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    Enter the 2016 Dirt Bike Magazine/Motocross Action 2 Stroke Revolution contest brought to you by Boyesen, FMF Racing, and Yamaha Motors USA!   Sign-up once for your chance to win a 2016 Yamaha YZ 250X, or win over $1800 in monthly prizes fro...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on May 03, 2016
    Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”  When trying to enjoy our favorite pastime, Murphy’s Law comes into play …and there are many problems that can rear their ugly head, and none are more unwelcome than the dreaded flat...

    Posted by MXEditor on May 01, 2016
  • Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply
    Not sure that I know anyone that doesn't want more power. And, when it comes to powering electronics, there is no such thing as too much battery power (battery life). The folks at Antigravity Batteries offered me one of their Micro-Start Sport Per...

    Posted by Bryan Bosch on May 01, 2016
  • MSR Impact Polypropene Skid Plate
    When shopping for a skid plate, most riders will choose coverage and durability over pure aesthetics; it is a product meant to bash on after all. For trail and track riders alike, situations that include rocky roost or gliding the frame rails...

    Posted by 2x1wheeler on May 01, 2016
  • How Much Damage Can An Improperly Cared For Air Filter Cause?
    I thought this week it would be a good idea to share with you an example of what can happen when dirt gets passed an engine's air filter. This will be a short post, but a picture is worth a thousand words. In my next post I’ll go into detail on how to properly care for your air filter to help ensure that this never happens to you. The series of photo...

    Posted by Paul Olesen on Apr 28, 2016
  • How to be Grateful for Your Next Flat Tire
    I am spoiled! There is no other way to explain it. A few weeks ago, I took out a young fella on a dirtbike adventure through the Andes of Peru; Four days of enduro bliss. We took a million pictures, played around with different video angles, and rode our butts off. Did I mention it was a legendary ride? I consider it a privilege to take out clients on tou...

    Posted by scottiedawg on Apr 28, 2016
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Rider Discussion

Trailer brake controller

What's the proper way or how does one know if the brake controller is set properly? On mine, it adjusts in .5 increments. If i put it on 3.0 the trailer stops pretty hard when I roll up to a stop sign. If it's on 2.5 then I really don't feel it much at slow speed stops.  So, what I do usuall...


I was thinking about a nice 30' ish foot Chris Craft boat from the 60's-70's. I have aero nautical expierence as well as boating skills. I like the plain and simple no fuss look of older boats. I know it has to be in good mechanical nik. Does anyone know about these models, I dig the commader ser...

Advice on a good used pickup for 1 bike?

So my motovan blew a tranny and I'm looking at some options.  Cash is tight.  I'm in snow country and need 4x4, and this thing will end up being my daily driver.  I'm thinking something smaller, like a Ranger or Frontier, because I'm only hauling one bike.  The biggest thing I...

84 xt 250 fuel hose size?

Hello everyone I looked over the forums but didn't see an answer ( I may have missed it though) what is the proper size i.d fuel hose? It smaller than 1/4" but there are a lot of choices below this size and I will have to order it since where I live is pretty devoid of selection.

2015 300 RR horn quit

Horn quit working. Battery at full charge, checked connections at horn all good. Checked 10amp fuse good. Any ideas where else to look? Getting ready to plate and need the horn. Many Thanks Mike

KX250F Bike Giveaway Bike Build.

This is the 2013 KX250F Giveaway bike. It's ready for a new home. Enter to win the bike at www.themotobus.com    

Lt250r not running good need help

I have an 1990 lt250r Suzuki that I have just fully rebuilt crank top end everything. I did the whole motor my self besides having a friend put the crank and cases together. I got it ready for the first start and it was hard to start, has great spark and compression. The only way it will start is...

400ex starter is it bad?

I recently found that my 400ex will not start I charged the battery cleaned the terminals on the battery And cylinoid.the cylinoid will click when I hit the start button. I even put a different cylinoid on and it does the same thing but once in awhile it will spark from the starter any suggestion...

Wires going into crankcase

2004 Suzuki Vinson So I found these wires torn to pieces going into the crankcase. Do I have to open the side case to fix? And is it wet? My in laws are having big problems with this thing. I have no power with key now. I'd like to see if these wires will at least give me power back to my gauges.

what bike, beginner or not?

i ride a 1998 yamaha yz400f and im 153/4 so i already know i want to get my motorcycle temps i am looking at an fz-09 everybody says this isent a beginner bike but idk if id be considered a beginer or not i'ev been riding the 400f for almost a year and it was alot of power at first but now i feel...

Hi new to the site

Hello all Jason is the name and I have just joined the Thumper site after selling my GS and buying a 2001 Dommie love it but is a bit ropey and would love to pick the communal brain on doing the beauty up.

R6 rider doesn't hold his line and pays the price....

The wind blew him into the truck? I suppose anything is possible. Bushes don't look like they are moving that much and neather is the shirt or hair of the guy that stops to help. Rouge wind gust? Sure seems more like a guy that couldn't hold his line. You? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ccf_14622...

Best place to find/buy engines?

I bought a 2007 ski doo summit 800 with a blown motor and im looking to either buy a new/used, in good condition, motor for it. Where are the best places to look? Ive found a couple on Ebay but I was curious if theres better. Thanks 

today was sick!

Woke up to a little surprise!!

Old School Sled Skiing


Water hose flooded jet ski has no fire

I have a late 80s, early 90s model standup jet ski that I've received. Some problems with it, but after I cleaned the carb, I tried to run it. Thing is, I put the water hose on before I started the engine, and its flooded the insides with about a gallon or so of water. I tipped the jetski upside...

Possible new toy

So I may be getting a new toy(free!)always wanted a jetski. Late 90's Polaris 1050 3 seater. Needs to be fixed( no big deal) but doesn't have a title. Anyone ever get a title for one before that didn't have it? Clean history Thanks in advance!

js550 top end rebuild

I've started to rebuild my 87 js550 top end.  I've gotten all the manifold bolts back in except on the top right of the intake manifold.    If anyone has experience with putting the intake back on, please reply.  I'm wondering if the 6x70mm (#20) bolt goes into the top left of...

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  • Float bowl screws are not junk!
    Aug 17, 2008 08:34 PM
    The float bowl screws that have caused so many of us gnashing of the teeth are in fact not junk. The problem is we aren't using the right screwdriver! What to use is a J.I.S.(Japanese Industrial Standard) no.#1 phillips, which is a lot different than one of our number 1's. It doesn...
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