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  • Eliminate Arm Pump - Part 2 (Establish Optimum Range of Motion & Strength): Glutes, Lower Back & Core)
    Here is part two of a six part series of videos to help you eliminate arm pump during riding and racing.

    If you watched my Arm Pump video (Click here if you haven't seen it yet), you understand that my experience with arm pump is associated with bad body position. Specifically, if your center point (i.e. belly button) falls behind the pegs, the only m...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Mar 03, 2015
  • MotoFXGraphics.com "Graphics for Life!" Contest
    TT'ers, we've partnered up with the fine folks at MotoFXGraphics.com (sister company of leading snowmobile wraps vendor since 2004, ArcticFX) to bring you a member contest that we think you'll enjoy! In a nutshell, we'll be running a contest ever...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Mar 03, 2015
  • Checkpoint Off-road Power Valve Cover
    If you’re a technical rider or ride high mountain single track, low to mid-range power is your friend. Modern 2-stroke engines make riding the tight stuff even easier with their combination of light weight and their ability to be lugged through wh...

    Posted by Russhole on Mar 02, 2015
  • GET DIALED IN: Suspension Tips from the Pros!
    As off road motorcycles have evolved into the amazing machines they are today, suspension technology hasn’t been left behind…but many riders still find the process of getting their bikes “dialed in” difficult at best, almost impossible at worst....

    Posted by MXEditor on Mar 01, 2015
  • Precision Measuring For The At-Home Mechanic // Part 1
    This week I want to provide you with some in-depth knowledge on the world of precision measurement. As at-home mechanics who want to take their rebuilding skills to the next level, learning about precision measurement and how to properly use precision tools is the final frontier. This post comes right out of The Four Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handb...

    Posted by Paul Olesen on Mar 01, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Favorite Tie Down Straps

Whats everyone's favorite tie down straps for your bike?  Im sure alot of folks think a straps a strap... but you use them enough and you start to see which ones are good... and which suck!    Right now Im in the market for a few new ratchet straps... particularly something with a...

Toyota pickups=over rated

Trying to wrap my head around why people think these trucks are made of gold. I understand the motors and trannys have been proven to be reliable but I swear people are out of their minds when they put these things up for sale. Its not out of the ordinary to see a early 90's 4cyclinder with 250k...

DIY Truck Bed Dirt Bike Mounting?

I was thinking of making a simple loading mechanism for my 250.    Simply using two 2x4 boards that run from the bed of the truck and secure onto the top of the forks.  I'd anchor it to both ends. With the board being plenty stiff, this should hold the bike securely with little to...

Help 2008 crf450 popping and backfiring

Hi guys, I just bought a 2008 crf450r. It had been sitting for a while wouldn't idle with the choke off and it sounded like when I gave it throttle the the rpms would stay high for a minute then come back down. I decided to clean the carb and check the jetting. I left all the Jets the same exce...

2013 yz 250f 220 pound rider

hello i just picked up a 2013 yzf yesterday and already by just sitting on it i know the rear is sagging to much so im wondering what spring i would have to get to fix this and would i have to do anything to the front?

2013 yz 250f 220 pound rider

hello i just picked up a 2013 yzf yesterday and already by just sitting on it i know the rear is sagging to much so im wondering what spring i would have to get to fix this and would i have to do anything to the front?

Yamaha blaster

Hey guys how reliable would a yamaha blaster be. I will mainly ride trails with hill climbs and some mud holes and also will jump it. Want to know all the good and bad about it. 

Grizzly or bruteforce?

I'm going to look at 2 bikes soon and want to know what everyone thinks would be better to get? One is a 2010 Kawasaki bruteforce 650i and the other is a 2008 Yamaha grizzly 700. Which one is better and why?

Carb problems

Someone wants me to rebuild a carb for them on a 2002 blaster. He says it keeps leaking gas out of one of the tubes and drains all the gas real quick. Does it need rebuilt? Sounds like maybe one of the jets broke or something and the gas is just going straight though.

Cx 500 turbo question

This is just a totally random question i was curious about and couldnt find answers, ive been building an xs850 cafe racer that is getting turboed, cryo treated the whole engine and dropped compression to around 8.9:1-9:1 I was only anticipating running around 5-7 pounds of boost, but i was just...

Ktm 350 turn signals blacked out illegal?

I have a 2014 ktm 350. I'm buying a new tail light for it. The brake light is red, but the turn signals on side are blacked out. When they blink they are yellow. I live in California and I was wondering if it illegal to have that. If so I'll buy a different one with the turn signals integrated...

firstmsp rider course in NY

Has anyone taken the basic rider course to get the road test waiver to get a NY motorcycle license ? If so , what's it like ,what can I expect , what bikes do they provide etc ? It costs 275.00 and is a lot but easier than all involved with a road test . info@firstmsp.com is the one I mean ,thanksdc



1979 Skidoo Citation Questions

I just picked up a mint condition 79 Citation 300 for $75. It's been sitting for about 3 years but the tank was empty so there's no bad gas and once I got the dead mouse out of the air box and fixed the plug wires it started right up. The clutch didn't want to engage at first but after tapping on...

Awakening The Sled

finally got it out of storage and cleared out some cobwebs!   http://youtu.be/1BoSWROrTh0

Stable jetski for me and children

I want an older model jetski that I can sell after some use and get most my money back.  What is a model jetski that is stable at speed and fairly easy to climb back on?  I would want at least a 3 passenger model.  Are there 4 passenger models? Where there certain brands that were...

GoPro Waverunners in Miami

Was down in FLA for new years, the woman and I took a tour around Miami bay, very fun.   http://youtu.be/YzwWWI40eMI

Ultra 300 / 310 Stroker, now a complete kit

The APE billet stroker kit now available as a complete that includes Billet Crank, Carrillo Rods, and special drop in forger stroker pistons.   http://aperaceparts.com/water/waterindex.html

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  • Float bowl screws are not junk!
    Aug 17, 2008 04:34 PM
    The float bowl screws that have caused so many of us gnashing of the teeth are in fact not junk. The problem is we aren't using the right screwdriver! What to use is a J.I.S.(Japanese Industrial Standard) no.#1 phillips, which is a lot different than one of our number 1's. It doesn...
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