yet I'm still trying to learn what colors and conditions mean what. However I was wondering if anyone can confirm or correct what I think is going on with this engine. The plug is out of a...

Keeping Cool and in one piece

So i'm having the usual "keeping cool" problem with my KX450F riding in the woods.  The big problem however is that im not loosing coolant so much as boiling gas.  The other issue being I cant seem to stay upright and ended up banging my radiator and denting it a bit. Im now trying to d...

just bought a 11' yz450f project that's got sympt...

hey everyone, I've been away for a LONG time. riding became more scarce in my area and haven't been in the MX scene for a while. anyways, as you all know you can never get rid of that itch for off road riding, the street just doesn't cut it. long story short, last night I bought/traded for a 2011...

First bike 04 YZ250F hard to start after hot

I just picked up this bike last week. It starts right away cold. When I kill it there is no kicking it to start. We can bump start it but that's it. It also floods the carb. The valves were shunned and have 3 hours on them. Bike runs just fine once we actually get it going. It's in the shop now b...

Should I trade a 05 YZ450 for 03 400ltz?

Should I trade a 05 YZ450 for 03 400ltz? what would yall do? the yz has soo much power and i think ill have more fun on an atv.

Does anything look a lil odd? Something does not look rig...

2 broke valves, a busted piston, a cracked head... I was only goin as fast as I could... lol what happened?!? Lol time to invest some $$$$$$ *2007 YFZ450*

Cabo San Lucas DB tours?

Hey all,   Am thinking to do a off road tour while on vacation in Cabo. Anyone have experience with the dirt bike tours around there? Found a couple that have good web sites. Not sure a good web site equals a good days ride. Baja Dirt, Baja ride and Trail Boss tours are the ones I am conside...

Tomos a55 ignition wiring

I just rebuilt the transmission for my friends tomos a55 i had to take the engine off and it sat on my bench for a week or two while i waited for parts now that the motor is back on the bike i cant figure out how the wires coming off the magneto plug into the harness i found a manuel that has the...

Drz400SM Rejet Questions

Hi guys, I recently bought the full exhaust MRD/SSW for my Drz. I also already have the KN air filter. I would like to know if I can run this pipe without rejetting? Is that can damage my engine? If I really need a rejet, would you suggest me to do the 3x3 mod at the same time? If yes, wich jet s...

Is it worth it?

Guy is selling Used Excel Supermoto Rims for a 2009 DRZ400 with minor cosmetic damage and a slight wobble for $750. Is that a good price? Thanks -Mario

Should I buy a zr800

Found a 2002 arctic cat zr800 efi for sale in my area for $1700. Anything I should watch out for?

01 srx vs 03 f7

So all day long from my buddy who owns a stock 03 f7 which I am told is the fastest year for that sled all I hear is that he is going to smoke my 01 srx 700 which has a 136" tunnel and skid extention with a newer skidoo 1.5" track and skis from a Yamaha vector I have also heard that 01 was the fa...

Trade My Dirt Bike For This Sled?!?

Hey guys.  I used to be into sleds years ago.  In 2006 I sold my last machine, a 200 RMK 700 and it was a really great machine.   I currently have one of my dirt bikes for sale, and a fellow is interested in trading me his 1997 RMK 700 straight across for my 1999 cr-125.  What...

New to ThumperTalk

I just signed up to your forum , been coming here from time to time , but i wanted to join today and make it official !!       Hello to all from Saskatoon , Canada !

Racing stand up question?

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YB7bA0aVAzY In the video that I pasted above, I am curious about what type of engine is in that ski. To me it sounds like a turbo rotor (wankel) engine. Is that what it is? Also, what type of exhaust system is ran in a ski like that? Is there any type of water box or...

Water hose flooded jet ski has no fire

I have a late 80s, early 90s model standup jet ski that I've received. Some problems with it, but after I cleaned the carb, I tried to run it. Thing is, I put the water hose on before I started the engine, and its flooded the insides with about a gallon or so of water. I tipped the jetski upside...

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  • Quick Fix for Bleeding Fork Seals
    Aug 11, 2013 10:06 AM
    After practice at a muddy track one day, I found one of my fork seals bleeding. One of the old pro's showed me this trick.Step 1 Grab yourself some generic tear-offs (film negatives will also work) and cut the end off one of them with some scissors. Step 2 Remove the fork guard and place a flat...
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