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  • ERGONOMICS: Making Your Bike Fit You - Part Two
    er·go·nom·ics: a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely: the parts or qualities of something's design that make it easy to use (Webster).  In our previous installment , we talked a...

    Posted by MXEditor on Aug 01, 2015
  • Is That Alpaca Blood on Your Face?
    In my world, things always happen for a reason. Sometimes the reason makes no sense other than the fact that it gives us a crazy unbelievable story. That might be the case here.
    I was the guide, and normally, I would have some sort of a plan. In this particular case, the customers wanted something spontaneous. I believe the words were, "Scott, just give u...

    Posted by scottiedawg on Aug 01, 2015
  • Leak Down Testing // Pt I
    Determining how healthy an engine is can be tricky business. I’ve previously covered compression testing (here and here ), but now I want to discuss what a leak down test is and how to perform one on a four-stroke dirt bike engine. This will be a two part series, with the first part emphasising the details of a leakdown test, and the second part explaini...

    Posted by Paul Olesen on Aug 01, 2015
  • Beat the heat! Rider's guide on proper hydration for max performance
    This article is in addition to the last three articles where we broke down fats, protein and carbohydrates as it related to health, wellness and ultimately performance. Proper hydration is one of the “easiest” nutritional components to implement, yields huge performance gains but is still one of the most misunderstood and neglected component of a nutritio...

    Posted by Coach Robb on Aug 01, 2015
  • Hare Scramble Starts Reaction Drill with Rich Lafferty
    Hare scramble starts and MX starts are often overlooked when it comes to practicing during the week. Its the only place on the track where you can pass all your competition at once and further more set yourself up for a better finish position then having to work from the back. Just 20 minutes once a week working on starts is better then none at all and yo...

    Posted by Rich Lafferty on Aug 01, 2015
  • SM Pro Platinum Wheels
    SM PRO WHEELS: we put them to the test in the great white north, how did they hold up?    Pretty much all of us on TT are weekend warriors. We go through the daily 9-5 grind five days a week at work and have two wonderful days off for o...

    Posted by Monk on Aug 01, 2015
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Rider Discussion

Riding With Arthritis

Well, the verdict is in.  I've got osteo and now possible rheumatoid arthritis.  Not fun getting old.   I'm in the medical field and treat folks with both OA and RA.      As many of you know, arthritis cant be reversed/healed. One can only treat the symptoms of pain...

Neck roll/collar... Worth it?

I've been thinking about getting a cheap neck roll/collar. I don't own a neck brace nor desire to spend that much money when a better helmet is higher on my priorities list but I figured something cheap is better than nothing? Looking for opinions about the foam neck rolls/collars

MONTANA - Helena and Lewis & Clark NFs Announce Fores...

The Helena and Lewis & Clark National Forests have begun revising their Forest Plans. Information on the Forest planning process and how to become involved can be found on the Forests Plan Revision website at http://www.fs.usda.gov/goto/hlc/forestplanrevision. It will be updated and revised a...

Engine size

Can anyone help me, i have just swapped a road racing push bike for a supposed 03 450f, there is no markings or anything to confirm the engine size, how can i find this? cheers.

What mod is this?

Hey guys   I recently bought my first supermoto. Yay!  :ride:   The first owner put on a bunch of mods, but the guy I bought it from (second owner) didn't know much about bikes and therefore didn't know about any mods on it.   So far I have identified that the first owner did...

Yz 400f year model

How do i tell what year my 400f is?

What piston to choose?

I have a 1985 atc200m. I have to put a new piston in it and have the option to choose a 10.25:1 compression ratio or a 12:1. Which one should I choose? Nothing special done to the motor now. Would like to in the future do some things to give the motor more power. If anyone has any ideas on what I...

Best trail quad?

I'm currently riding an LT230s and it does well in the trails, but I'm looking for an upgrade in size. What quad should I get? I ride 90-100% trails and want a sport quad, because they're quick and I hate autos after learning a clutch.

2013 Polaris 500 Sportsman

Hey guys just installed a new clutch in my Polaris with the old spring and weights now when the bike goes into gear it begins to creep forward and stalls. Any help please?

Best way to sell motorcycle?

I'm thinking about selling my bike and I am looking into my advertising options. I don't want to have to pay to advertise it on sites like Cycletrader or Deals on Wheels. Can anyone suggest some free ways to advertise that work? Free websites? Aside from a "for sale" sign on it in my front yard I...

XR 400 Stage 3 Cam Tuning Help!

Hey I am new to the forum but I am having some issues getting my bike to run after doing a decent amount of work to it. Also this is a supermoto build just fyi.. i have 17s on her and the sprocket is 15/40   So here it goes.. this is what is happening.. she runs great under throttle 1st thru...

Victory Motorcycles Reveals its First All-Electric Motorc...

MEDINA, MN – July 28, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Building on the innovative design and engineering that produced the fastest U.S. electric motorcycle at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race, Victory Motorcycles has introduced the 2016 Empulse TT, the first all-electric addition to the Victory...

What do I use to seal the crankcase halves?

I completely tore down the engine of my 1980 yamaha enticer 300 last winter because a crank bearing went. Now that I have a new bearing and complete gasket kit I'm starting to put it back together. I have a supplemental service manual for it that has torques and stuff, but it doesn't really say a...

What should I get?

I am looking for something for ditch banging, jumping and trail riding. The trail rides won't be very long. My budget is $4000-$4500. I am open to any brands. Thanks

exhaust silencer inserts

 Any ideas on silencing the exhaust on a yamaha golf cart with a yamaha snowmobile engine? I found a few motorcycle silencers but no given dimensions on the o.d. of the silencer, we need 2-1/4" o.d. on the silencer insert.

1994 750sxi engine value

Hi all,   Going to pick up a ski that comes with a spare complete engine with a spun bearing in it. whats the value of the engine? Would like to put it online to re-coop some of the money from buying the ski. I wont need it, as it has a newly rebuilt engine in it. Any ideas?

1990 kawasaki 550 won't start

Hello, I have 2 550's that I bought off of a guy super cheap and they both they both have tons of compression both have spark and with the spark plugs off, they spin freely, I've tried gas and starting fluid, every once and a while i get a back fire and every once and a while I get a it to fire o...

Jetski hull

I have a 93 750sx and I took the jet pump off and the nuts in the hull seem sorta loose. Is that normal

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  • Checking & Adjust Valve Clearances - 06 Yamaha YZ250F
    Jan 21, 2014 10:40 AM
    Remove the seat and gas tank in order to have easy access to the valve cover. Remove the spark plug and the valve cover vent hose, then use a 5mm Allen wrench to remove the valve cover. Use a quarter, a big flat head screw driver or a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the 2 caps to check for...
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