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  • Arm Pump: Fact or Fiction? (video)
    If you struggle with the dreaded arm pump symptoms while riding or racing, please watch this video to understand what is going on. You may be surprised about what is the source of this dreaded pain!

    Next week I will show you how you can easily reduce these symptoms, so be sure to click the "follow this blog" button in the upper-right. :ride:

    If you have...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Jan 19, 2015
  • Why you're not cornering as fast as you could be! (Video)
    Here are two basic tips that will help you increase your motocross corning speed. They're are not difficult, but as many as 90% of c riders don't do them! If you want to win, mastering cornering techniques is crucial.

    This video demonstrates the common differences between a C and B rider. Learn about corning techniques and more from my free riding tips a...

    Posted by Gary Semics on Jan 19, 2015
  • Tuning the Keihin Accelerator Pump
    Four stroke carburetors have accelerator pumps that produce a squirt only while the throttle is being added, not at a constant throttle or trailing throttle. The purpose is to make up the fuel lost to low vacuum until the revs build and recreate t...

    Posted by Rick_Kienle on Jan 15, 2015
  • STEADY NOW: Steering Stabilizers and How They Work
    They aren’t sexy…but behind the scenes steering stabilizers aid in handling and can help keep you out of trouble when putting the hammer down. Let’s look at how and why steering stabilizers work and some available options for off-road machines....

    Posted by MXEditor on Jan 08, 2015
  • ACD Racing Parts Adventure Skid Plates
    The Yamaha XTZ Super Tenere is known for having a vulnerable sump. I remember watching a review of all the big adventure bikes on YouTube and the Tenere was out of the running right away because the wimpy stock skid plate allowed the sump to be da...

    Posted by Thornybeard on Jan 07, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Shoulder pain after only 30 minutes on the street

I have been doing more and more street riding and today was my first ride of the new year.  After only half an hour on my bike, my left shoulder was in quite a bit of pain.  Just riding the bike was fine but moving caused a great deal of discomfort on the top and front of the deltoid re...

2nd to 3rd Degree AC Shoulder Separation... what does my...

I'm hoping to get Dr. Mark's opinion on my shoulder after I separated it pretty badly about 5 weeks ago.  I'd also love to hear from anyone else who's had a similar experience or has knowledge on the subject.  I'm a very active guy who lives for snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, dirt...

Spartan race

Just signed up for my first Spartan race, its 3 miles (actually 4.2 m)  and has 15 or so obstacles which include jumping over walls, army crawls, mud pits, log carries and such.  Has anyone ever done an obstacle course race before?  Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, they're basi...

99 XR70R

99 xr70r.. had problems with turning off the choke and it running right so I cleaned out the carb.. it would run good for a little bit then the pilot jet would clog up again so I'd clean it again.. finally I rebuilt the carb and put an in line filter on and replaced air filter .. the problem came...

Here we go...brakes

ok so I promised myself I wouldn't make a post about this because there is soo many posts about it already but after 10 hours STRAIT I gave up. I know bleeding brakes can be a Bi*$h cause ive done many but never this frustrating. anyhow I changed my rear pads and the clip got lodged and bent up b...

Hydraulic Throttle?

So, I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a hydraulic clutch instead of an old-fashioned cable.  Also -  how great modern hydraulic brakes are vs. old cable-actuated brakes.  So, why not a hydraulic throttle?  Somebody please build one, sell lots of them, and send m...

Who still rides a 3 wheeler?

Well there isnt a thread to post this in so im makin it. So who still rides a 3 wheeler when they arnt on the bike? Im still kicking myself for selling my 1984 honda big red 200es, best dang trike i ever had. Electric start, hi, low, and reverse all in one. I miss old dearly. I'v seen her pop up...

What would be the best sport quad for me?

I have a 2005 yz250f with new plastic, graphics, brand new front and back tire, bark busters, plastic frame guards and I have a new clutch and fork seals that isn't installed yet. Other than the forks seals it doesn't need anything. I'm looking to trade for a quad that is a pretty fast and will k...

brute force 650 or kfx 450

Why has kawasaki stopped making these 2 great wheelers for 2015 ?

Looking at a G650GS and a NC700x

Hello all,   I recently sold my 2nd gen KLR 650.  I've been looking at a new BMW G650GS, Honda NC700X and DR650.  I'd like to know how these 3 are for passenger comfort and light dirt road riding.   My wife rode passenger on the KLR with no problems for approx. 50 mile rides....

DRZ400 SM Fuel and oil seperator

Hello, I'm new to this forum so please bare with me if this a dumb question. I've had my DRZ for about 7yrs and never had a problem as its has been running fine. About 3 weeks ago I had my bike serviced (5800 miles on it) and new tires on it ad when I got it home about 2 days later it wouldn't st...

2010 ninja 250 is it worth buying or pass

It has fairings ,tank ect I was just wanted some opinions on was it worth buying? [attachment=214974:ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1422003841.965975.jpg

Trail Converted Race Sleds

Can you get them to be even the least bit reliable? My cousin has a 440mxzx with low compression domes and I think he rebuilds it every one and a half years but he does do a lot of rejetting. What is your guy's opinion?

What snowmobile?

I'm looking for a snowmobile but am not sure what to get. My friend has a 500 and a 700 triple, the 500 is fun but once you get on the triple, the 500 seems too slow. I want a reliable and fast snowmobile that isn't too expensive.

800 Rotax in a 600 rotax sled?

Im wondering if i can put a 800 in a 2015 renegade 600 carb?

GoPro Waverunners in Miami

Was down in FLA for new years, the woman and I took a tour around Miami bay, very fun.   http://youtu.be/YzwWWI40eMI

Ultra 300 / 310 Stroker, now a complete kit

The APE billet stroker kit now available as a complete that includes Billet Crank, Carrillo Rods, and special drop in forger stroker pistons.   http://aperaceparts.com/water/waterindex.html

Yamaha Vxr and Vxs are they what yamaha says they are?

I'm thinking about buying either Vxr or Vxs. I've read that they have the same acceleration and top speed as supercharged skis. Can anyone who owns either a vxr or vxs justify this?

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  • Maneuver the Rear of Your Bike Without Burning Your Hands!
    Jan 25, 2007 10:31 AM
    While some are fortunate enough to have built-in grab holes, many of us don't. Trying to swing the rear of many bikes can get to be a handful, especially with a hot pipe in proximity, and no handy place to grab onto. I made this strap, and attached it between the seat bolts, since if the su...
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